Chinese virus arouses the patriotic spirit


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Commonly, the members of family and relatives can conflict, argue with each other from different options or individual views. Therefore, if a foreign harms a family member, they unite to protect each other. The Second World War proved that nationalism woke up after Japan attacked Pearl Harbor on December 1, 1941. The terror occurred on September 11, 2001, pushed the US people united and the world consolidated to fight against the terror, eventually, the US-led the allies to remove the Taliban’s regime and crippled Al Qaeda.


Democratic countries have different interests, tactics, and concerns. The US and Europe often argued about trade, tariffs, and other subjects. Nevertheless, innocent leaders, the profit lover’s investors, and naďve businesses fell into the trade trap, debt trap, and government trap of China’s communist regime. The fresh interests erased the difference’s economic character between the totalitarian regime and democratic countries.


China exploited the partial interest of the US and Europe, Australia, Canada, and other countries to separate the unity between the democratic countries. The contradiction has perpetuated after the Second World War. Certainly, China gained economic policies and facilities in trade when the enemies (China’s Communist Party dubbed capitalist) divided. Almost, when Democratic Party rules the US, China has an opportunity to gain the interest as President Bill Clinton became China’s executive, he sold the US interest for China to repay the illegal finance provided in the election 1992 and 1996, the Most Favored Nation helped China grew faster. Particularly, the first US’s Communist and Muslim Barrack Obama elected in two terms, his demagogic speech cheated the US people and Europe into the hoax climate change, the same-sex-marriage legislation, and the fake human rights by supporting the asylum seekers. The nationalism and patriotism traveled into the demagogic propaganda of Barrack Obama and the left media.


From the first visit of US President Richard Nixon opened an opportunity for China to infiltrate the free market in 1972, the US, Europe, Australia, and the other countries have slept into the long nightmare, it took more than a half of century. Unfortunately, when they wake up, China became the second-largest economic center in the world. Nevertheless, the global hegemonic ambition of China to threaten the world. If in 2016, Hillary Clinton elected, China will control the world in 2025 as Democrats and China planned. However, the US people cracked down the Chinese dream and patriotic President Donald Trump who makes America great again and also leading the world into the war against the global economic terror and now, the US leads the world to fight against the global biological warfare terror of the den of thieves, the hub of counterfeit, the center of cheat and the lair of pandemics.


China’s communist regime attacks the world by a biological weapon, it is the untold Third World War, the dangerous enemy is China to create the Novel Coronavirus, so the Chinese Virus spread worldwide. Almost, the nations on the planet have affected by the viral cohort of China, the death toll, the infected population, and the world isolated plus the economy damaged. The patriotic spirit wakes up in every country, from Asia, Africa, South Amerca, Europe, and the US united to fight the dangerous enemy.


    The global biological warfare terror pushes the world including Chinese people to unite fighting against China’s communist regime. Ape Emperor Xi Jinping declares the Third World War likely. The rogue regime is malicious, the multiple deceptive tactics have bluffed the innocent leaders and attracted the profit lover’s investors in Western. The global hegemonic ambition unmasked after the biological warfare terror attacked and every country also appeared the domestic thugs, the innocent traitors are the politicians of left parties, the tycoons linked to China’s businesses, the dishonest academics sold the intellectual property to China. The traitors helped China conspiring to colonize the country, nowadays, the henchmen of China can not hide the face.


The biological warfare terror wakes the world, the US, Europe, Australia, and others identify China is every dangerous enemy. In the past, China developed different interests between the countries and tore the unity in the US and Europe. Sometimes, the US and some countries like France, German argued and China stood behind the conflicts to gain interest. Recently, the US launches the campaign to fight against the global economic terror, the European Union has different views because the European countries fell into the trade trap, debt trap, and government trap of China.


However, the global biological warfare terror of China that erased the differences, instead, the hidden enemy appeared the face. The bloody lesson of trade with China that harmed Europe, Australia, and others. The risky war game of Ape Emperor Xi Jinping hits back China’s Communist Party when the world unites to fight against the communist regime in Beijing. Moreover, Chinese people in mainland outrage when the Ape super herd uses the virus to reduce the population, to crack down the massive opponent population and the massive jobless. China’s Communist Party has never care about the people but keeping the regime is the priority.


The COVID-19 arouses the patriotic spirit worldwide including Chinese people. The obsession of China’s Communist Party comes, the biological warfare pushes the patriotic spirit to wake up. The Coronavirus terror also wiped out the deep conspiracy of China’s Communist Party in the Western. The Coronavirus pandemic causes foreign investors and businesses to move out from the mainland, the tourists fear the virus created by China. The dead vulnerability of China is the economy. Nevertheless, the patriotic spirit waking up that isolates China’s communist regime from the international community and pushing China’s Communist Party to collapse. The communist does need money as Materialism of Karl Marx.


The patriotism wakes up after a long sleep since the Cold War, everywhere, the people react against the Coronavirus or Chinese Virus. The politicians fight back China’s Communist Party including the diplomatic offices, moreover, the global China-Phobia increases, the victim’s nations outrage China’s biological warfare terror./.






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