Chinese students are the high level burglars


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The social purge and communism cause the communist countries currently short the talent and invention. Instead, socialism provides the garbage academics, and the under level scholars after the intellectuals and wealthy component eliminated from the communist paradise. The education’s discrimination policy based on” the family record wins over the talent” that failed to develop the economy and technology, but China’s Communist Party has conspired the global hegemonic ambition that reflects a speech of Mao Tse Tung in 1965:” we must control the earth” while the rapaciousness is greater than the capacity. Certainly, the lagging technology doesn’t respond to the Chinese dream, so China’s Communist Party must apply the malicious tactics into the arms race, space race, and economic race against the” counter-revolutionary countries” or the capitalist, and the US is the number one contestant. The stolen technology has carried out by the cunning tactics plus the domestic thugs become the naïve traitors helped China carrying out the global hegemonic ambition from many decades ago. The Western’s invention and technology were stolen by multiple methods, unfortunately, the Western government slept for a long time on the nightmare of trade ties, diplomatic relations. Nowadays, the den of thieves, the hub of counterfeit, and the center of cheat made a profit from the loss of invention’s countries. Moreover, China has used stolen technology and money to carry out global hegemonic ambition, so China’s communist regime becomes the global enemy. China has attacked the world community into multiple battles like global economic terror, claiming the ownership in disputed waters (Indochina Pacific), Senkaku with Japan, clashed with India at the border, conflict with Nepal and Bhutan about the border. Recently, China threatens Australia at international water (*) but the deputy opposition leader (the Australian Labor Party) Richard Marles who proposes the Australian army collaborates with the People’s Liberation Army.  The treasonous party can drive the country into China’s vassal, so the Australian Labor Party responds to the colonial strategy of China’s communist regime. The Australian people believe the Labor Party is like a branch of China’s Communist Party.


Mostly, Chinese students come from wealthy families in China, the hardcore communists could send their children to study overseas while major population lives in poverty. Nevertheless, China’s communist regime has arrayed the spy networks throughout the US, and counterparts with the espionage agents disguised the students, they penetrated the technological firms including the defense and the multiple levels of government. Moreover, the major Chinese students also the members of the People’s Liberation Army, they are the professional spy and well-trained agents before arriving in the US. The incident of China’s Consulate-General in Houston, Texas closed and 60 diplomatic employees burned down the documents. Nevertheless, the US Justice Department has charged 4 Chinese researchers after discovered the false declaration provided to the US government, they link to the People’s Liberation Army. If the Justice department founded guilty, Wang Xin, Song Chen, Zhao Kaikai, and Juan Tang will face up to 10 years in prison and $US 250,000 fines by visa fraud. However, US intelligence agencies can investigate the spy networks related to four Chinese researchers, probably, China’s spy net will be eradicated, it is the big problem of China as saying” collect the wood in three years, but burned down just one hour”. The incident discovered four of China’s espionage agents exploited immigration’s policy to study and work in the US that is just an iceberg floating on the surface, indeed, China’s Communist Party sent many espionage agents covered under the overseas students. The Western countries may overhaul the immigration policy and the students come from communist countries like China, Vietnam, North Korea, Cuba, Laos, and the vassal of China like Cambodia.


China has developed the bribery method to buy dishonest academics in the Western. The largest population country applies the technology framed into communism with the totalitarian government, but China becomes the second-largest economic center in the world. Professional burglary is the key to develop the economy of communist paradise that reflects the Chinese proverb hints to dishonest Chinese component” 骗就骗  (Cheat/Scam whenever you can!”


     China saved finance to train the talents, actually the high technology after buying Western academics. The profit lover’s academics can use the Western university and institute to research and invent, they provided to China by small payment or privileges. The Intellectual Property easily leaked to China from many decades ago. Harvard professor Charles Lieber arrested after the FBI discovered linking the new coronavirus, he received the secret monthly payment $US 50,000, and the living expenses are up to $US 158,000 from China. The case of Professor Charles Lieber alerts Western universities while China cornered the prominent universities in the US like Harvard, Yale. China gained anything from the treasonous academics, the high technologies handed from the Western academics that helped China developed the productions and made a profit from the loss of Western.


The previous US presidents were  Bill Clinton, George.W.Bush, Barrack Obama advocated moving the products in China. The critical mistake cost the US job and national industry, but China solved the employment and transforming the US into an economic vassal. The foreign factories located in China, the communist government forced the companies to hand over the technologies if they want to operate. Moreover, Chinese workers stole the technologies and made the counterfeit. The problem silently occurred in the mainland for a long time, so China acquired high technologies like the mobile phone and telecommunication technology.


