China deployed the soft army worldwide


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China’s Communist Party has conspired to control, in 1965 Mao Tse Tung said to his close comrades:” we must control the earth”. The hegemonic ambition has started and grown after China’s Communist party robbed the authentic government of Chinese people in 1949. Therefore, the Chinese dream has fed up after US President Richard Nixon visited Beijing in 1972, China grabbed an opportunity to invade the Western and other countries by the soft army. The military invasion is out of date after the last invasions carried out in Tibet and Sinkiang Uighur in 1950. Moreover, China experienced the Korea War, Vietnam War, and the collapse of Soviet-Union in the early 1990s, so China changed the strategy by sending the soft army around the world, particularly, the US, Europe, Canada, and Australia are the main targets.


The innocent, treasonous politicians, the left parties, the profit lover’s businesses, and the dishonest academics have opened the door for the unarmed army of China entered without caution. Nevertheless, the negligent immigration policy and the education business have welcomed the soft army. China also developed the spy network and undercover activists to support the soft army.


After nearly a half-century made the terrible mistake and the naďve traitors helped China steadily controlled the country. The Western and many countries fell into the trade trap, debt trap, and government trap of China. The soft army succeeded apart from the global hegemony. Now, the world wakes up and knows China deployed the colonial network worldwide. The People’s Liberation Army, the embassy, and the consulate-general offices are the shields of China’s invasion while the soft army is operating and attacking the economy, battering the financial system. China often uses the soft army to intimidate the victimized country by the brazen attitude as the blackmail. Commonly, China threatens to stop the import, tourist, and the damaged trade when the counterpart doesn’t listen to China’s demand. Australia is the victim of China when the government requires the investigation of Coronavirus, China’s Ambassador to Australia is Jingye Cheng who threatens the punitive economy, the soft army of China has activated and deeply influenced in Australia after more than half national assets sold to China’s companies.


China’s communist regime colonized the country after controlled the economy and cornered the government. President Donald Trump arouses the world about the Red Empire and the biological warfare terror proves China is the most dangerous enemy of the planet. The world has spent a long sleep while China developing the invasion by the soft army carrying out by the monetary weapon to ruin the world plus bribery’s tactic. If the country has no traitors, the soft army of China couldn’t infiltrate and carry out the invasion. The soft army has the units:


1-China’s businesses and investors in Western and other countries:


-Almost, China’s offshore companies owned by its regime or Chinese tycoons linked the communist party, so they have the huge find to buy anything in their counterparts. Moreover, the profit lover’s businesses in Western could sell the companies with high prices, but the country loses the main factories like Australian sold Bellamy’s Organic Infant Baby Formula to China, the owner got $AU 1.5 billion but Australian babies must drink the powder milk owned by China. Lion Dairy & Drinks sold to China Mengniu Dairy Limited for $AU 600 million, so Australian people drink their milk owned by China. Australian sold more than half national assets to China including Darwin Port leased in 99 years. The Australian people question the government and Foreign Investment Review Board (FIRB), Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) and the Intelligence agencies have forgotten the national interest and national security in a long time. Italy lost the sovereign after China-controlled 200 major companies and the other factories. Sri Lanka leased Hambantota Port to China in 99 years. Nevertheless, many countries fell into the debt trap and became the brace of one belt, one road.


-China’s investors exploited democratic law to control the Western and other countries’ companies by the shareholders. There are many Western companies cornered by major Chinese shareholders. The hidden economic strength of China in the Western-influenced media, the Western companies have major Chinese shareholders have used the advertising to drive the media to be the propaganda machine of China overseas. China just paid for the dishonest media companies like CNN, The New York Times, The Washington Post, and others, but China destroyed the Western mainstream, so the people have no trust in their media after much fake news, fabricated stories, and the false polls released.


2-The henchmen of China in Western and other countries:


-The local businesses easily fall into the monetary trap, China uses the money to take over the small companies plus the giant companies.


-The education business: the profit lover’s Vice-Chancellors sold Western education by opening the gate for Chinese students entered and employed Chinese academics into important fields like science, technology, so the high-level of technological thieves helped China to solve the insufficient technology. China used the stolen technology to develop the economy, modernizing the army, and challenge the US, threatening the world.


-The left media has helped China into the propaganda and intoxicated the people.


-The left parties and left politicians helped China gained the best policies and cornered the national economy, nevertheless, the corruption helped China easily to control the government.


-The wealthy components are the millionaire and billionaires collaborated the businesses with China, they sold the national interest to China to exchange the individual interest, so the tycoons often oppose its government applying the policy against China’s interest. During the Coronavirus pandemic outbreak, some tycoons as in Western Australia, billionaire Andrew Forrest who ordered China’s medical supplies to donate the government, certainly, everyone knows China’s medical supplies are poor quality, the test kid giving 80% wrong results and the face masks attaching contamination and virus. During Australian government requires the investigation on Coronavirus, China’s Communist Party outrages by the reaction of Ambassador Jingye Cheng, two billionaires in Western Australia are Andrew Forrest (mining magnate) and Kerry Stokes (owner of major left media is Channel Seven) stand alongside with China, they are just the rich persons, but trying to use the label of billionaires to protection China’s interest and harming Australia’s interest. On the other hand, billionaire Andrew Forrest and Kerry Stokes try to drive the national interest into their pocket (*) as the traitors. In the US, billionaire Bill Gates attacks America and praises China, he and Barrack Obama linked and funded to Wuhan’s biological level 4 laboratory.


-China’s henchmen always want to exchange the national interest to their favors as former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd (someone calls Kevin Thug) who attacks the incumbent Prime Minister Scott Morrison about the Coronavirus’s investigation. Moreover, former Foreign Affairs Minister Julie Bishop stands with China, she calls Australia to calm while China intimidates the economy (*)

-The local governments gathered the short-term councilors, mostly, the city councils ignored the national interest and constitution, the local kings (mayors) override the authorities plus the corruption. so China has exploited the city councils to buy the local assets including the national assets (China bought Airport at Merredin in Western Australia cost one dollar in 100 years). The country watches out the city councils, the traitors can place the national assets for sale and China’s businesses take over.


The global biological warfare terror wakes up the world, the Coronavirus also eradicated the domestic thugs hide inside the Western countries. Whoever protects the Chinese Virus, they are the henchmen of China. Moreover, the Coronavirus pandemic helps the countries to recognize the traitors and the soft army appeared. The massive compensation estimates a hundred trillion US dollars will affect the soft army, the victim nations can confiscate the monetary weapon of China’s soft army by International Court or local court order./.





(*)Western Australia billionaires:

-Andrew Forrest is a mining magnate, he has a long term business with China.

-Kerry Stokes owned the prominent left media, Channel Seven is the base of fake news and false polls. Moreover, Mr. Kerry Stokes also does business of Caterpillar tractors and trucks in Australia and China.


(*)Julie Bishop, a senior member of the Liberal Party, but she betrayed its party by an inappropriate coup on September 14, 2015, with Malcolm Turnbull. Huawei paid the trip plus luxurious accommodation for Miss Julie Bishop.






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