China crazily reacts while facing the dilemma


Posted on July 25, 2020 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



China’s Communist Party can not escape the culprit of biological warfare, the enormous evidence proved Coronavirus originated from Wuhan’s Biosafety Level 4 Laboratory. The world community is preparing to file the lawsuit against China to seek the massive compensation that estimates a hundred trillion US dollars, the lesson of Boxer Rebellion in 1912, it obsesses Ape Emperor Xi Jinping and his Ape’s dynasty while China faces the economy disabled by COVID-19 hit back the world’s largest communist country. Almost, the industry, businesses, investors, and the major financial firms of China crippled from the mainland to overseas. Moreover, the giant telecommunication company Huawei and other clusters of China’s companies lost the global consumers after President Donald Trump granted the death certificate and the intelligence agencies of multiple nations warned the cyber spy.


The massive jobless in the mainland becomes a big problem, it costs the regime as the monarchic dynasties collapsed in Chinese history. The world believes the ruthless regime in Beijing should use the Coronavirus to kill hundreds of million Chinese people to stray the uprising, instead, the people fight against the pandemic. The Ape regime is heartless, they could kill Chinese people for keeping the regime remains. Despite China could hire the left media to mislead the people in Western and the world, therefore, the phony propaganda is vain, the high technological communication debunked the lies and concealment.


China has fallen into the dilemma after the global biological warfare attack that pushes the world community unites to fight against the rogue regime. Nevertheless, China’s mainland becomes the paradise of pandemics, the investment risk, so the world isolates and sanctions China. Moreover, China’s communist regime acts like a mad dog to react crazily by the aggressive attitude:


- China threatens Western travelers who should be detained in the mainland, certainly, the US and allies warn its citizen to avoid China.


- The military operation increases at the disputed waters, China provokes the neighbor nations in Asia. The illegally artificial islands built and militarized at Indochina Pacific are like the piratical station. It is the model of Chinese gangs in the days of yore (the bandits set the station to rob the passengers), therefore, the piratical stations facing a strong reaction against China by multiple countries including the US, Europe. Certainly, the world couldn’t ignore the maritime transport entering Asia, annual goods are worth more than $US 5 trillion. The US, Indonesia, Australia, and others have warships including the US aircraft carriers, submarines respond to the urgent situation. However, China’s barking dog never bites, Beijing just released the mouthful intimidation to sink the US aircraft carriers, but the People’s Liberation Navy can not confront the US. China also provokes Japan in the Senkaku islands, therefore, when Japan sent Fighter Jet -35, China withdrew.


- China clashed India in the border, but China withdrew and suggested to talk while India sent more missiles and military equipment. The Indian government and the world community recognize China being faced the difficulties.


- China creates the hostility in the region, the Ape regime claims the ownership at the land of Nepal, Bhutan.


- China crazily acts in Hong Kong, the national security law that reflects the bush law in the democratic territory. The US, British, Europe, Australia line up to accuse China intervened in Hong Kong before the deadline set in 2047. The Western countries help Hong Kong people to migrate, possibly, the most important finance of China is on brink of collapse after Hong Kong people moved out with the assets and the foreign companies withdraw, the Hang Seng index ended and Shanghai stock market will not stand.


- Recently, Virologist Li-Meng Yan fled from Hong Kong to the US, she revealed Coronavirus come from Wuhan’s laboratory, China appalls, so Beijing and the World Health Organization intimidate FoxNews to stop the interview. Therefore, Fox News is America’s television, certainly, US intelligence and government have the witness.


Whatever, China’s Communist Party fails to apply Sun Tzu’s stratagem” make a sound in the east, then strike in the west”. The tensions created at the disputed waters, Hong Kong crisis, India’s border plus the economic terror cows Australia…the US and allies know China’s Communist party has fallen into the low tide of revolution when the world isolates and sanctions. The essential tactics are buying time, taking one step back to prepare three steps forward, and talking during the fighting, those are vain. When the communist begs to talk, it means they are weak. Nowadays, China faces the dilemma, do not fears what the communist does, let’s do what the communist fears. The economic disaster is the death vulnerability of China. The tension hides the fear, the barking dog never bite and the world applies a French proverb:” Quand les chiens aboient, la caravane passe ” et passera”. President Donald Trump knows China’s tactics, he said not to interest in the trade deal with China while Beijing is begging.


China also deals with the natural disaster, the heavy floods threaten many provinces, the Three Gorges Dam can collapse anytime. Despite the regime and the left media conceal, moreover, China defuses the biggest dam risk, therefore, the word and Chinese people know the dam made in China that doesn’t guarantee safety. Ape King Xi Jinping leads the mainland returning the situation of China in the era of Mao Tse Tung before the visit of President Richard Nixon, China’s Communist Party becomes the global enemy when the global hegemonic ambition has fallen./.






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