From Black Lives Matter to black supermacy


Posted on July 5, 2020 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



The major population of western countries is white people, nevertheless, the world’s most humanitarian programs including refugees have supported finance, immigration and others contributed by the White people. Unfortunately, the generous heart of white people has responded by the label racist, Supremacy, right-wing, far-right. The multiple cultures have a negative aspect when the ethnic groups want to impose their culture and religion into an adopted country, it causes social conflict and becomes the ethnic war, the untold civil war has never ended. So the multiple cultures divided the country into a hundred tiny nations, the unification’s signification overturns, multiple cultures become multiple troubles. The patriots expose the concern about national security, border protection, particularly the illegal migrants, but some ethnic groups claim racist, indeed, patriotism and nationalism are not racist. It is unfair, the multiple ethnic groups have misunderstood, even the dishonest component, the ill-concerned politicians have propagated the hatred to the White people, it causes the mayhem and social division. The misunderstanding created by dishonest politicians, the religious bigot, the malicious propaganda of left media companies plus the evil journalists, the Satanic reporters, so the title racist has stuck to the White people, they become the victims of Black racism against the White.


If western people are racist, the Black, Asian and Muslim migrants couldn’t accept to stay. Indeed, the immigration policy always opens the door for everyone can come under the immigration criteria by law. Nevertheless, western governments respect equal opportunity, so the US has Black General Colin Powell, Black Senators, Black Representative, Black billionaires, and the first Black President Barrack Obama. In Europe, Australia, the Black politicians elected in Parliament House and Senate, even the Catholics have Black priest, Black Cardinals.


President Barrack Obama is the culprit and perpetrator of the global disorder, he is also the global warmaker but awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2009. During 8 years in power, President Barrack Obama dug up the ashes of civil war, he developed the hatred by the racial war between the Black and White. Initially, he used the racial shield to gag the Republican candidates into the presidential campaigns and debates in 2008 and 2012. On the other hand, President Barrack Obama destroyed the harmony in the US society and developed the Black people discriminates against the White people to spread worldwide. The Black people in Africa have treated badly to the White people like Zimbabwe and South Africa, the Black people killed and confiscated the White farmers. Therefore, the left media and Barrack Obama always concealed, instead, they have dug up the White’s hatred in Western countries.


President Barrack Obama, Democrats, domestic thugs and foreign enemies have exploited the personal conflict between the White and Black people to excite the Black people protest with riots. The White police officers have become the targets of racist when a Black person died in custody or struggle with police officers as the circumstance of a serious felony George Floyd. Indeed, there were many cases of death in custody and the struggles that occurred between the police officers and the suspects.


The Black Lives Matter appeared under President Barrack Obama’s rule. President Barrack Obama promoted and supported the Black Lives Matter and this movement becomes the BLACK SUPREMACY. There is not only in the US, but the Black Supremacy globalized. It covered by Black Lives Matter and racial weapons to make trouble in society. The death of black man George Floyd has politicalized, Democrats, the left parties incite the Black people to rally with riots, loots, killing the police officers, abuse the people and vandalized the statues, monuments as the Culture Revolution of Mao Tse Tung applied from 1966 to 1976 in China’s mainland. The Black Guard of Black Lives Matter replaced the Red Guard of Mao, the uprising of Black Lives Matter responds to the conspiracies of Democrats, China’s Communist Party, former President Barrack Obama, and presidential candidate Joe Biden. The first week of Black Lives Matter protested after the death of George Floyd, they burned down and looted the businesses in 20 largest metropolitan areas, the damages were more than $US 400 million. There is only Minnesota, after George Floyd” Black Lives Matter”, the damages estimate over  $US 500 million.


The first Muslim and communist US President Barrack Obama who created the dire consequences in the US and the world. Certainly, Barrack Obama is the professional communist, nevertheless, his top adviser was Valerie June Jarrett is the hardcore communist, so both experienced in the communist tactics and communist’s technical struggle.


In communist countries like Soviet-Union, China, Vietnam, Cambodia (Khmer Rouge), North Korea, and others. The communist party creates hatred for each other in the people. The class struggle is the first stage after the communist party robbed the government. The poor people denounce publicly under the sponsor of the communist regime empowering the low-educated components and illiterate peasants labeled proletarians or revolutionists. The so-called revolution means bloodshed in a communist country. The wealthy families and intellectuals became the victims of Proletarian Lives Matter. The revolutionists have the right to kill, rob, confiscate the assets, enslave the family members of the counter-revolutionary enemy. The class struggle also applies flexibly in the domestic purge campaigns and the power challenge occurs between the rivals in the communist party.


President Barrack Obama and his top adviser Valerie Jarrett could not apply the class struggle in the US and Western countries. Instead, the racial struggle replaced the class struggle, it currently creates mayhem in society. The innocent Black people become the victims of Barrack Obama who brainwashed the Black people throughout 8 years in the US, the ill-concerned Black people have been intoxicated by Obama, Democrats, and the left media has propagated the hatred. So the Black Lives Matter prides themselves as the Black Supremacists, behind the Black Lives Matter is Democrats, possible billionaire George Soros, and China’s Communist Party.


The protests with riots went too far, the free speech and democracy turn nasty, the Black Supremacists pressure the brand Colonial beer in Australia to change the name, it is racist. Possible, the Black Lives Matter can tell the English dictionary to remove the word” Colonial” because of the racist. The Black Lives Matter wants to remove all White statues including Jesus, the statues of US presidential heroes at Mount Rushmore while the White statues being torn down around the Western countries, but the statue of Black President Barrack Obama alongside his youngest daughter Sasha was unveiled in South Dakota, the statue located on the corner of Fourth and St. Joseph Street.


After the greatest funeral of a serious felony George Floyd, the Black Supremacy develops in the high tide of the Black revolution in Western. They complain about the racism in the entertainment industry,  the Simpsons will no longer have White actors voice of a non-white character. The Missourian newspaper issued an apology by the racist cartoon. Somewhere, the apology’s pandemic has spread in sport, media, government.


The left media promotes Black Supremacy by the propaganda, so the Black Lives Matter act as the superpower in the country, they ignore the government and police, even the Coronavirus pandemic waived. Unfortunately, after the protests, the second wave of COVID-19 re-outbreak in Victoria (Melbourne), it conducts the state locked down while all states and territories in Australia eased the restriction.


The western countries respect free speech and demonstration, therefore, the Black Lives Matter and Antifa have gone too far with the riots, so the government must apply the law to restore the order and social safety. All lives matter, not only the Black Lives Matter, certainly, the Black Lives Matter can not rally in China, Vietnam, North Korea, and other communist countries. Even the protest of Chinese people’s lives matter, Tibet lives matter, Falun Gong lives matter can not rally in the world’s largest communist paradise. There is not only Black Lives Matter, but let’s live together in a harmonious society./.






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