China threat emerges Australia domestic thugs


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China’s communist regime has applied malicious policies flexible, Beijing begs the US to negotiate and President Donald Trump rejects but China oppresses Australia after the government proposed the investigation of original Coronavirus as the US, German, the United Kingdom, therefore, China bullies and intimidates Australia. Initially, China’s Ambassador Jingye Cheng exposes the diplomatic bandit by threatening to cut the meat, wine imports, and following, Beijing intimidates to impose 80% taxes on barley and stop to import meat from 4 abattoirs. However, China’s threat emerges the domestic thugs, so Australian people recognize the henchmen of China’s communist regime rooted in government and society. Whoever reacts against the national protection’s policy of the government, they are the henchmen of China. The domestic thugs should be the politicians including retirees, former officials, business persons. The traitors can not hide the treasonous face after China threat and snubbed the sovereign.


The loss of meat, wheat, wine exports, and Chinese tourists can not exchange sovereign loss. Therefore, the domestic thugs (mostly the Australian Labor Party) appeared the treasonous face. During the foreigner threatening, the concerned citizen must unify with the government to protect the country. However, the treason and henchmen are standing alongside China. Mostly, the comrades of China in Australia develop the tension between the two countries and bring out the job plus export losses of the farmer’s profit to slam the government. It is the basic tactic of communists applying into the psychological warfare to excite the farmers’ react and pressuring the government to withdraw the national protection and step back as China requires. The people must compare carefully between the house and furniture. Certainly, the house is important than furniture and anything else. The furniture loses but the house remains, no one is stupid to exchange the house with furniture. Despite the meat, wheat exports lose but Australia can remain the sovereign. The domestic thugs stand alongside China to threaten job and export loss after China intimidated, it is the malicious tactic of communist.


The Labor’s state government in Western Australia is led by Premier Mark McGowan who offers Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison to ease the tension with China, he worries about Chinese tourists and Chinese businesses in the state than national interest. Moreover, Premier Mark McGowan has strong relations with China, he recruited China’s communist Pierre Yang in state’s Legislative Council and granted contract is worth $AU 136 million for Huawei operating 4G in state’s train system, so the proposal of Mark McGowan can help China continuing to bully Australia. Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk raises the concern about the farmers in Queensland losing the export and attacks the government. Therefore, Queensland Premier intends to use $AU 200 million of the taxpayers to rescue Airline Virgin Blue, but China has about 20% shares, so Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk wants to use Australian’s taxpayers to cover for comrade China. Labor Premier Daniel Andrews always stands with China (Victoria becomes one belt and one road’s station). Senator Penny Wong ( someone calls PENNY WRONG or PEE-PEE WONG) who leads Labor Party in the Senate accuses Prime Minister Scott Morrison who protects the national interest and sovereign while Senator Penny Wong always serves China’s interest despite she earns the wage from Australian’s taxpayers. On the other hand, Senator Penny Wong climbed higher and dived deeper in Australian’s Senate.  Western Australia billionaire Andrew Forrest and Kerry Stokes have done the business with China in a long time, both tycoons have forgotten to bring along the patriotic heart with the business. The other comrades of China are former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, former Foreign Affairs Minister Julie Bishop often attack the government to protect China. It is very hard to find a patriotic politician in the Australian Labor Party (someone calls the AUSTRALIAN LENINIST PARTY).


China threat arouses the patriotism, the people react against China and identify the domestic thugs. China loses confidence in international relations, Beijing threatens to suspend the meat imports and impose 80% on barley. Therefore, Australia can stop the exports on gas, iron, and stop Chinese students (Chinese students are the technological thieves in high-level and communism propaganda activists including the espionage agents hide under the label of overseas students).  On the other hand, the Australian government can retrieve the national assets (Darwin port, the water of Murray’s river, Merredin Airport in Western Australia) (*). Mostly, the national assets breached the rules of the Foreign Investment Review Board (FIRB), possibly, the corruption doubts, and the Australian government can get back the assets that illegally sold to China. Nevertheless, Australia can kick out Chinese shareholders on companies including the mining industry (**). Moreover, Australian people boycott China’s products, certainly, China loses more than Australia, and China-phobia increases. Indeed, the US invested more than 10 times China, but the left media concealed, instead, the offshore propaganda machine of China just informs China’s strength. China ruined Australia’s products as in 2018, Capilano Honey selling the fake honey imported from China to Australian consumers under the label Allowrie Hony Brand of Australia, China destroyed the credit of Australia’s honey brand.


China is not only the economic counterpart but Australian has traded with the US, Japan, South Korea, Indonesia, India, Malaysia,  the United Kingdom, Canada, Europe, South America and Africa, and other countries. The uppish and bandit attitude of China is a farce, the US backs and Australia has many fields to fight against the rogue country./.




(*) Darwin Port is the strategic port of Australia, initially, Chief Minister of Northern Territory Adam Giles (Country Liberal Party) who dealt with China with the lease was worth $AU 506 million in 99 years. Therefore, the national security officials and intelligence warned but Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull supported Adam Giles while he was visiting the US and met President Barrack Obama. When Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull returned to Australia, he kept quiet despite the people reacted, but Treasurer Scott Morrison told about the deal that didn’t meet the Foreign Investment Review Board (FIRB). Therefore, Darwin Port silently sold to Landbridge Group owned by China’s communist government, China’s tycoon Rizhao is CEO and he also is a member of one belt and one road’s board. China is malicious, the Landrige Group employed former Trade Minister Andrew Robb with annual salary is $AU 880,000. Darwin Port’s lease breached the rules of FIRB, so the Australian government can take back anytime. (Mr. Malcolm Turnbull was Labor’s undercover activist infiltrated Liberals. Prime Minister John Howard wrongly recruited, so, Malcolm Turnbull devastated Liberals by the inappropriate coup in 2015. Malcolm Turnbull has a daughter in law is Sloane comes from the hardcore of China’s Communist Party). Despite Malcolm Turnbull retired but he often attacks the government and endorses China.


(**) An Australian concerned citizen Steve Mav lives in Tasmania and plans to join the Senate’s candidate for 2022. Steve Mav proposes 10 ways to unstitch China’s control by:


1.     Moving Australian businesses operating in China back to Australia through tax incentives and commercial preference deals.

2.     Imposing tariffs and other import taxes from China and rebuilding local manufacturing in Australia.

3.     Cutting government funding to Australian universities using taxpayer dollars to recruit students from China.

4.     Reducing iron ore and natural resource exports to China by finding new markets like in India (1.4 billion people), Indonesia (290 million people) and Vietnam (100 million people).

5.     Selling military equipment to Taiwan (25 million people) to defend itself and to join Australia, Japan and South Korea under the US-led defence umbrella.

6.     Banning Australian politicians and their families working for Chinese government owned businesses in Australia.

7.     Buying out Chinese government owned Australian farms.

8.     Diversifying away from Chinese tourists by opening new international flight routes for tourism from other countries.

9.     Exposing China’s human rights abuses at international forums and events to shame other countries into pulling back from working with China.

10. Ending Australia’s cooperation with China on using Tasmania to expand into Antartica../







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