China growth shows from the fake news


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After spending a part of life to what Boris Yeltsin believed in socialism, eventually, he said:” Communism was just an idea, just pie in the sky”. Communism is the most cheat of a dishonest academic and long term unemployed man Karl Marx who poured the social anger into his books to teach the social dregs how to rob, kill, and enslave the people. The pupils of Karl Marx are cruel, malicious, the crime opposes humanity covered by the verbal speech with the deceitful language. The communist paradise attracts the illiterate peasants, low-educated components in the communist regime, and the innocent people, the naďve academics in Western. Indeed, the communist paradise has never reached, instead, the communist party lives on paradise and the people live in hell.


In the communist regimes, propaganda is an essential tactic to cheat the people plus the terror. Vietnamese people witnessed the super lies of Vietcong since Hồ Chí Minh founded the communist gang on February 3, 1930, that reflects the saying:” eating is like a prisoner, sleeping is like a monk, but talking is like a national leader” (ăn như tů, ngủ như thầy tu, nhưng nói như lănh tụ).


However, the communists couldn’t apply the methods in Western and democratic countries, but the propaganda has carried out since the Cold War by the dishonest media, they have sold the conscience and the national interest for the money and privileges. The fake news has applied to multiple subjects, China is keen to pay for the media workers and companies in Western. The animal media workers snub the public while high technological communication can check anything released from social media and multiple information sources. The phony propaganda is useless when the people knew China’s economy disabled after Coronavirus hits back China’s biological warfare. Moreover, China’s economy crippled after suffering the tariffs of President Donald Trump, so China faces the economic disaster. The mountain debt forces the world’s largest communist country must change the growth figure since the trade war. In 2019, China’s debt was 303% GDP and now, the deficit worsens after the Coronavirus and it continues to devastate China’s economy plus the financial system, almost China’s economy is on the brink of collapse by the blatant reasons:


-The trade war conducts the massive jobless: the economic boom’s time, China employed at least 120 million people in the export sector. Unfortunately, the Intercontinental Ballistic TARIFF Missiles of the potential commander in chief Donald Trump created the massive jobless in the mainland. The high unemployment rate is the death vulnerability of Chinese dynasties including the Ape’s dynasty.


-The Coronavirus wiped out China’s industry, businesses (government and private sector). The bad debts of state companies and private businesses burden China’s financial system, normally, corruption causes profit loss and now, the situation worsens


-China’s currency devalued many times, Chinese people have been suffered inflation, the cost living threatens the communist paradise with 2/3 population lives in poverty, daily income is from $US 2 to 5.


-The cluster of Chinese billionaires filed the bankruptcy that proves China’s economy faces the peril.


-The tourism industry received potential damages, 231 airline companies stranded, the future is uncertain. Initially, 61 million tourists fear the pandemic plus the terror policy of China to threaten the foreigners can be detained. The bush law plus wild rules and Hong Kong security law fear foreign travelers.


-There are more than 20,000 foreign companies moved out or repatriated, China faces the massive jobless.


-The world community isolates and sanctions China that deals with the Coronavirus, nowadays, China’s communist paradise becomes the pandemic paradise.


-The giant telecommunication company Huawei is dead and following the cluster of companies like TZE to be wiped out from the global consumption, the world community boycott Huawei that causes the security threat.


-The heavy flood threatens Three Gorges Dam collapses, almost, 78,000 dams risk. The natural disaster aggravates China’s economy. The heavy floods spread many provinces in China, the people can not work or moving, moreover, the famine becomes the big issue of the world’s largest population.


– China is facing the low tide of revolution from the economy, the financial system, the import, and export declined badly, but China exposes the aggressive attitude to create the tension in Indochina Pacific, the border with India, Nepal Bhutan. Therefore the stratagem of Sun Tzu” make a sound in the east, then strike in the west” that can not cheat the US, allies about the military strength and economic capacity. Nevertheless, military provocation costs more money.


-Recently, the fake news acclaims China launches the spaceship to Mars, it is funny because China failed to reach the moon by their excellent technology, the Jade Rabbit Rover died after touching the moon surface while India launched the spaceship to Mars, the US, and Europe did. China launches a spaceship to Mars is like North Korea’s spaceship landed the sun successfully, the world laughs China in the space race while the economy disabled and the stolen technology ruined. Nevertheless, China has announced the newest fighter Jet J-20B, therefore, China just made the jet body but it installed the Russian engine. How could China make a spaceship sending to Mars?


Once again, the hired media in Western has obsolete deception with the fake news. It is incredible when Bloomberg News praises China on July 23, 2020:” China’s Economy Will Grow 2.5% This Year, UBS Says”. The economic article wrote:” China’s economy will grow 2.5% this year according to UBS Group AG, which raised its forecast from 1.5% due to the recovery in domestic consumption and strong investment. The economy will expand 5.5% this quarter from a year earlier, and 6% in the final three months of 2020, the bank said in a new report from Chief China Economist Wang Tao and others. The biggest downside risk to that rebound would be a resurgence of the coronavirus outbreak at home and abroad, they wrote.” And:” Read: China’s GDP grew 3.2% in the second quarter”.

The other fake news has released on July 22, 2020, on by Gerard Cockburn:

“ Westpac expects dollar to rise as China’s economic recovery benefits commodity prices

Westpac’s chief economist Bill Evans outlines why he believes the Australian dollar will continue to rise for the remainder of the year.

 Speaking to NCA NewsWire, Mr Evans said an underperforming US economy riddled with COVID-19 was likely to boost the value of the domestic currency, which ended the local trading session on Wednesday up 0.15 per cent to US71.43 cents — a more than 15-month high.

Westpac expects the dollar will rise to US72 cents by the end of year, predicting it will likely surge to US76 cents by the end of the 2021 calendar year.

Mr Evans said the fast recovery of the Chinese economy was underpinning a decent outlook for commodity prices and largely influencing the rise in the value of the Australian dollar.

“When interests (rates) are stable the way they are, then it’s mainly commodity prices (influencing the price),” he said.

“The relative performance of China and the US is going to be very important for the Australian dollar.”


Nowadays, there are many DOCTORS transformed to DOGTORS by distorting the career, using the doctoral degree for individual favor and political purposes. In the US, 370 top economists including 8 Nobel Prize winners of economy predicted wrongly about presidential candidate Donald Trump, they supposed on an opening letter:” Trump promotes magical thinking and conspiracy theories” and” a dangerous, destructive choice for the country”. Certainly, Westpact’s chief economist Bill Evan in Australia who couldn’t compare with 370 top economists in the US, so his economic advice can not convince the people. Certainly, China’s economy disabled, the recovery’s capacity is just a dream. On the other hand, China’s economy is like a sinking boat, so Australia must escape from China as soon as possible. The economic outlook prospects the US, India, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and the democratic countries while the trade with China risks with the bush law, malicious methods, moreover, China conspires to colonize the counterparts. The advice of Westpac’s chief economist Bill Evan is led by socialism and biased.

The economy of China’s communist regime can not grow, the GDP is in deep trouble when the US, Europe, Australia, and the world recessed by the Chinese virus. Certainly, China’s economy can not compare with the Western on production, technology, market, and global credit. How can China overtake the recession? Possible, if the Ape super gang acquired the magic of monkey written by author Wu Cheng’en in the book” Journey to the West”, so China can avoid the deep recession. But, the collapse plus the massive compensation of Coronavirus obsesses China’s communist regime, it estimates a hundred trillion US dollars. The phony propaganda praises China’s growth based on fake news and misleading public./.






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