China reflects a barking dog never bites


Posted on May 29, 2020 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles




Commonly, the communist always forwards the propaganda before taking action. Therefore the intimidation’s psychological warfare is a professional career that reflects the essential ethos of Karl Marx, Maoist, and Ho Chi Minh’s thoughts expose” when a communist is born, initially, a midwife sees the mouth”. Nevertheless, when China’s communist regime is dealing with the low tide of revolution after losing the trade war with the US and Coronavirus hits back that batters China’s economy, it conducts the Ape regime faces the peril. So China must use the propaganda machine and the hired media in Western to mislead the public by the fake news to bluff the Western government, particularly, the US. Therefore, the author of the Art of the Deal expects as a higher level strategist than Chinese ancient strategist Sun Tzu, the author of the Art of War. Possibly, an Ape Emperor Xi Jinping couldn’t apply the tricky tactics of buying the time, talking during the fighting and taking one step back to prepare three steps forward while dealing with the US. The advanced tactics of President Donald Trump forced the Ape Emperor or Shithole Emperor Xi Jinping to sign the untold surrender document called phase 1 agreement after the economic battle lost and the global market ruined. Moreover, President Donald Trump granted the death certificate to the most important telecommunication’s company Huawei that eradicated the cyber spy of China, the unit 61389 can not use Huawei into a spy and stolen technological missions.


The Coronavirus hits back China’s communist regime, the reversal outcome pushes China’s communist regime into the risk. Nevertheless, the economy disabled and the massive jobless are the death vulnerability of the world’s largest vestige communist regime after Soviet-Union collapsed in the early 1990s. Despite China has tried to apply the propaganda to cheat the world, therefore, the hired media in Western lost the people’s trust, certainly, the fake news can not conceal the truth, the thug of people can not help China into the phony psychological warfare. On the other hand, China loses its economic and propaganda battle.


The biological warfare can not win the war and complete the Chinese dream, instead, the global hegemonic ambition turns the nightmare when the world community recognizes the Novel Coronavirus created and launched by China’s communist regime, so the world community identifies Ape Emperor Xi Jinping is the commander in viruses, he is the global thug. The enormous evidence proved Coronavirus comes from Wuhan’s Biosafety Level 4 Laboratory, there are many countries are preparing the legal action against China, the massive compensation obsesses China’s communist regime, it estimates a hundred trillion US dollars. Nevertheless, the old lesson of the Boxer Rebellion in 1990 should repeats (the Qiang dynasty compensated 67 million Pounds after losing the battle). China’s communist regime does fear the investigation of Coronavirus as a felon frightens the Police opening the files. Its reason explains China crazily reacts against Australia by terrorizing the economy after the Australian government proposed the inquiry. Therefore, China received the worst news when 122 nations line up to support Australia. Possibly, the enormous country can make a resolution to investigate the Coronvirus at the UN’s General Assembly.


The culprit of Coronavirus has tried anyway to escape the crime and massive compensation by creating the military tensions with Taiwan, the disputed waters in Indochina Pacific, and India border. Indeed, the military capacity of China can not confront the US, but now, China faces the hostility with India and a hundred victimized countries of Chinese Virus. Nevertheless, India can take back the territories that China occupied in the border conflict of 1962. Certainly, China can not win the war with the heartless tactic called” Human Wave” of Mao Tse Tung devised in the Korea War. The massive quantity of troop just fits the classic war in the days of yore in Chinese history, but the parade army called the People’s Liberation Army barbecued a million lives in the Korea War, even the conflict occurred between comrade Vietcong in 1979, China lost tens of thousands of troop. The inexpert battle army plus the lagging military technology is enough for China to claim the loser if China declares the war with the US including the world. Therefore, China’s communist regime is a coward, Ape Emperor Xi Jinping doesn’t confirm the Coronavirus cohort to attack the world that is China’s biological warfare, so China also creates military tensions as a stratagem of Sun Tzu” make a sound in the east, then strike in the west”. In the circumstance, China makes the military tensions to stray the Coronavirus’s investigation and escape the massive compensation. Moreover, China creates mayhem in Hong Kong that skews the Coronavirus culprit.


The left media in Western threatens the US and the world community about the war with China from the battles at Taiwan, the Indochina Pacific (disputed waters) and Hong Kong crisis, the US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo says Hong Kong is no longer autonomous from China that means China can not use the force to invade Hong Kong. Despite China’s dyed black hair head congress approved the bush law of Carrie Lam and its henchmen, therefore, the US, Canada, the UK, and Australia strongly oppose the intervene of China’s communist regime in Hong Kong.


The military threat of China reflects a barking dog never bites. In the tension created by North Korea, the left media failed the propaganda about the Third World War while Kim Jong Un who threatened to transform the US to the ashes with the nuclear weapon, but it didn’t happen. In 2019, the massive protests in Hong Kong proved the left media also failed the phony propaganda and China just exposed the muscle by the army’s intimidation to create the second Tiananmen Square but, it didn’t happen.


The military menace of China is a farce, Ape Emperor Xi Jinping must know his army has never won the war with the missiles, and the modern weapons, even Taiwan can destroy the Three Gorges Dam, a water atomic bombs deployed by China’s communist regime. Certainly, the tactic” make a sound in the east, then strike in the west” hits back China when India can take back the occupied land while China’s economy disabled and the world community sanctions.


China’s communist regime has never respected the life of Chinese people and its People’s Liberation Army. Therefore, when China encounters with the US Army and allies into the military war, China commits suicide from the economy disabled, as a quote of Napoleon Bonaparte” an army marches on its belly”, so the military conflict that fits the collapse of China in the mainland. Once again, the left media can not help China escapes the worst conditions and the creating tensions can not cover the culprit of the Chinese Virus./.







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