From the Cyber spy to Tik Tok


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President Donald Trump granted the death certificate to Huawei, the giant telecommunication company of China’s communist regime to lose the global market including the US and allies like Japan, Australia, and others. Nevertheless, the cluster of China’s companies followed Huawei as ZTE. Certainly, Huawei to be kicked out from the global market, the future is uncertain and bankruptcy is waiting for China’s major company and also the den of the cyber spy. The intelligence warns Huawei is the company of the People’s Liberation Army, the well known cyber spy unit 61389 suspected the culprit of the hacker, so Huawei’s mobile phone users risk and the world boycotts. China’s communist regime is professionals of stolen technology when Huawei banned that means the high technology’s burglar loses the tool. However, China has never given up the stolen tradition, so the TIK TOK has infiltrated the world, including the Western and US are the main targets.


Tik Tok, Chinese names: 抖音; pinyin: Dǒuyīn, it founded in 2012 by Zhang Yiming and launched the market in September 2016. In the formality, Tik Tok activates as a social network owned by ByteDance, an internet technology company based in Beijing, and spreading the branches around the world.


In the communist regime, everything is led by socialism, even the stolen economic pattern of the democratic countries that called” the free market is led by socialism”, certainly, the corruption is led by socialism, so the major high ranking communists in the Political Bureau are millionaires and billionaires. Moreover, the human rights violation and the genocide are led by socialism, so the communists pride the crime opposing humanity, it calls the revolutionary moral. The businesses, companies must comply with the communist party’s policy. In Vietnam, the demagogic propaganda to cheat the people by the slogan formulates” the people are owner the country, the communist government manages and the communist party leads”, so Vietnamese people have nothing to own including their house, properties managed by government and Vietnam Communist Party leads. Vietcong officially confiscated the people’s properties, that labeled the public interest.


The communist regime always controls the media and communication, those are the sharp weapons to remain the totalitarian government. In the communist regime, all media belongs to the state’s government, but the private media companies must follow the propaganda’s activity, so the media in the communist regime is led by socialism. Tik Tok exploits the music, dancing to attract the young people around the world. Therefore, behind Tik Tok is China’s Communist Party. Moreover, Tik Tok could carry out the cyber spy to replace Huawei.


The intelligence alerts, the US, Australia, and allies watch out Tik Tok, the rogue regime Beijing focuses the spy, certainly, the Tik Tok users can risk when the personal details leaked to China’s communist regime. Its reason, on Friday, July 31, 2020, on the Air Force One, President Donald Trump plans to ban Tik Tok, it is the intelligence tool of China’s communist regime. Certainly, the commander in chief authorizes to issue an executive order as soon as possible, nevertheless, China becomes the global enemy, the culprit of Coronavirus, China unofficially declared the war worldwide, it is the biological war. The US and allies can not allow  China’s Communist Party to propagate and operating the spy by Tik Tok.


China’s Communist Party couldn’t appoint Chinese officials to operate Tik Tok or Huawei in the Western countries, instead, using the henchman for China’s mission. In Australia, China’s Communist Party couldn’t directly manage the Darwin Port, instead, China owned Landbridge Group hired former Trade Minister Andrew Robb with annual salary is $A 880,000. China couldn’t operate the Maoist or Communism in Australia, but Beijing used former Labor Premier of New South Wales and former Foreign Affairs Minister Bob Carr who is director of hidden China’s Communist Party cell called Australia-China Relations Institute, University of Technology.


In the United States, General-Manager of Tik Tok, Miss Vanessa Pappas creates against the plan to ban Tik Tok of President Donald Trump, she raises the arrogant speech:” We’re not planning on going anywhere”. She also prides the Tik Tok employed about 1,500 people and she believes to create another 10,000 jobs. The rumor spread about the future of Tik Tok, China’s Communist regime has tried to explain and cheat, but everyone knows Tik Tok belongs to China’s communist government, not a private communication company or a social network. The leftist billionaire bill Gates discusses buying Tik Tok that price estimates tens of billion US dollars. One again, China’s comrade Bill Gates helps the propaganda machine and cyber spy tool Tik Tok to operate in the US and Western. After the Chinese virus pandemic, the real face of the hypocritical philanthropist Bill Gates and Bill Melinda Gates Foundation can not hide the public.


President Donald Trump said not opposing Microsoft to buy Tik Tok and operates in the US, therefore, President Donald Trump gives the deadline to negotiate Tik Tok’s for sale will be on September 15, 2020 (45 days). Certainly, the close comrade of China’s Communist Party is Democratic Senator Schuck Schumer to support Tik Tok’s for sale and operates in the US. However, White House trade adviser Peter Navarro suggested Microsoft needs to divest its holding in China if they want to take over Tik Tok. Certainly, the author of The Death By China experiences the cunning tactics of China’s Communist Party. In the US, the prominent faces debunked after they did, so the people have never trusted Joe Biden, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, George Soros, Barrack Obama, Bill Gates, and others. Once again, Bill Gates and Microsoft are preparing to deceive the US government and people to buy Tik Tok.


China’s Communist Party has exploited free speech in Western to carry out the propaganda and the leftists often raise the hypocritical voices when the US government taking the action to stop the spy networks of China covered under social networks as Tik Tok. Behind the music, dancing is the hacker, the cyber spy. On the other hand, Tik Tok is China’s tool like Huawei and unit 61389.


Miss Vanessa Pappas,  General Manager of Tik Tok in the US will see President Donald Trump telling her where to go after an executive order to ban Tik Tok and the intelligence agencies investigate Tik Tok deeply relates China’s Communist Party plus the spy networks./.







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