China uses its people to spread Chinese virus


Posted on May 8, 2020 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



China’s Communist Party launches the biological warfare to destroy the US, democratic countries as the global hegemonic ambition outlined by Chairman Mao who told to his comrades in 1965” we must control the earth”. The global hegemonic ambition cost a million lives of the People’s Liberation Army in Korea War, nevertheless, the domestic purge massacred a hundred million Chinese people including 65 million people killed by Mao Tse Tung into the bloodshed campaigns were Great Leap Forward, Hundred Flowers, Landlord Reform, Culture Revolution, and Deng Xiaoping massacred tens of thousands of people in Tianmen Square in 1989. Certainly, China’s Communist Party doesn’t respect the lives of people, actually the Western, China’s Communist Party concerns as the enemy or the counter-revolutionary components, so China has exported the poisonous, contaminated products to harm the Western people. The innocent Western governments and the profit lover’s businesses have helped China into the silent killing from many decades ago.


The heartless regime uses the Novel Coronavirus cohort to attack all nations on the planet, therefore, the undeclared Third World declared by China to be unmasked when Chinese Virus created more than 260 thousand casualties and more than 3.7 million infected cases as the report on April 7, 2020, and the global economy recessed. The world community including Chinese people identify China’s Communist Party is the common enemy of the people, the Ape super herd has never given up the crimes, so the world must fight to the end if not, the world has never lived in the peace and safety because China’s Communist Party can create another biological warfare.


Chinese Virus also unveiled the actual tool of China, it is the World Health Organization, particularly, Ape Dogtor Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyus who drives the W.H.O into the global biological warfare terror to help China’s Communist Party creating more deaths and infections by misleading the medical information and delaying the pandemic outbreak. The collusion carries out between Red Emperor Xi Jinping and W.H.O director-general Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyus is like evil works with Satan, two communist siblings create the crime opposing humanity.


China’s Communist Party has used its people as Chinese Virus’s stations to spread the Coronavirus worldwide. Moreover, China’s medical supplies cause more death toll and infected cases that cause China’s medical supplies are poor quality, the face masks installing virus and contamination. On the other hand, China’s Communist Party uses Chinese Virus to attack the world and also transmitting Chinese Virus to the business, so the medical supplies made in China including Chinese companies in the Western can not trust, the US government shut Chinese company Li Chan Wuan in San Joes, California after Police discovered this company installed Coronavirus in the face masks. Even a Chinese company in the US attempted to help China spread the pandemic, so the medical supplies made in China including in Wuhan are very dangerous. Therefore, Western Australia billionaire Andrew Forrest who ordered $AU 320 million of China’s medical supplies to donate the government. The life of Australian people including the health workers being endangered by the dangerous donation of Andrew Forrest. Moreover, his charitable business donated $AU 320 million to China and billionaire Andrew Forrest will claim the tax’s deduction.


No one trusts Chinese tourists, Chinese workers, Chinese students including Chinese diplomats, they should carry the Chinese Virus. Moreover, the poor test kits cheat medical officials by giving 80% wrong results, and the medical assessment granted by China’s health officials can not rely on it. Indonesian government emerged the death toll and infected cases in Asia, its government allowed 500 Chinese workers came from the mainland during the pandemic spreading.


In Australia, the most death toll and infected cases sparkled at New South Wales (Sydney), particularly  Victoria (Melbourne) is led by Labor Premier Daniel Andrew who is the hidden communist in Australia. Before the Chinese Virus pandemic, Premier Daniel Andrew secretly signed the deal with China, so Victoria became a station of one belt-one road’s plan of China although the Australian government stays away from China’s global hegemony. Moreover, in 2019, Victoria Police in Box Hill hung China’s communist flag to celebrate the foundation day despite the people reacted against the state government. China’s Communist Party projects the one belt-one road with $US 1.5 trillion, and Melbourne is among the favorite place in China.


Australian people, actually Victoria’s residents must watch out China’s henchman Daniel Andrew who exploits the premiership to get more Chinese businesses, tourists, and students to Victoria and they can travel everywhere in the state. Nevertheless, on April 29, 2020, the Victoria government announced $AU 45 million to pay for international students, Chinese students are plenty in Melbourne (each foreign student get $AU 1,100 from the Australian’s taxpayers). Australia has about 560,000 international students but the federal government doesn’t cover under the relief package that is due to the Chinese Virus pandemic. The foreign students, particularly Chinese and Vietnam students come from hardcore communist families and wealthy families while Australia faces the homeless, and more than 1,100,000 Australian students of poor families needing help. Premier Daniel Andrew becomes China’s executive, why did Victoria residents vote for China’s henchman two terms?


Chinese Virus pandemic can ease if the countries restrict Chinese tourists, Chinese workers, and Chinese students. The negligent policy causes the disaster in Indonesia and China’s henchmen like Victoria Premier Daniel Andrew are the domestic thugs to conduct the Chinese Virus infiltrates by Chinese people come from the mainland. Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison writes a letter to G20 leaders seeking the inquiry’s investigation about the original Coronavirus while the domestic thugs as former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd always protect China’s interest. Chinese Virus spread from the internal enemies opening the door for Chinese Virus’s stations entering under the forms of tourists, business, students./.







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