Joe Biden contracted the corruption virus


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The most dangerous virus is CORRUPTION VIRUS, it has spread worldwide from thousands of years in human history, the Corruption pandemic silently transmits into the politicians, the multiple levels of government, the officials and the left media. Even the United Nations infected by the Corruption virus, the prominent patient was Mr. John Ashe, President of the United Nations General Assembly at its 68th session (2013-2014) and President of the UNICEF Executive Board in 2012, he was struck by Corruption virus by Chinese espionage agent Charlie Trie. The World Health Organization transformed into the WORLD HELL ORGANIZATION after the first director-general is dogtor Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus elected without a medical doctoral degree, the world believes W.H.O infected by the Corruption virus and its global medical organization helped China spreading the Coronavirus pandemic by misleading the medical information. Moreover, the Corruption virus also appeared in the Vatican, the Catholics have kept the silence while the human rights violated in China. The Corruption virus is the noble virus, so the treatment deals with the difficulty when the patients have never declared their infected status, the public can not know who contracted the Corruption virus.


The Corruption virus is like Coronavirus or COVID-19, it originates from Wuhan’s Biosafe Level 4, China’s Communist Party created it, and using the Chinese people to spread worldwide. The Corruption virus also comes from China’s communist regime, it is the longest pandemic on the planet. The world recognized the Corruption virus but has not found the vaccine yet, and never have the vaccine. Therefore, the brands of the medicine” Police, FBI, Court” treated effectively the Corruption virus. Nowadays, Hydroxychloroquine can kill Coronavirus, it saved many lives, therefore, Democrats, the dishonest dogtor plus the left media launch the propaganda, they distort Hydroxychloroquine for political purpose to help Joe Biden in the election 2020. On the other hand, Democrats and the left media want more people to die, so the Coronavirus pandemic transmits the political pandemic. However, the malicious conspiracy debunked, many medical doctors and scientists confirmed Hydroxychloroquine can cure the Chinese virus properly despite some tech communication companies deleted the videos of the health authorities.


The Corruption virus spread from the soft army of China, the businesses, investors have brought the Corruption virus to infect the counterparts, the dishonest politicians, possible, the left parties easily contracted by Corruption virus. In Australia, the Corruption virus-infected Labor Senator Sam Dastyari, Victoria’s Premier Daniel Andrews who signed one belt and one road with China without the advice of the federal government, and now, its state becomes the hot spot of Covid-19 outbreak in the second wave. The Australian people can recognize the patients of Corruption virus when seeing the high profiles like former Prime Minister Bob Hawke (he died in 2019), Paul Keating, Kevin Rudd, Malcolm Turnbull, Senator Penny Wong and others standing alongside with China, instead, they criticize the government to apply the tough national security policies against China. Nevertheless, the Corruption virus could infect the government under the donation, when a government-contracted by Corruption virus of China, they lose the patriotism and accept to do anything as China demands. The Corruption virus exposes the syndromes:


- The mind blinds: the patients don’t know wrong and right, so they can sell the national interest and country to foreigners.


- The patients become the hungry money and thirst the privileges.


- The patients always fear the police, FBI and whoever knows something hides behind the secrets.


The scientists can not find Corruption virus in the laboratory, because the Corruption virus always hides under the completely invisible from. Therefore, the police, justice, and courtroom can discover the patients of Corruption virus and order the patients to quarantine in the prison. The Coronavirus can transmit from human to human by contact, so the social distance is 1.5 meters applying. However, the Corruption virus can transmit by phone and mobile phone, the dangerous virus can travel thousands of miles.


In the US, the Corruption virus has spread in the Democratic Party, the high profiles of Democrats are the patients of Corruption virus. The prominent patients like President Bill Clinton who contracted the Corruption virus in the presidential election 1992 and 1996, moreover, the Clinton Foundation is the den of Corruption virus. President Barrack Obama contracted the Corruption virus, so the US taxpayers went missing trillions US dollars within 8 years. Madam lawmaker terrorist and commander in thug Nancy Pelosi is the serious patient of Corruption virus, her assets are up to hundreds of million US dollars. Senator Dianne Feinstein estimates a hundred million dollars…there are some Corruption virus’s patients.


Former Vice President Joe Biden who is contracted by the Corruption virus. The US people don’t know how long Joe Biden infected by the Corruption virus. Therefore, his son Hunter Biden received $US 1.2 billion from China’s communist government. Certainly, Joe Biden couldn’t escape the Corruption virus. The syndromes appeared the money-laundering ring, the Ukraine scandal and money stories besieged Joe Biden.


Democrats and behind China’s Communist Party endorse the serious patient of Corruption virus Joe Biden who needs to isolate and taking quarantine forever in politics. However, Joe Biden often appears the public as Black Lives Matter and Antifa to rally while the pandemic spreading, he also knelt to pay the respect a serious felony is George Floyd. The presidential election’s day comes closer, but Joe Biden has not chosen a run mate yet, therefore, he focuses to pick a woman and an African woman. There are more than a dozen women of Democrats are waiting for Joe Biden invites. Nevertheless, the Democratic National Convention has a problem because the Police denied serving the security, it comes from  defunding the police’s policy of Democrats. Certainly, President Donald Trump will ask Joe Biden to treat about the Corruption virus in the debates, possibly, Joe Biden will not answer when the enormous evidence confirms Joe Biden is a serious patient of the Corruption virus and he needs to treat at a courtroom or quarantine in the prison./.






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