From Coronavirus to George Floyd pandemic


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The enormous evidence proved Coronavirus originated from Wuhan’s Biosafety level 4 Laboratory, it is the biological warfare of China’s Communist Party has conspired from two decades ago and now, Ape Emperor Xi Jinping launches the undeclared Third World War by Coronavirus cohort, the Chinese Virus outbreak from Wuhan and spread worldwide. Once again, Democrats (a comrade of China’s Communist Party) launch the GEORGE FLOYD PANDEMIC outbreak on May 25, 2020, at Minneapolis to attack the US and spread in Europe, Australia, and somewhere else. The highest death toll and infected cases of Coronavirus occurred in the strongholds of Democrats like New York, California. The George Floyd pandemic also spread in New York, California, and other strongholds of Democrats. The US people and the world recognize two pandemics come from  China and Democrats. Both enemies exhausted the tactics by using the deadly virus and the death of a black man to save the peril in China and Democrats appall president candidate Joe Biden will face the disaster as his comrade Hillary Clinton in 2016.


China lost the trade war with the US, the Chinese Virus hits back China’s communist regime, Hong Kong unrest pushes China into the dilemma, and China’s actual henchman Joe Biden who will help President Donald Trump claims the landslide victory on November 8, 2020. Nevertheless, China appalls massive compensation estimates a hundred trillion US dollars when two hundred nations can file the lawsuit against China to pay the damages of the Chinese Virus. China and Democrats have fallen into the peril and the second term of the US patriotic President Donald Trump that obsesses them. Moreover, the presidential election’s day is closer, so Democrats and China crazily act, therefore, they can not get out of the disaster.


Once again, Democrats use its terror’s organizations Antifa and Black Lives Matter plus the criminal gangs fail to exploit the death of a black man names George Floyd who was arrested by the police officers, but he resisted. The struggle between George Floyd and Police officers that conducts the death of forgery suspect and Democrats excite the innocent people, the gangs, using Antifa and Black Lives Matter to protest with the violence into the US states including Washington D.C. The riots created material damages, the businesses burned and looters took the goods. Initially, the protestors gathered at the public places and clashed with the police. In the shadow, the rioting campaign organized, behind the aggressive components, are Democrats, so the presidential candidate Joe Biden, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, New York Mayor Bill de Blasio support and excite the rioters. Particularly, New York Mayor Bill de Blasio ordered immediately to release 700 looters arrested without bail. Democratic Senator Kamala Harris joined the protest outside the White House. On the other hand, Democrats expose the domestic thug, the hidden communist party has operated in the US for a long time.


The major terror group activates the violence in protests is ANTIFA, it is no doubt about its organization is an actual tool of Democrats. The son of Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison is Jeremiah Ellison (a member of Minneapolis City Council) officially declares to support the Antifa. In the Vietnam War, the communists in the US founded the Black Panther Party based on Marxism-Leninists and Maoist, they protested with violence and destroyed the businesses, burned the shops and looted from 1966 to 1982. Nowadays, Antifa promoted Marxism, they do the same as Black Panther.


The US people recognize the domestic enemies and the left media distort the news to propagate. Moreover, the left media conceals the suspicious reason’s death of George Floyd, instead, they released the fake news as The New York Times lied about President Donald Trump hides in a bunker, indeed, there was no The New York Times journalist worked in White House, it is the terrible fake news, but the left media companies like ABC, Channel Seven, Channel Nine, Channel Ten in Australia parroted the fake news, they snub the audience. The Satanic female Priest Mariann Budde appeared the evil face in the George Floyd pandemic, she criticizes President Donald Trump holds the Bibble at front of St George Church after the rioters vandalized, certainly the church doesn’t belong to this viral female Priest. Possibly, the US people suspect Democratic Priest Mariann Budde who flagged the rioters to destroy the historic church.


