Coronavirus devastates Chinese factories


Posted on April 25, 2020 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



The global biological warfare terror of China hits back hardly the ruthless regime as a proverb is a sword made by China that stabs Chinese. When a missile goes wrong, it explodes at the launch site, the death toll and damages are inevitable. Chinese dream doesn’t respond to the reality of the global hegemony, the dirty war of China debunked and the world community recognized China’s Communist Party is the culprit of a biological attack.


However, the Chinese Virus succeeded to reduce the population, and solve the massive jobless after China’s Communist Party lost the trade war with the US and allies, and Hong Kong’s democratic movement eases. Certainly, China’s Communist Party has never care about the life of Chinese people, but the priority is keeping the regime’s existence and the money that reflects the materialism of Marxism-Leninist-Maoist.


The Coronavirus is the heartless tactic of China’s Communist Party to avoid the people standing up, therefore, China’s economy wiped out and the financial system is on the brink of collapse. The Coronavirus turns to stab the vulnerability of China. The communist has no money is like a gun without a bullet, a bowl emptied the rice, a car has no petrol. China’s economy disabled, the major industries like transport, tourism, hotels, restaurants, and other facilities isolated the consumers and people to deal with the virus spread. The massive jobless is the vital problem of China’s Communist Party, moreover, the foreign companies moved out or repatriated from the trade war to avoid the tariffs. The Coronavirus worsens the unemployment rate, the foreign companies and tourists can not invest and travel to the land of pandemics. The Coronavirus transformed China’s mainland into a dead land and every Chinese traveler should bring the Coronavirus into the other countries. It causes the poor test kits and the face masks attaching the contamination or virus plus the false reports of China’s communist government  about the death toll that created the global China-phobia. The people have no racist but the deadly virus fears.


China’s factories face the dilemma, the orders lose, but the government pressures the factories re-open as propaganda. The company owners including the government companies can not make the products while the global and domestic markets nearly froze from the lockdown and international transport suspended. Moreover, the workers fear the virus and stay home, the private companies have not enough money to pay the cost of the company’s payment as the tax, renting and employees. The best solution to burn the factories for the avoidance of the government’s pressure and can claim insurance. The government companies owned following the disaster, the head of companies destroyed the factories to avoid the repayment plus the corruption. How will China survive when the domestic economy and offshore business disabled?


The left viral media applies the propaganda as the Vietnam War, during China is dealing with the bankruptcy, certainly, the stock market plunged. China lost much of the stock market than the US, but the left media misleads about China rises and China will dominate the stock market while the US and the world sold out. However, China panics the massive compensation of two hundred nations to file the lawsuit by the damages and the death of more than 160,000 people, moreover, offshore China’s companies, the investors feel no safe.


The massive compensation is possible but China-owned companies and investors can not revoke after many decades arrayed the economic and financial networks around the world. The massive compensation alerts Chinese tycoon (almost links to China’s Communist Party) when they intend to buy the offshore assets, therefore, the plaintiffs can have the court order to freeze China’s assets.

There are not only the factories in China being periled but in African countries, the local people outrage the Coronavirus, they destroyed China’s factories, the Coronavirus eradicated the economy of China worldwide. When the economy crippled, the regime risks, it is the common formula’s collapse of Chinese dynasties that occurred from many thousand years of Chinese history. How can China survive when the industry disabled and the economic facilities crippled?.

The factories burned and the workers fear the Coronavirus that appalls the regime, moreover, the international community isolates China’s Communist regime from the trade while 1.4 billion Chinese people do need the food and other needs. Nevertheless, nowadays, the living condition of  Chinese people is different from the era of Mao Tse Tung. Possibly, China’s Communist Party can create the virus to reduce the population and the opponent to keep the regime.


Chinese people alert the heartless regime and the foreigners can not trust China after the biological warfare terror. The mainland expects as the den of pandemics, the situation of China faces the deadlock. However, Chinese people are the key to change the country by standing up and eliminate the Ape super herd from the government. There is the only way to help Chinese people joining the international community like Taiwan./.






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