Facebook declares the war with US government


Posted on June 28, 2020 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



Facebook is among the businesses in the US, therefore, Facebook’s administrative staff and CEO Mark Zuckerberg believe Facebook acquired the super  power as the Monkey Magic in the book” Journey to the west” of Wu Cheng’en, so Facebook can corner, cow the US government, even take down the patriotic President Donald Trump and paving the way for Joe Biden who makes the historic journey to the White House. Certainly, no one elects Facebook and CEO Mark Zuckerberg to rule the United States of America. Instead, the US people elected patriotic President Donald Trump, the Constitution mandates the commander in chief and represents the US people to maintain the law, other national issues, and foreign policy. Indeed,  Facebook is just a business, it has no power to command the US government, and abuse, bully the US President by using Facebook’s business to gag the government policies, and breaching the free speech.


Mr. Mark Zuckerberg doesn’t recognize his position and the limit of business, he often shows an arrogant attitude. Instead, he practices the communication business like China’s propaganda machine in the mainland. Possibly, his wife Priscilla Chan (Priscilla Chan Zuckerberg) influences Facebook’s business. China’s Communist Party does love Facebook is led by socialism and CEO Zuckerberg silently censors the news, advertising, or any information conflict China’s communist policy. Mr. Mark Zuckerberg fell in love with Priscilla Chan and he also falls in love with China’s bush law plus the wild rules. He married Priscilla Chan and also engaged with China’s Communist Party, but he does the business in the US soil.


The US and democratic countries respect free speech, therefore, Facebook ignores and its communication business breaches the law by using the technological devices to delete the articles, advertising, and China’s human rights accusation. The arrogant and brazen attitude of CEO Mark Zuckerberg has created tension with the US government. Certainly, China, the left media, and Donkey gang hate the US patriotic President Donald Trump who unmasked the media cheat to use fake news, false polls, and fabricated stories misleading the public. CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s stance reflects China’s policy. Despite President Donald Trump warned Twitter and Facebook about the free speech and breaching the law, but Zuckerberg ignores, recently, he declares the war with the US government. Facebook has released the new rules, Mark Zuckerberg challenges US President Donald Trump. Facebook discriminates and treats unfairly the posts come from politicians including President Donald Trump, but the new rules erase free speech and destroy the media freedom. Facebook breaches the business law, when any business and services including the communication companies must respect the customers, clients. Everyone is equal, so the politicians, the people, and the US President Donald Trump must be treated fairly and equally as everyone. Certainly, Facebook breaches the business law, CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook discriminate against the users. Mr. Mark. Zuckerberg wrote:” the policies we’re implementing today are designed to address the reality of challenges our country is facing and now they’re showing up across our community”. What is our community of Mr. Mark Zuckerberg? The US government and President Donald Trump represent 331 million people, but Mr. Mark Zuckerberg represents its Facebook, a business in the US, he is like a frog but promotes himself as a dinosaur. The US presidential election is in a corner while China’s actual henchman Joe Biden loses the people’s support, despite the left media gives the best polls 12 points leads President Donald Trump, the old method repeats of the presidential election 2016, the false polls are obsolete. Moreover, the death of a serious felony George Floyd, plus the protests with riots, loots of Antifa and Black Lives Matter that aggravates the worst situation of Democratic candidate Joe Biden who faces the hub scandals on corruption, treason and sexual harassment, so Joe Biden will help President Donald Trump claims the landslide victory on November 8, 2020. China appalls the second term of President Donald Trump and CEO Mark Zuckerberg panics, he rushes to apply the bush law in communication to curb the posts of President Donald Trump, Republicans, and its fan. Instead, Facebook supports the posts of the Democratic gang and China’s communist activists in the US. The brazen attitude of Mark Zuckerberg being controversial, Ethan Zuckerman, director of the Massachusettes Institute of Technology’s Center for Civic Media reacts:” reminder of how powerful Facebook may be in terms of spreading disinformation during the upcoming election”. However, Facebook and the left media companies can not stop the heart of the US people to vote for the patriotic President Donald Trump. The election 2016 and 2020 are quite different from the campaigns, time, and outcome.


Initially, Mr. Mark Zuckerberg and his friends at Harvard University established a blogger like everyone (Harvard and Yale University are the den of left academics). They have used technological communication to attract people, the users joined Facebook to share to options and experiences, it is free speech. Facebook’s blogger succeeded as a saying” borrow a pig head to cook soup”. The numerous users helped Facebook gained the advertising and a blogger becomes a communication company, so Mark Zuckerberg earned billion dollars, his net worth estimates $US 70 billion. However, Facebook and CEO Mark Zuckerberg betray the users, they snub the public, so the users leave Facebook.


Facebook, Twitter, and other communication companies do need users as a supermarket needs customers. The quantity of the user decides the advertising and profit. Moreover, the competitive era strips the exclusive right of Facebook, the users can find the other companies or create a website on Google (it is easy and available on the internet). Facebook is like a wholesale company, the users are retailers. When the retailers distrust a wholesale company, they can find the others. So Facebook will lose the profit.


After the US President Donald Trump warned Twitter, Facebook, there are just a few days, the shares of Facebook and Twitter dropped sharply, the giant company Ben & Jerry’s Ice cream, Dove soap announced to stop the advertising on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram at least the end of the year 2020. The Europe, Unilever, a British-Dutch multinational consumer goods company, headquarter located in London with the products as food, energy drink, ice cream, tea, cleaning agents, beauty, personal care, and this company is the world largest producer of soap overhaul the advertising after Facebook and Twitter’s shares declined at least 7%. Unilever released the new concern:” We have decided that starting now through at least the end of the year, we will not run brand advertising in social media newsfeed platform Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram in the US. Continuing to advertise on these platforms at this time would not add value to the people and society”. The new rules of Facebook will cost more loss of advertising.


Facebook can not win the war with the US government and also help Joe Biden to overturn the worst situation. Nevertheless, CEO Mark Zuckerberg can not use its communication rules to eliminate the users including the US government and President Donald Trump. The heavy fine of  $US 5 billion that doesn’t wake up Mark Zuckerberg and his company. However, Facebook will lose more advertising when the users abandon that follows the loss of profit. Moreover, President Donald Trump authorizes to issue an executive order for free speech protection and equal opportunity for users. President Donald Trump can file the lawsuit against Facebook when the election advertising censored by the bush law and wild rules of CEO Mark Zuckerberg. The White House can establish a communication ombudsman to help the victims of free speech taking legal action against Facebook and seeking compensation. Certainly, Facebook faces a heap of complaints.


Mr. Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook snub the people, betray the users by applying the censor as China has applied in the mainland since 1949. Unfortunately, the US and democratic countries respect free speech, so CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook face the people’s boycott, the users abandon. President Donald Trump granted the death certificate” FAKE NEWS”, the people and users call the communication business of CEO Mark Zuckerberg is SOCIALISM FACEBOOK. Nevertheless, Mark Zuckerberg can on the list with the world’s hateful faces with Jane Fonda, Joe Biden, Xi Jinping, W.H.O dogtor Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Bill Gates, and others.


The new rules of Facebook prove this technological communication company declares the war with the US government and commander in chief Donald Trump. Nevertheless, CEO Mark Zuckerberg also terrorizes the users by the censor and attack the free speech./.






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