China strays the Coronavirus to conflict


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Chinese Virus comes from Wuhan, the international community recognizes the biological warfare terror of China is the Third World War, despite China has never declared the war as Hitler and its Nazi did in the Second World War. Instead, China applies the malicious tactic is talking during the fighting. China’s Communist Party deceives the people by creating the war in peace and the peace in the war to cheat the world. Moreover, China’s hypocritical morality to sell and provide the poorly medical supplies plus the contamination to the victim countries that aim to raise more death toll and infected population outside China, the main targets are the US and Europe. Certainly, the deep conspiracy and the mercilessness of China’s Communist Party unmasked, China becomes the most dangerous enemy on the planet, the Ape super herd always conspires to control the world as they robbed the authentic government of Chinese people in 1949.


China’s Communist Party uses the Coronavirus cohort attacking whole nations on the planet, the serious crime opposes humanity to carry out by the dirty war. So China must take full responsibility for the death toll, economic recession. After global biological warfare terror, China’s Communist Party transforms its communist paradise to the viral paradise, the foreign tourists, companies, and investors fear to do the business in the den of pandemics.


The Coronavirus pandemic battered China’s economy and pushing the world isolates China, the circumstance repeats the Cold War before the visit of President Richard Nixon in 1972. China’s Communist Party is sieged by the world community and its people live in the mainland. Nevertheless, the plaintiffs can file China to the International Court or every nation can apply the legal practice at the local court to force China to pay the material damages and the deaths, the massive compensation estimates a hundred trillion US dollars, so China appalls the bankruptcy. China is dealing with the dilemma, so the rogue regime tries to solve the disaster by exposing the military strength to stray the biological culprit, it is a stratagem of Sun Tzu” make a sound in east, then strike in the west”. The Indochina Pacific intensifies again, China plays a desperate game while the economy is disabled. Despite this, the People’s Liberation Navy has sent more warships in the region to intimidate, therefore,  the US and Europe knew the military strength of China, almost, the military technology comes from the steal from the US, including the uniform, moreover, China’s modern aircraft carriers running by diesel, those can not travel further, and the jet fighter -15, J-20 (stealth fighter) propagate as a saying” when a communist is born, initially, a midwife sees the mouth”, so the barking dog never bites.


Under the rule of President Barrack Obama, the US-flagged China illegally built the military bases into the disputed islands, the regional security currently threatens. China often exposes the brazen attitude and using the economic power plus the military intimidation to dominate the waterway enter Asia, China aims to control the important transport, annual goods estimate more than $US 5 trillion. The neighboring countries, the US, Europe couldn’t ignore the threat of China, so the region is unstable for every time China raises the tension.

However, China has not enough capacity to challenge the military with the US and Europe, but the global hegemony forces China involves in the arms race. Therefore, biological warfare hits back China’s economy, certainly, the People’s Liberation Navy does need the money to carry out China’s dream.


The world recognizes Coronavirus created by China carried out from Wuhan’s laboratory although China always denies and avoids the culprit of biological warfare. The US and allies require the investigation as Australian Foreign Affairs Minister Marise Payne, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, French President Emmanuel Macron, the UK Foreign Minister Raad. Certainly, the world distrusted the World Health Organization after misleading the medical information that causes the pandemic to spread worldwide. In the US, Republican Senator Marsha Blackburn introduces the bill to permit the US citizens can file the lawsuit against China at the US court and Senator Martha McSally supports. Moreover, the same bill H.R-644 introduced by Representative Lance Gooden at Congress on April 3, 2020. Every nation can apply its legal system to force China to compensate for the material’s damages and deaths.


China appalls the massive compensation that is possible when the US, Europe and whole nations on the planet will act. China has tried to stray the Coronavirus to military conflict in Indochina Pacific and also using Iran to provoke the US warship in Middle-East. President Donald Trump orders:” I have instructed the United States Navy to shoot down and destroy any and all Iranian gunboats if they harass our ships at sea.”. It is the strong message sending the Teheran, the actual hand of China.


However, the world knows China facing economic disaster, so the military provocation cost more financial problem, nevertheless, China’s military strength has not enough capacity to fight with the US, not including Europe involves if China declares the war.


China’s Communist Party recycles a tactic of Zhuge Liang (Kongming) in three nations to cheat the enemy while his army weakened, so Kongming opened the citadel’s doors, the enemy thought the ambush inside and withdrew. Therefore, nowadays, high technological communication and intelligence know the strength of China. The death vulnerability of China is money, so the massive compensation obsesses China while the offshore assets spreading worldwide, China can not retrieve but the victims can confiscate after the court verdict and court order.


Do not fear what the communist does

Let’s do what the communist fears.






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