China fighter super jet installs Russia engine


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Global consumers have never trusted any products made in the world’s largest communist paradise. Commonly, socialism causes technological lagging, it reflects the obscurantism and successful brainwashing’s policy. In a communist country, everything is led by socialism including the stolen capitalist’s economic management called” the free market is led by socialism”. Certainly, corruption, robbery, genocide, human rights violation are led by socialism, the pupils of Karl Marx call the revolutionary moral.


China’s Communist Party is shameless, possibly, Ape or animal has no shame, so the Ape’s dynasty pride the professional burglary of technologies. Nevertheless, the manner of socialism is negligent work but the best report, it causes China couldn’t cop the updated technology of Western, particularly the US is the wonderful place for stolen technology. China has sent the students to the prominent land of capitalist, China’s students are the high level of technological thieves, they stole the technologies since many decades ago, the Western may overhaul and watch out China’s overseas students, they are the education thugs have infiltrated the countries and also the propaganda’s activists to intoxicate the young generations in university.


China’s communist paradise is the paradise of thieves, a paradise of pandemics, the den of counterfeit. Commonly, the communist paradise is the land of thieves carrying out from multiple circumstances. On the other hand, the communist paradise advocates and promotes the thieves, frauds. In Vietnam, the people have a saying:” the toilet must enclose in socialism” (Xã hội chủ nghĩa, cầu ỉa phải rào), even the socialism thieves can steal the human excrement, it becomes the precious asset as Ape king of Vietnam is Hồ Chí Minh appraised and Vietnam Communist Party has developed the” great Uncle Ho” thoughts by the national project called” Uncle Ho’s Fish Pond” (every family has a small pond to solve the toilet and also feeding a kind of fish named VỒ, it does love the human excrement. Vồ’s fish processed the fillet, it called Basa selling to Western market). Vietnam has the human excrement market located at Cổ Nhuế village, Hanoi’s suburb, someone made the fake excrement to sell and Vietnam’s police arrest. So the fake products including excrement are the manner of socialism.


Despite China’s communist regime developed from the steal, but the global hegemonic ambition is bigger than the capacity. China’s dream has carried out for many decades, the arms race, space race, and economic race that creates global tension. Moreover, the region raises serious concern about the growth of China, it is like the NAZI in the Second World War. China often shows the brazen and arrogant attitude to the world community after arraying the trade trap, debt trap, government trap, and the soft army (businesses and investors) plus the military strength to their counterparts. The global hegemonic strategy is supported by the embassy, consulate-general, and China’s communist government. Nowadays, China’s Communist Party becomes a global threat, China often intimidates the countries in the region, and the People’s Liberation Army has become the security’s threat in the disputed waters at Indochina Pacific, China illegally built the artificial islands, the tension with Japan in Senkaku islands and clashed with India at the border, recently, China intervened Hong Kong by the national security- bush law. Nevertheless, China attacks the world through biological warfare, China is the global enemy, the global warlike country.


China’s Communist Party has used the People’s Liberation Army to cow the world, indeed, the technology of China’s army doubts. Mostly, the stolen technology can not compare with the originals. Certainly, the People’s Liberation Army is keen on the parade with multiple uniforms plus the weapon’s show, but the fighting can not guarantee, in the record, China’s army has no battle’s experience. However, China should hire the left media to propagate about the strength of the People’s Liberation Army, but the modern aircraft carriers copied from the old fashion of Ukraine, it runs by diesel while the US, Europe’s aircraft carriers have the nuclear power.


China failed the space race, the Jade Rabbit rover died after touching the Moon’s surface. The spaceship and stations made in China couldn’t compare with the US, even India succeeded in sending the satellite to Mars. However, China’s Communist Party matches a saying” when a communist is born, initially, a midwife sees the mouth”. The modern jets have propagated as the most developed of China’s airforce, the prominent jet called J-15 and J-20 introduced like F-22 and F-35 of the US. Therefore, there are many countries like Saudi Arabia, Australia, Japan, South Korea, Israel, and others ordered while the jets made in China have no interest.


Chengdu J-20B that called the Mighty Dragon with a single-seat, twinjet, activates all-weather and stealth fifth-generation. Jet-20 made by Chengdu Aircraft Industry Group, in 2019, its company made 50 Jet-20 while the US sold a hundred of F-35 and many countries want to buy. Recently, China prides to announce the newest model of Jet-20B, therefore, the jet’s body made by China and the engine made by Russia. Certainly, China can not make the fake engine of Russia or F-35, it is high technology. The left media conceals the negative technology of Jet-20, but the world recognizes anything made in China that reflects the poor quality, poison, contamination, and short life. Despite the left media praise the Jet-15 and Jet-20, but the phony advertising couldn’t convince the world, so no country wants to order China’s jet.


China’s communist regime could build socialism by its people’s life and sweat with the slogan quotes” labor is glorious” which is just a label to enslave Chinese people from 1949 in the mainland. From thousand of years ago, Chinese ancient built the Great Wall by bricks with mortar made by sticky rice. Nowadays, China’s Communist Party could make the fighter jet’s body but the engine comes from Russia. It proved that socialism failed, after more than two years projected, it is a farce, China prides the high technology when the Central Military Commission (CMC) has announced the newest fighter jet J-20B. Vice-Chairman of CMC, General Zhang Youxia said:” mass production of the J-20B started on Wednesday. It has finally become a complete stealth fighter jet, with its agility meeting the original criteria”. However, China can make the body of the stealth fighter jet, but the excellent engineers of socialism couldn’t make an engine, so the world recognizes the military technology of China is phony


Do not fear what the communist does.

Let’s do what the communist fears


The propaganda of left media couldn’t convince the world, the strength of the People’s Liberation Army can not confront the weapons of the US, and the human wave tactic of Mao Tse Tung failed in Korea War, Vietnam War (Vietcong’s army lost 1,500,000 lives) that is useless. The newest super fighter Jet J-20B can not compare with F-35, the US, and allies acquired and ready to fight./.






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