China medical supplies spread the pandemic


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It is no doubt about China’s products that match the poor quality, poison, contamination, and short life. Certainly, China’s medical supplies are very dangerous, the rogue regime has never respected the human’s life, but the global hegemonic ambition prioritizes in most activities to kill more the people in the capitalist countries.


Chinese Virus launched by China’s communist regime from early December 2019, the deep conspiracy carried out by the concealment, false reports and the collusion of the World Health Organization to mislead the information and delay the pandemic that becomes the global disaster. China’s communist regime also transforms Coronavirus to business by selling and providing deadly medical supplies to support the biological warfare terror. No one trusts China including Chinese people in Taiwan, Hong Kong.


The innocent politicians, the profit lover’s businesses, and the sibling of China in Western exposes the real face during the Chinese Virus outbreak. The hypocritical philanthropist Bill Gates in the US who financed the biological laboratory in Wuhan. In Western Australia, billionaire Andrew Forrest has a long term business with China, he ordered $AU 320 million of China’s medical supplies to donate the government while Europe, Australian people recognize China’s medical supplies are dangerous, the test kits giving 80% wrong results and face masks contain Coronavirus (the United Kingdom experienced about China’s medical supplies). Nevertheless, billionaire Andrew Forrest donated $AU 320 million to China, not Australia,  he will claim the tax’s deduction. Victoria state (capital city is Melbourne) is led by Labor Premier Daniel Andrews, a hidden communist, he secretly dealt with China, so Victoria became a station of one belt and one road of China. Victoria is among the hot spots of the pandemic, during the country reduced the infection, therefore, Victoria still struggles with the Chinese Virus. The abattoir in Melbourne is Cedar Meats emerged the infection, there are at least 57 workers infected by Coronavirus after using 2,000 face masks made in China provided by the fight on April 8, 2020, from Wuhan to Australia (Sydney). The returning flight brought 35 tonnes of mutton from Cedar Meats. Billionaire Andrew Forrest can know harmful China’s medical supplies, so his donation is led by socialism.


In the US, Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom who spent $US 1 billion of the taxpayers to order China’s medical supplies. Possibly, China face masks can create more infections and deaths as the warning of Europe, Australia, and other nations. The US people including California residents raise the grave concern about China’s face masks, and Governor Gavin Newsom flinches the risk of China-made by straying the dangerous medical supplies of China to claim the delivery didn’t come the right time of contract and California will get refund $US 247 million. Indeed, Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom donated many hundred million US dollars to China carrying out the big order of medical supplies. In California, the people know four corrupt families are Newsom, Brown, Pelosi, and Feinstein. Nevertheless, Governor Gavin Newson is the nephew of lawmaker terrorist and commander in thug Nancy Pelosi, she is the most hateful face in America.


The US people condemn New York Governor Andrew Cuomo who hid the ventilators and New York rises the highest death toll, the infected cases in the US, he also received 1,000 ventilators from China and encourages using China’s face mask. California is the same circumstance with the high death toll and infection. Both Democratic Governors of New York and California are keen to use China’s medical supplies, particularly, the face masks made in China to support the global biological warfare terror of China. Moreover, Democrats enjoy the deaths of the US people to pave the way for Joe Biden to woo the ballot in the presidential election will be held on November 8, 2020.


The high death toll and infection cases rise in California that comes from the Chinese Virus and using China’s medical supplies and foreign tourists. Therefore, California Governor exposes the hatred and racist against the Vietnamese community in its state (*), he shifts the Coronavirus spread by the Vietnamese people. Vietnamese protests against Governor Gavin Newsom../.



Notes (*) Vietnamese Community in California reacts against the racist of Governor Gavin Newsom.




May 09, 2020


 In Regard to California Governor Gavin Newsom’s Statement that offends the Vietnamese Americans and Nail Business.

During his daily COVID-19 briefing in Sacramento on Thursday, 7 May 20, Governor of California, Mr. Gavin Newsom said “This whole thing started in the State of California, the first community spread, in a nail salon. I just want to remind everybody of that and that I’m very worried about that”. After the provocative remark, Gov. Newsom declined on Friday to provide additional details about where the salon was located and how the state health officials traced the case. Despite requests from several civil and media organizations, Gov. Newsom defended his decision not to release further proof of his accusations because of health and privacy concerns.

From his position, this remark was not just groundless, it is irresponsible and discriminatory. There are more than 10,000 nail and beauty small businesses in California where approximately 80 percent of these salons are owned and operated by Vietnamese Americans. Among the industries and businesses that are severely impacted by Coronavirus, small businesses are hardest hit and struggle tremendously to survive. The Congress and President of the United States, Mr. Donald Trump, understood how hard it is for a small business to stand during this time and passed several public laws, especially the H.R. 266, to particularly sustain the small business community.

As an elected official and formerly a restaurateur, Gov. Newsom should understand the pain and struggle the nail and beauty salon owners are facing! His ridiculous remark during the state-wide briefing on COVID-19 did no good to the public, but contributed to further anxiety and even heightened fear in the state’s confused and mistrustful environment. On the following Friday, Gov. Newsom although addressed concerns that his comments could ultimately hurt the nail industry, he still proposed to keep the personal care services like the nail and beauty businesses included in the third phase of California’s reopening.

We respectfully urge Gov. Newsom to recall his wrongful accusation; his remark was unjust and ultimately hurt the Vietnamese American community. In this difficult time, we should encourage industry responsibility and find cooperative solutions to rebuild our damaging economy not to deliver irresponsible blames. In the last two months, the nail and beauty workers and store owners are among the most generous groups of Vietnamese Americans. They have converted their nail shops into makeshift manufactures to create and donated hundreds of thousands of face masks to their community’s hospitals and medical clinics while their industry is hardest hit by the shutdown. Their act of patriotism and responsibility of the nail and beauty industry should be recognized.

We also urge Gov. Newsom to reevaluate his reopening strategy applied for nail and beauty salons in California. With protective measures and continuous monitoring and adjustment, the nail and beauty industry can slowly reopen their business. Other states like Texas have allowed the personal services to restart with government support. These small businesses, which are familiar with state required protective measures, should have less issues in protecting their consumers and workers. Also, their rebuilding effort will help them less dependent of the state’s limited resources.



Michael Do

Chairman of the Board of Directors

The Vietnamese American Community of the USA.”







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