China has no tariff on Australian excrement


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The economic terror of China applies to the taxes on all Australian imports after the Australian government proposed to investigate the source of Coronavirus. The world community lines up to support Australia with 122 nations while the Australian Labor Party’s politicians standing alongside China, they place the comradeship, individual favor above the national interest and the sovereignty. The hidden traitors appeared the treasonous faces whiles China bullies, intimidates the country.


China uses the economy as the weapon to terrorize Australia, the trade ties turn terror. The Australian people and the concerned politicians like Andrew Hastie, Pauline Hanson to react against the brazen attitude of China. Therefore, China forgot to tax 80%, even 1,000 % on the strategic material of Australian excrement.


According to  DBT (Double Bay Today) published an article on May 23, 2020:



“China has widened its Australian trade boycott, today announcing an 80% tariff on all Australian imports.

From next Tuesday, Beijing says the tariff will be applied to Australian iron ore, coal, beef, goats, sheep, dairy and wine. The tariff has already been applied to Australian barley.

But local bat, snake and frog exporters have been spared.

“We don’t have any technical issues with how bats, snakes or frogs are imported from Australia,” says China’s President Xi Jinping. “They can continue as normal.”

New South Wales snake and frog breeder Lyle McGiven is expressing relief.

“Luckily for us, our Chinese orders wont be effected at all,” he says. “In fact, orders from China recently have remained strong, even with Coronavirus.”

Australia’s trade minister Simon Birmingham acknowledges the tariffs and bans on other exports will hurt Australia/China relations.

“It will also have a negative impact on many local industries,” admits Birmingham. “But at least our bat, snake, and frog exports will continue to thrive.”


Australian also is lucky because China forgot to impose the tariff on Australian excrement. It is the strategic materials of China’s communist government using human excrement into agriculture. Chinese farmers favor the human excrement, so Australian people warned the frozen berries imported from the world’s communist paradise after discovering the viruses.


The communist paradise in China, Vietnam promotes human excrement is the essential fertilizer to develop socialism and building the communist paradise. In Vietnam, Vietcong’s government encourages people to create a family toilet by a little pond, it called Uncle Ho’s Fish Pond. The family solves the hygiene and also making a profit by feeding a kind of fish named” CÁ VỒ” does love human excrement. The Cá Vồ’s fillet export labeled Basa. Nevertheless, Cổ Nhuế village,  a suburban Hanoi has the FRESH EXCREMENT MARKET to sell the fresh excrement. The excrement classifies and selling different prices. In the communist paradise, the excrement is precious, so someone makes the FAKE EXCREMENT and Vietnam government arrests and charges


China and Vietnam joined the W.T.O (World Trade Organization), particularly, China also joined the W.T.O (World Toilet Organization). Certainly, China doesn’t leave the excrement in toilets, instead, the farmland needed, so China is the honorable member of the World Toilet Organization’s Security Council. If China imposes the tariff on excrement, the Australian government will give free./.







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