Daniel Andrews reflects the retaliation of China


Posted on July 9, 2020 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



After the Australian government proposed the independent inquiry of Coronavirus, China acts like a felon fears the investigation, the culprit of Coronavirus gets angry by the economic terror to cut the imports on meat, barley, wine and stop Chinese tourists travel to Australia. Those exported goods of Australia being threatened, the incident appeared the  comrades of China. Initially, the Australian Labor Party criticized the Coalition government like Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk applied the communist tactic to slam the federal government about the damages of farmers and the job. Senator Penny Wong attacked the government to upset China’s Communist Party and other high profiles of Labor Party forget Australia’s interest and security, they stand alongside with comrade China, so it is very hard to find a patriotic politician in the Australian Labor Party.


Victoria’s state elected Labor Premier Daniel Andrews in two terms, unfortunately, Mr.  Daniel Andrews serves China’s interest despite, he holds the head of the commercial center in Australia.  Premier Daniel Andrews is traitor, October 2018, he secretly signed one belt and one road with China’s Communist Party, although the Australian government opposes by national security concern and the sovereignty threat. Premier Daniel Andrews betrays the Victoria voters including his fan, he sold the state for China. The Coronavirus pandemic outbreaks the second wave in Victoria (capital city is Melbourne) that reflect the retaliation of China’s communist regime to Australia. While the states, territories eased the restriction, but Victoria re-locked down more than 5,000,000 residents that causes the Coronavirus outbreak seriously. Particularly, New South Wales, South Australia, Northern Territory closed the borders and sending the police, army to control, the situation in Victoria worsens, the residents suffered the pandemic outbreak, the state’s economy suspended.


Premier Daniel Andrews acts like the US President Barrack Obama during ruling the country. The first Muslim and communist president elected in the White House to play the double war game by the US taxpayers. Formally, President Barrack Obama called to fight against the terror, indeed, he created an opportunity for Islamic State founded by withdrawing the troop from Iraq, and Obama secretly provided finance, weapons, and training the Islamic State. Nowadays, the henchman of China in Victoria’s state does the same tactic, Premier Daniel Andrews always shows the face on television to fight the pandemic, indeed, he flags the Coronavirus spread by the negligence of restriction, Black Lives Matter protested, but Premier Daniel Andrews and its state government ignored, even encouraged. Possible, China’s medical supplies should use broadly in Victoria like an abattoir Cedar Meat received 2,000 face masks of China after sold 8 tonnes of meat and flew to China, so whole employees contracted Coronavirus and shut down at least two weeks. Moreover, Premier Daniel Andrews eased social distance and waived the needed quarantine applying for everyone as the states and territories did. Many unknown reasons cause the second wave of Coronavirus outbreaks in Victoria, now this state becomes the hot spot in Australia.


The people question Labor Premier Daniel Andrews who gets the highest salary of the head’s states and territories but he always serves for China’s Communist Party. Why don’t the Australian government and Commonwealth step in Victoria as 18th Governor-General Sir John Kerr dismantled Labor Prime Minister Edward Gough Whitlam in 1975? The Victoria’s residents do need to remove China’s henchman Daniel Andrews as soon as possible, he is arrogant and showing the hypocritical attitude by an apology for nothing after flagging Coronavirus outbreaks in the second wave. Nevertheless, the lockdown in Victoria costs $AU 1 billion a week that China wants to retaliate Australia’s economy when the economic terror nullified after India increased the barley export from 500 thousand tonnes to 1 million tonnes and the other countries buy Australia’s meat, nevertheless Australia joins G7.


The disaster in Victoria cost the national economy, employment, and people’s health. Certainly, Premier Daniel Andrews damaged the Australian Labor Party, but he has tried to keep the top job in the state until to be removed. China does like Daniel Andrews perpetuates the job as long as he can and the pandemic continues to spread. Therefore, the pressure increases from the Labor Party and Victoria’s opposition party to call Daniel Andrews to quit the job. The residents in Victoria and Australian people do want to remove traitor Daniel Andrews who brings the disaster in Australia and his staff is the den of corruption./.






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