China’s financial agents have exploited the loopholes of investment law in Western, Chinese tycoons used the unlimited loan to occupy the major shareholders and they could take the technologies sending to the mainland. Western education system transformed the education commercial, the profit lover’s Vice-Chancellors opened the door for Chinese students including Vietcong students. Nevertheless, the skilled migrant’s policy granted citizenship for graduate students and Chinese academics gained the doctoral degree, professors, they infiltrated the high-technological department in the universities. So Chinese academics and students are the high-level of technological burglars. The Western countries opened the door for technological thieves and nowadays, China acquired updated technologies including defense technologies.


Almost, Chinese students come from hardcore communist families, the red seeds carry out a technological burglary, propaganda into Western education’s system, and influencing the bad culture of communism. The education business has created long term damage to the country and many generations after many decades opened the door for Chinese students. If in the US, and Western have no traitors, the dishonest academics, Chinese students and Chinese academics couldn’t steal the high technologies. The bloody consequence must pay after China got high technologies and money to carry out global hegemonic ambition. The Coronavirus pandemic should involve dishonest academics in universities and Chinese academics. Chinese Virus conducts China phobia, it is not racist but everyone fears the deadly virus created by China’s communist regime. The US, Western including Australia overhaul the immigration policy, Chinese students harm the national security, society, and the other damages./.









Dear Mav supporter,


I’m getting lots of questions sent to me privately asking: “Will Australia and China go to war in the future”? Sadly, the answer is “Yes”.


War is inevitable because China is led by an authoritarian dictatorship otherwise known as the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). To survive long term, the CCP needs to expand its territory to keep the general population under its control.


Just 6% of the Chinese population of 1.4 billion people are allowed to belong to the CCP. That’s still a lot of CCP members – around 84 million people. And that’s where the problem rests.


The 84 million CCP members need to control the majority of Chinese citizens (1.3 billion people) to hold onto power. A military conflict with the US (and their allies including Australia) is the only way the CCP can unite the Chinese people.


China must invade Taiwan (an Independent democratic country of 25 million people who speak Chinese) for the CCP to try to hang onto power and not be overthrown.


Think of it differently (applying an Australian example). Pretend that the Crazy Greens controlled the Australian Government. Pretend further that only 6% of Australians were allowed to belong to the Greens Party – that’s about 1.5 million people. And finally, pretend that Australia had “Green laws” (open borders, few private sector jobs, free welfare to any citizen of the world, no defence force, no prison time for pedophiles and other weird and wacky stuff). Most Australians – the other 94% of the population who were not Greens members – would eventually revolt against a minority controlling them. But if Australia went to war with another country, Australians would put aside their hate for the Greens to defend our country. And that’s where China will be in the next 20 years.


In desperation the Chinese Communist Party will try and unite all of China by wanting to “liberate” Taiwan by going to war. And this will compel the United States (and her allies) to support Taiwan to defend itself.


You may wonder why other countries would get involved in a war with Taiwan? Japan, South Korea, the Phillipines (and others including Australia) understand that if China invades Taiwan, it will only be a matter of time before they invade other countries in the region including us.


We’ve seen this from history. Just before WW2, NAZI Germany invaded a German speaking region of a neighbouring country (Czechoslovakia) because they wanted to “liberate” Germans living outside of Germany. The democratic West (US, Britain, France and others) did nothing to stop NAZI Germany. Hitler took this as a “green light” to invade other countries including Poland, Belgium, the Netherlands and many more European nations.


The point I make is this: once an authoritarian dictatorship (like the NAZIS or COMMUNISTS) invades one country, war with other countries is inevitable.


But the good news is this: the United States has learnt from history and won’t let Communist China act like NAZI Germany. The Americans have the most sophisticated and technologically advanced military in the world.


The United States is Australia’s ultimate guarantor of security. By Australia remaining close to America, we get the best military assets and equipment in the world. While Australia may have a “small” Army, Navy and Air Force, we still are in the “top ten” for military technology and advanced military capability (thanks to America).


Australia must be ready for military conflict with China by 2040 and together with our allies, defeat the Chinese Communist Party threatening world peace.


Yours sincerely,

Steve Mav

Independent for Tasmania”



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