China has struck the world from a half century


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After the Second World War, China and Soviet-Union led the Global Communist Bloc to create the Cold War. Certainly, traitor, genocide Hồ Chí Minh, and Vietnam Communist Party couldn’t open the war to invade South Vietnam with the machete and bamboo’s head sharp cut as the propaganda. Instead, the People’s Army of Vietnam (North Vietnam Army) used modern weapons like attack riffle AK-47, Rocket Propelled Grenade B-40, T-54 Tank, Heavy Artillery Cannon 130 mm, Heat Seeking Missile SA-7, and others. Therefore, the left media and prominent leftists like Jane Fonda, John Kerry, Joe Biden, Bill-Hillary Clinton…just propagated about the US and allies came to Vietnam’s battle and they avoided telling about the weapons provided by the Global Communist Bloc plus the terror of Vietcong.


In the Second World War, Hitler and Nazis declared war and opened the battles in Europe. Mostly, the military battles decided the victory or loss. Eventually, the Third Reich failed the last battle at Berlin in 1945 after the crucial battle in Normandy. After Soviet-Union and Eastern Europe-Communist Bloc collapsed in the early 1990s, China’s Communist Party silently gathered the communist vestiges in Asia like Vietnam, North Korea, Laos, Cambodia (Khmer Rouge), and Cuba into the new war without military conflict. Instead, economic and financial battles have launched worldwide.


China’s Communist Party is malicious, they have never declared the war as Hitler, but China has struck the world and focusing the essential battles to Western from more than a half-century; particularly, the US, Europe, Australia become the crucial battlefields. Unfortunately, the world has never recognized China’s Communist Party has launched the war sine the rogue regime joined the free market and later W.T.O. The battle without bloodshed has occurred worldwide. Nevertheless, the Western and democratic countries have never known China has sent the soft army infiltrated deeply into the economic and financial system. The trade tie, trade agreement, and diplomatic relations have become the silent battles, China planned and arrayed the battlefield on multiple battles of businesses, industry, investment while the Western and the world community neglected, so the soft army of China has invaded without resistance, even the counterparts with the innocent leaders created an opportunity for China’s conqueror easily to open the battles and taking advantage. After the first historic visit of President Richard Nixon in Beijing, the Western and US opened broadly the door to invite China to enter, so the soft army silently claimed the victory when the counterparts cornered and China controlled the economy. China’s soft army has the strong support of China’s communist government and the system of the embassy, consulate general stationed at their counterparts. The main tactic is the global economic terror has applied flexibly into multiple circumstances. The trade trap, debt trap, and government trap plus the bribery’s method to support the global economic terror from many decades ago. The counterparts have never known China terrorizing their economy, but China’s products inundated and the job moved to China. If the counterparts don’t do the demand, China punishes and intimidates as Australia victimized the economic terror after the government proposed the independent inquiry of Coronavirus so China cut the meat, wine, and barley import plus Chinese tourists suspend to travel.


Indeed, China has declared the war worldwide from more than half-century ago, but the war has carried out under the economic battle, so the world community has not recognized until President Donald Trump wakes the world and China loses the trade war. China launches biological warfare to support global hegemonic ambition. Therefore, the world community including Western, the US strongly react against the culprit of Coronavirus, and the world lines up to fight against China as the allies fought Nazi in the Second World War.


China faces global hostility, Ape Emperor Xi Jinping creates tensions in neighboring nations. Beijing claims the ownership in the territories of India, Nepal, Bhutan. China re-mapped in the Indochina Pacific called Nine-Dash Line. The national security of the region threatens and China also intimidates the US, UK, and other countries.


Hitler and Nazis lost the military war, nowadays, the economic and financial battles decide the fate of China’s Communist Party when the soft army can not operate in their counterparts, the global consumer boycott China’s products, the offshore market ruined. Nevertheless, the world community isolates and sanctions China by the Coronavirus pandemic plus the heavy flood, and Three Gorges Dam endangered. Those are the bad omens to anticipate China’s Communist Party will follow the Nazis. The main force of China’s Communist Party launching worldwide is the SOFT ARMY, China can not carry out the global hegemonic ambition, the military strength, arms race, space race without money as a quote of Napoleon Bonaparte:” an army marched on its belly”. The world community let’s strike the soft army of China by the tactics:


- Sanction and isolate China’s economy in the mainland


- The world community can file a lawsuit against China at the International Court to seek the massive compensation of Coronavirus. The reparation estimates a hundred trillion US dollars. China’s Communist Party appalls it.


- Every country can make the law to mandate the local court judge the economic damages, financial loss, and the death that cause Chinese virus. The companies of China listed on the internet.


- Stop to trade with China and frame Chinese companies, investors in their country, and boycott China’s products.


- The US lawmaker can eliminate China from the stock market, it is among the death vulnerabilities of China. Its reason, China rushes the campaign and propaganda to help an actual henchman Joe Biden in the presidential election 2020.


The presage marks many Chinese billionaires filed the bankruptcy, China’s economy disabled, Yuan devalued many times, the mountain debt was 303% GDP in 2019 (before Coronavirus) and the World Bank denied the loan to China when the Coronavirus pandemic outbreak. Those incidents predict China’s Communist Party finches the economic and financial battles. The history will repeat, Hitler lost the Second World War and nowadays, China is underway to lose the economic battle, the rogue regime besieged by the world community. The world and Chinese people need to end China’s Communist Party, the global enemy, the cause of war on the planet.


Do not fear what the communist does.

Let’s do what the communist fears.






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