Chinese people slept in the long nightmare


Posted on May 31, 2020 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



Chinese history spreads throughout for many thousand years. Mostly, Chinese people have been influenced deeply by Confucianism. Therefore its theory is obsolete and exposing gender discrimination that conflicts the UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Confucianism is not different from the Sharia Law of Muslims to treats badly to females.


However, Chinese people have acquainted the totalitarian government, from in the days of yore, Chinese people accepted the monarchic dynasties supported by Confucianism, so the invention framed into Confucius teaching while Europe developed the science, technology, and inventions. Therefore, Chinese people just lived a short period of democracy after the Qiang dynasty collapsed in 1912 and the Chinese Nationalist government replaced it until China’s Communist Party robbed the authentic government of Chinese people in 1949. The people in China’s mainland have continued to live under the Red dynasty, or the Ape rule, it is the most barbarous government of Chinese history. On the other hand, China’s political status has not changed for many thousand years. Moreover, China’s communist dynasty killed a hundred million people and enslaving a billion Chinese people in the mainland. The communist dynasty has ruled Chinese people by brutal emperors like Mao Tse Tung, Deng Xiaoping, Jiang Zemin, Hu Jintao, and now Xi Jinping who launches the biological warfare worldwide, Ape Emperor Xi Jinping and China’s Communist Party are the GENOCIDE WITHOUT BORDER. They use the deadly virus to kill Chinese people in the mainland and also kill the people on the planet.


Chinese people in Taiwan, Hong Kong have lived in freedom, unfortunately, Chinese people live in the mainland have been brainwashed by propaganda plus terror. The patriotism ruined and replaced the Maoist or Communism. China’s Communist dynasty has applied the same methods of the monarchic dynasties keeping the government until collapsed:


1- The dynasties and China’s communist dynasty brainwashed Chinese people:


- The monarchic dynasties promoted the king is a son of God, so the people must obey the decree, if whoever opposes, it was the treasonous crime, mostly, the death sentence deserved for the disloyal components and the punishment applied to three families surname.


- China’s communist dynasty promoted the leader represents the proletariat class, whoever opposes the leader to be faced the treasonous crime and it affects three generations. Even genocide Mao Tse Tung returned the communist paradise from 1976 to reunite Karl Marx, Stalin, Lenin, Ho Chi Minh, and other evils, therefore, China’s Communist Party forces  Chinese people must adore the tyrant king and promoted angel.


2- The dynasties and China’s communist dynasty have the same tactics:


- Using the henchmen: the dynasties used the loyal officials and royal family members from the central to local government, and the kings granted the privileges to keep the servants to protect the dynasty. China’s communist dynasty uses its members, the money and privileges sticking the regime, so the communist members protect the regime and also protect their interest.


-The actual henchmen hold the most important positions in multiple levels of the government’s system and the armed force, the police force, security force are the actual tools of the communist party.


In the mainland, the Chinese People’s Armed Force particularly, the Public Security Guard Force (it is like SS of Hitler) are the actual tools of the Political Bureau. The monarchic dynasties and communist dynasty always backed by its robot army, the robot Police, and multiple levels of government’s system.


3- The people spy network has applied nationwide to control the people from family to society, including the school, it is the spy network arrays throughout China but the government has not spent the budget. Moreover, the people spy network is keen to exploit the children to inform the neighbor and its family members. In the communist regime, there are many parents, relatives, residents became the victims of their children.


From the civil war occurred between Nationalist and Communist to the communist dynasty founded in 1949, Chinese people have slept in the long nightmare of propaganda that labeled the communist paradise, indeed, the mainland is the hell of free speech. China’s communist dynasty killed a hundred million people, unfortunately, Chinese people have not woken up yet. Now, China’s communist dynasty used the Chinese Virus to reduce the population, prevent the uprising, and massive jobless estimates many hundreds of millions of people, and China’s Ape dynasty also uses the virus to destroy the economy of the US, the democratic countries. Chinese people live in the mainland being endangered, China’s communist dynasty can create another virus to kill the components and straying the democratic movement by fighting against the pandemic.


China’s Communist Party has never given up the global hegemonic ambition as the first tyrant Emperor Mao Tse Tung taught” we mus control the earth”. Since the US President Richard Nixon attended the first visit Beijing in 1972, China’s Communist Party has grabbed an opportunity to join the world community and the free market. The trade trap, debt trap, and government trap have applied everywhere around the world including the US, Europe, Australia. Moreover, the robber replaced Chinese people’s representatives in the United Nations and Security Council. Nevertheless, China’s communist regime always raises the brazen attitude, the so-called One-China- Policy abusing the authentic government of Chinese people in Taiwan. Indeed, China’s Communist Party must return the mainland to Taiwan. Nevertheless, China’s Communist Party feeds the henchmen in Hong Kong, the pro-China members in the Hong Kong Legislative Council obey the order of its Ape boss Xi Jinping to issue the bush law called security law, so Hong Hong people strongly react and the US, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom support Hong Kong with two system governments. China breaches the agreement, the deadline 2047 has not come yet, but China conspires to use the force and bush law to control the democratic territory since the colonial British. The US warns China does not interfere with Hong Kong, but China intimidates the US will pay a heavy price, certainly, when a communist is born, initially, a midwife sees the mouth. The menace of China is a farce while the US decides China’s economy and financial system (the US can kick out China from the stock market in Wall Street any time). Nevertheless, the world community lines up behind the US to file the lawsuit against the culprit of Coronavirus, the massive compensation estimates a hundred trillion US dollars.


Taiwanese and Hong Kong people have lived in democracy while 1.4 billion Chinese people have slept into the nightmare of the obsolete regime. Chinese people wake up and stand up if not, they will be killed by the Ape regime with the deadly viruses. There are just 22 tyrants of Political Bureau, but they hold the lives of 1.4 billion people. Possibly, the economy of China’s communist regime is the death vulnerability, Chinese people should wake up to fight for the living and survival when the economy disabled. The US and the world community isolate and sanction China’s communist regime that can help Chinese people in the mainland stand up. After the rogue regime in Beijing collapsed, Chinese people will live in freedom like Taiwan and Hong Kong people, certainly, the world community will do the trade with a democratic government in the mainland, not bush law of China’s communist regime./.






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