China dream seems to collapse and shatter


Posted on July 30, 2020 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



China’s Communist Party always propagates before action, the mouthful announcement has released from state media, and the left media in Western chimed after China paid for services. The anti-communist experts have no surprise the lie of communists, do not listen to what the communist talk, let’s watch what the communist did. On the other hand, the communist party is the super gang, they have never respected everyone, instead, the bush law is professional to apply in the trade, diplomatic relations. Nevertheless, China has applied the bush law flexibly, the intimidation uses to the weak countries or a nation fell into the traps as Australia and talking during fighting applies with the strong enemies like America, Europe.


The global hegemonic ambition has become the essential focus of China since the first Ape King Mao Tse Tung quoted to his comrades” we must control the world”. The Chinese cream has carried out by the cunning tactics since China’s communist regime joined the free market, the world community complicated, but China made a huge profit from the Western’s loss. China has arrayed the trade trap, debt trap, and government trap around the world. The crucial strategy applies to the biological warfare hits back China as a saying” the sword made by China that stabs Chinese”. China lost the global economic terror’s battle with the US, certainly, the author of The Arts of The Deal destroyed China’s dream, and the Coronavirus disabled China’s economy plus the financial system, it conducts Chinese currency devalued many times and Chinese people have suffered the inflation, the cost living hikes while the massive jobless threatens the rouge regime.


The natural mother punishes the atheism regime about the crazy projects like the Three Gorges Dam being endangered while the heavy floods continue to pour the massive quantity of water to many provinces. Moreover, the food stockpiles fired with unknown causes, but the corruption should stand behind the incidents while the central government sending the inspection officials to the food reservation’s warehouses. According to the revelations released on social media, the corruption deeply involved the food stockpiles fired. Certainly, China’s communist regime does need the food for 1.4 billion people, therefore, China suspended the meat, barley import from Australia after the government proposed the independent inquiry of Coronavirus. The economic terror of China harms Chinese people while Australia can find other markets like India, Japan, South Korea, Indonesia. Moreover, on February 11, 2020, the World Bank denied loaning for China that causes the mountain debt to reach 303% GDP in 2019, so China suffered the financial shortage and Beijing cheated the world by 83 tonnes of fake gold.


The Coronavirus, natural disasters (locust, flood’s shortage, swine flu) seem to sink the world’s largest communist country into the perdition. China’s Communist Party has tried to survive, possibly, the second wave of Coronavirus in the mainland that purposes to reduce the population and aiming to kill hundreds of millions of Chinese people losing the job and also traying Chinese people to fight the pandemic and forget the inhumane government. The heartless regime of Ape’s dynasty has never respected the life of Chinese people, the Ape regime could kill hundreds of millions of people to keep the regime.


The so-called Chinese dream of Ape Emperor Xi promoted from the time when he seized the power, now it turns the nightmare. China lost the offshore market, the global consumers boycott China’s products, the world community alerts China’s Communist Party growth as Nazis in the Second World War. The major tensions created by China in the Indochina Pacific threatening the neighboring nations, Senkaku islands with Japan, clashed with India at the border, China also claims the ownership at Nepal (Himaya’s region), Bhutan, provokes Australia, the US. Nowadays, China becomes the global enemy, almost, the countries share a border with China being threatened.


However, the Coronavirus devastated China’s economy from the grassroots, almost the industry crippled, 231 airline companies lose international transport, annually, China loses at least 61 million tourists, and following the restaurants, hotels have to fight too hard for survival. The government companies have fallen into the disaster when the orders lose and 90% of private companies plus the small business seem to suspend the operation while more than 20,000 foreign companies fled from the pandemic land. The stratagem of Su Tzu quotes” make a sound in the east, then strike in the west” that creates the global hostility and also aggravates the worst situation. China’s Communist Party has swung into the quagmire,  but China couldn’t apply the propaganda to cover the peril when the world knew anything released from social media and multiple information sources. Once again, the animal left media loses the people’s trust, the thug of people, the foe of public, and the garbage of mainstream media failed to help China escape the shattered economy by psychological warfare.


China appalls the outcome of the US presidential election in 2020, China’s actual henchman Joe Biden faces the people’s abomination, nevertheless, the hub of scandal that is enough for Joe Biden to lose the White House race. The comrade Democrats frighten to lose Congress, so the patriotic President Donald Trump will drain out the White House’s swamp and China also faces the toughest policies on the economy. When the Republicans control the Senate and Congress, the law to file the lawsuit against China into the International Court and mandate the local court authorizes to set the compensation of Coronavirus. Certainly, China obsesses the massive payment that estimates a hundred trillion US dollars. Nevertheless,  China’s businesses and companies listed on the internet. China fears the US law will dismantle China’s index from Wall Street, the consequences follow Chinese currency to be kicked out from the global market. The panic of China and Democrats explain the hopeless attack to President Donald Trump by the dirty tactics as the tax returns, the book of traitor John Bolton, the coward Supreme Justices voted the tax returns but they passed the power to a local court like an ant fight with an elephant. The Chinese dream turns nightmare while the daydreamers in Beijing have not woken yet, the disaster is inevitable./.






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