Democrats have swum in the swamp of loss


Posted on June 20, 2020 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



Democrats panic while the US presidential election comes closer, therefore, the most hopeful candidate, former Vice President Joe Biden has fallen into the quagmire of corruption, sexual harassment, even treason. China’s Communist Party knows its obsolete pawn will help the US patriotic President Donald Trump easily to claim the landslide victory on November 8, 2020. Unfortunately, China and comrade Democrats plus the left media will not get out from the disaster despite, China’s communist regime has tried to get out from the peril, but all efforts aggravate the worst situation


1- China launches the desperate biological terror aiming to destroy the great achievements of economy and finance after 3 years ruled the White House by the US patriotic President Donald Trump. Despite the US economy affected by the Chinese virus with the death toll, the infected population, and the left media propagate but concealed China. Therefore, the high death toll and infected cases occurred in the strongholds of Democrats like New York, California. Moreover, the US people recognize China is the culprit of Coronavirus and Democrats would not exploit the pandemic to take down President Donald Trump, instead, the approval rate increases. Nevertheless, there are two hundred nations are preparing the lawsuit against China, the compensation estimates a hundred trillion of US dollars, certainly, the world’s largest communist country appalls the brink of bankruptcy.


2- Democrats exploited the death of a series of criminal George Floyd to create the riots across the US. Democrats use the main forces are Black Lives Matter and Antifa into the crucial battle of the presidential election. Unfortunately, Democrats rush to choose a wrong idol, so the outcome turns the worst consequence. The world’s greatest funeral of felony George Floyd is also a Democratic funeral.


3- The smear campaign: the cunning tactics have applied by the left media with the traditional fake news, fabricated stories, and false polls. It is funny when some media companies released the polls, Joe Biden leads Donald Trump 12 points as they did for Hillary Clinton in the White House race in 2016.


Recently, the deposed advisor of White House John Bolton defames President Donald Trump in his unpublished book” The Room Where it Happened”. The incident has started from March 1st, 2020 when former White House’s adviser John Bolton wanted to use the untrue details in his book to help Democrats remove President Donald Trump by the impeachment, but Senate dismissed with 51-49 despite the traitors were Mitt Romney, Susan Collins, and Lisa Murkowski supported Democrats. Moreover, before a few days entering White House, John Bolton received $US 115,000 from Clinton Foundation, so he became Democratic undercover activist in Presidential staff and President Donald Trump fired a turncoat Republican. Democrats rush to use an obsolete henchman John Bolton who releases the stupid lie to tell about President Donald Trump asked China helps to win the election 2020.


4-The media’s tool and communication companies violate the free speech: Democrats and China frighten the doomsday are coming after the US presidential election 2020. But they do nothing to change the worst situation after the tactics exhausted, therefore, the cunning method all failed. The last force is the left media maximally launch the propaganda campaign. However, the enemy of people, the foe of public and the garbage of mainstream media received the” Fakes News certificate” granted by President Donald Trump, it is the death certificate of the left media. Democrats and China also have attempted to use the technological thugs on Facebook, Twitter to delete the fan of Donald Trump. Therefore, communication companies above are the businesses in the US like a company, supermarket, so they must comply with the law. Particularly, the free speech respects, but Facebook, Twitter violated. Certainly, President Donald Trump can issue the executive order to stop and overhaul the license of violated businesses.


After the uprising failed, because the Black Lives Matter and Antifa behaved as the thugs, they burned down the businesses, looted, killed the police officers, and abused the people. On June 18, 2020, Facebook breached free speech by removing dozens of official Donald Trump advertisements. It is the coward action of Facebook, CEO Mark Elliot Zuckerberg snubs the public and ignores free speech. The people believe his Chinese wife is Priscilla Chan (Priscilla Chan Zuckerberg) influence Facebook, possibly,  Mr. Zuckerberg drives America’s communication business to serve China’s Communist Party’s interest. Certainly, a concerned citizen respects the country, but Mark Zuckerberg doesn’t, instead, he often exposes the arrogant attitude by deleting many of Facebook’s users, the complaints heaped up, he has breached free speech. Indeed, the US is not China, but Mr. Zuckerberg has applied censorship as China in the mainland. The communication’s violation cost Facebook $US 5 billion fine, Mark Zuckerberg is just a new billionaire emerged, his fortune is 86.7 billion. The attitude of  Mr. Zuckerberg shows the silent supporter Antifa (a terror organization advocates Marxism and Maoist), so Facebook removed the petition against Antifa.


The coward attitude of Facebook is vain, Mr. Mark Zuckerberg can not help Joe Biden wins the election despite he could breach the law to remove President Donald Trump’s advertising. The presidential election 2016, candidate Hillary Clinton gained the strong supports of left media, communication companies like Facebook, Twitter. However, the US people elected Donald Trump although the left media and communication companies wanted Hillary Clinton who makes a historic journey to White House and China would control the world in 2025.


The presidential election 2020 is quite different from the election in 2016, the major  US people support Donald Trump in the second term. His patriotic heart and the great achievements convince the people’s trust, instead, Democrats appear the hidden communist party and the treasonous party must receive the people’s punishment. Democrats fear at least 50 seats in Congress lose and Republicans will control the Senate plus Congress.  Despite the left media often gives the best polls for Joe Biden as they did for Hillary Clinton in 2016, it is the phony propaganda. Moreover, Facebook can remove or ban the advertising of President Donald Trump, but the US people already voted by heart. Certainly, the White House can issue the law to force the communication companies must comply with the free speech, and  President Donald Trump can file the lawsuit against Facebook, the reparation cost millions of US dollars, the presidential election is very important than any business. Nevertheless, The White House can establish a communication ombudsman or a complaint firm to solve the violations of Facebook or others. Nowadays, the users of Facebook disappoint Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg who manages Facebook like China’s propaganda machine of China, but he applies in the US and the democratic countries. Certainly, someone can create a communication company like Facebook, Twitter. It is a competitive communication, so someone can establish other communication companies to replace  Facebook or Twitter. Therefore, everyone can create their page on Google, it is easy to do and Facebook can lose the advertising plus the profit.


Democrats and China exhausted the malicious tactics from December 2019, therefore, they couldn’t escape from the swamp of loss and Facebook can not use a palm to cover the sunlight by removal President Donald Trump’s advertising. Facebook is a communication business, instead, the White House represents the US government, so Mr. Mark Zuckerberg can not breach the free speech, his license should be retrieved anytime if Facebook ignores the law, his brazen attitude will pay the high prices./.






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