After more than a week, the protesters lose the sympathy from the majority of the US people, the domestic thugs appeared, the looters arrested and Police charged whoever breaches the law, the curfew including the social distance. Possibly, Democrats, China, Antifa, and Black Lives Matter will not help the protestors, even the legal fees. The innocent components must pay the prices of stupidity aftermath.


The US people, including the protestors, can not ignore the long criminal record of their brilliant icon and great hero George Floyd who convicted the drug traffic, burglary, robbery, violence including using the forgery and arrested. Certainly, Democrats, China, and the innocent supporters like former President George W.Bush endorse a suspect felony George Floyd who had a dozen convictions and a long criminal record. Eventually, the family of George Floyd calls for calm while Democratic high profiles plus the retired President George W.Bush still excites the protest with the riots. Whatever the family of George Floyd raised more than $US 8 million and the Justice for George Floyd turns looting. Certainly, the looters thank George Floyd to get the free goods including the luxurious brands as Luis Vuitton shop in Portland, Oregon as a resident reported.


The death of the long record criminal George Floyd to be politicized by Democrats, China, and the domestic thugs in the Western counties. The George Floyd pandemic spread to the United Kingdom, Australia, France, Holland, Canada, and somewhere else. Unfortunately, their iconic George Floyd has a long criminal history. The supporters of George Floyd have the wrong idol, their great icon has a long criminal background, he was arrested by using the forgery, the death should cause the drug, but the left media just propagated about the struggle between George Floyd and Police officers.


China’s communist regime stands behind the mayhem in the US (*), on June 1st, 2020, the Police in Santa Monica (Los Angeles) arrested 3 Chinese students joining the riots, they told the Police that Chinese Consulate officials ordered to protest. The US people and somewhere else watch out the protestors, possibly, Chinese students and pro-Beijing persons join the riots.


The left media conceals the criminal record of George Floyd and the viral media also conceals two black Police officers are David Dorn and Patrick Underwood killed by the rioters while they protect the people. A 77-year-old retired captain’s police shot dead by looters while he tried to protect the business. On the other hand, the left viral media companies exercise communication without the mind, instead, the animal instinct. The Coronavirus pandemic can stop by the vaccine and Hydroxychloroquine can kill the virus. The George Floyd pandemic can end by the Police, army and the law, the court is the best vaccine to treat the rioters./.



NOTES (*) there is a comment




“Fellow Americans, In God We Trust. Let’s go to ertadicate communists in the USA

We need to eradicate the poison of communism in USA. Look how leftists exploit the tragic death of George Floyd 

Democratic Party is the communist party in the United States 

Several arrested ANTIFA thugs confessed they were trained in China communist party school in China 

Mr. George Floyd family should file lawsuit against Chinese communists for fentanyl overdose 

The $20 bills used by George Floyd was fake currency and made in fucking communist China

 Chinese thugs from China participated in the Los Angeles riots. If the house isn’t cleaned now, we’re no longer a country 

New FB censorship board will be controlled by George Soros. President executive order should be applied to FB

Many rioters use Chinese social media Tiktok to coordinate violences planning. Kick the SOB CCP proxy out of USA 

CCP sent thousands & thousands middle aged prostitutes and thugs to USA & they’re visa over stay. They’re difficult to trace 

Many mobsters who attacked White House were speaking mandarin. How long can Americans tolerate this 

Almost all Chinese political asylum seekers are fraudulent and need to be revoked

 All the General Counsels of China in USA should be ordered to close. It’s the coordination centers of domestic terrorism 

CCP want to overthrow the U.S. government. It’s time for President Trump to take off the glove and punch this sob into deep volcano 

If we don’t jail & expel massive numbers of CCP colluders and spies in USA, the various violences will only be escalated 

Angela Merkel of Germany is the modern UK Neville Chamberlain, who appeased Nazi during WWII 

PM of Germany Angela Merkel boycott G7. This PM grew up in communists E. Germany and visited China over 15 times”






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