China weasels out the culprit of pandemic


Posted on June 2, 2020 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



China’s communist regime has claimed the ownership on the Moon (China has never sent the people coming here), the disputed waters in Indochina Pacific (not China Sea), Taiwan is the authentic government of Chinese people but  China’s Communist Party robbed in 1949, Hong Kong has the own government system but China has tried to invade and claims the former British territory belongs to Beijing before 2047. Therefore, China has not confirmed the Novel Coronavirus in their possession, instead, China always denies the owner of the pandemic, but the world knew it is the Chinese virus.


After the Coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan and spread worldwide, China and the W.H.O (Worst Health Organization) colluded to conceal and delay the pandemic outbreak, the genocide without the border of China’s communist regime and the W.H.O have never forgotten, the world condemns the serious crime opposes the humanity. Despite China and W.H.O have tried to weasel out the culprit of the pandemic, therefore, the enormous evidence proved that appalls China, so the world community is preparing to file China at the International Court or local courts (every country can apply the law for forcing China pays the compensation). The massive compensation estimates a hundred trillion US dollars that obsesses the culprit of Coronavirus. China’s communist regime has fallen into the panic state of a felon fearing the Police’s investigation. When the Australian government proposes the independent inquiry of Coronavirus, China’s anger exposing the crazy reaction by economic terror. However, after the diplomatic intimidation, 122  nations line up to support Australia. It creates more fear pressuring on the Ape super herd in Beijing. It means, the enormous countries in the United Nations want to file China for seeking compensation, the UN General Assembly can vote a resolution to take China to the International Court. Certainly, China always dodges the investigation, nevertheless, the original Coronavirus that causes China’s panic. Possibly, President Donald Trump calls COVID 19 is CHINESE VIRUS and the source that comes from Wuhan’s Biosafety Level 4 Laboratory is the blatant evidence. China’s communist regime is malicious, the Coronavirus’s culprit strays the investigation, and driving the original Coronavirus comes from somewhere else, including, China lies the US-made Coronavirus. China has applied the essential tactics as buying time, talking during the fighting, taking one step back to prepare three steps forward. China weasels out the culprit of Coronavirus into the multiple deceitful forms


1- In the mainland


- Initially, China drove the Coronavirus originated from Wuhan’s fish market, and the left media in Western chimed China’s theory. The bat and wild animal meat bringing the virus to cheat the world. Therefore, the theoretical deception couldn’t convince the world because Chinese people, some Asian people like Thailand, East Timor, Indonesian, Vietnam, and others have eaten bat, wild animal meat for a long time, but there was no Coronavirus.


- China changes the court, Beijing pretends to send some scientists to the caves and collected the bat’s species. Therefore, do not listen to what the communist talks, let’s watch what the communist did. Certainly, Chinese scientists are led by socialism, they are the scientific tool of the rogue regime.


- After the international pressure, the Ape Emperor Xi Jinping has the childish cheat, he agrees the investigation but waiting for the pandemic is over, China applies the buying time’s tactic. Xi Jinping also proposes the W.H.O (Worst Health Organization) to investigate, therefore, everyone knows W.H.O is China’s tool, it is not an independent body.


2- Outside China: Beijing has applied a stratagem of Sun Tzu:” make a sound in the east, then strike in the west”. It means China has tried to drive the culprit of Coronavirus to the other incidents:


- China creates tension in Indochina Pacific by military threat and the left media propagates the third World War as they did before when North Korea threatening to transform the US into the ashes.


- China creates tension at the border between China and India.


- The henchmen in Hong Kong conspire the bush law to annex Hong Kong before the deadline of 2047, it causes the mayhem and the US, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada confirm to support Hong Kong people.


- China intimidates Australia to stray the investigation of Coronavirsu to the trade war, it is the straying tactic to cover the culprit of Coronavirus because the trade war occurs between China and Australia driving the world into the unrelated pandemic.


- Recently, a black man names George Floyd who was arrested by the Police in Indianapolis by forgery case’s suspect, and he resisted then died after the struggle with the Police officers. Democrats and domestic thugs like the terror organization ANTIFA, Black Lives Matter of Barrack Obama stand behind the riots occurring in the US including Washington D.C. The protests spread to the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand… China and the domestic thugs in Western exploit the death of a black man to create the riots, it misleads the world about the Coronavirus and helps China’s communist regime escaping the investigation of the culprit. It is not doubted about the perpetrator of riots in the US when  Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo said:” I stand with the protesters” and New York Mayor Bill de Blasio’s first daughter who joined the protest and Police arrested. Former Vice President and presidential candidate Joe Biden’s staff campaign the legal fees for rioters arrested and waiting for a court’s appearance. President Donald Trump said:” Antifa and Black Lives Matter are 100% domestic terrorist or hate groups, both bred and fed by Democrats”. The riots stray Chinese Virus and also aiming to help Joe Biden in the presidential election 2020.


The left viral media supports the riots in the US and somewhere else, on May 31, 2020, the New York Times propagates the fake news about President Donald Trump hides in the bunker while the protestors siege White House, it is the super lie, the obsolete fake news, certainly, the New York Times snubs the public because, in this time, there was no a New York Times journalist stays in White House at this time, how could they know President Donald Trump hide in a bunker? Certainly, the New York Times Journalists Peter Baker and Maggie Haberman couldn’t hide in the underwear of a secret agent in White House. After the phony fake news, the left viral media companies worldwide, including in Australia with the ABC, Channel Seven, Channel Nine, Channel Ten parroted the New York Times as a barking dog’s herd. It s the fake news based on cheat news, but the phony propaganda couldn’t deceive the people. The left media in Western is the same kind of China’s propaganda machine in the mainland, North Korea, and Vietnam.


Whatever, China couldn’t create anything to stray the culprit of Coronavirus and escaping the investigation with the lawsuit. The victim countries of the Chinese Virus know China concealed and delayed the pandemic, moreover, China arrested whistleblower Li Wengliang who raised the early alert about Coronavirus that proved China is the culprit.


Whatever, the Coronavirus comes from Wuhan’s laboratory, neither the wet market nor bat and wild animal meat. It is like a murder, the Police and judges just know who uses a gun to kill a person, but the justice doesn’t care about where the gun made. Certainly, the culprit of Coronavirus is the genocide, so anything misleads the crime could not cover, China can not use a bowl to cover the elephant’s head by any tactics./.






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