China could claim the ownership everywhere


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China’s communist regime is keen to apply the bush law and the wild rules as the Ape lives in the jungle with the trees, mountains, hills, bushes, and anything are the places the herd of Ape. Despite, the jungles, including the national parks, those belong to a nation, but all kinds of animals can live in nature, certainly, the animals own nothing. Nevertheless, the animal is not a human being, they live and act that based on the instinct, not the human mind.


China communist is not Chinese people in the mainland, including Hong Kong people, Taiwanese, and the offshore residents (except the pro-Beijing components). Instead, China communist accepted the descendant of Ape as great master Karl Marx labeled in Historical Materialism. Chinese people respect the righteousness, justice, and honesty while the Ape super communist gang ruling in Beijing has applied the animal law as an animal herd. Therefore, the international community is not the jungle, the nations respect each other, actually the international law.


China communist exposes the global hegemonic rapaciousness, the Ape super gang could claim the ownership everywhere by themselves, although China communist has no owned the waters in the region, it called China Sea. But China communists should hire innocent academics, the left media (or the evil media) have misled the world, they suppose  China Sea belongs to China. The wrong title fortifies China illegally occupied the disputed waters and built the artificial islands threatening the neighbor countries and aiming to control the most important maritime entering Asia, annual goods transport estimates $USD 5 trillion. The world needs the correct the title of China Sea, it can call the Indochina Pacific. The Ape super herd re-mapped the maritime’s region, China’s Communist Party calls the Nine-Dash Line, it labeled “ the Great Wall of Sand”. The regional countries strongly react against China. Japan accuses China has attempted to occupy the Senkaku islands, the tension has raised between the two countries. Recently, China’s communist regime exposes the aggressive attitude with India at the border and China also provokes Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia. Moreover, China intervenes in Hong Kong by the security law’s approval or bush law of henchman Carrie Lam, China ignores the agreement with the deadline that confirms Hong Kong people can live independently to 2047.


The Ape dynasty in China has conspired to control the world, the first Ape Emperor Mao Tse Tung said” we must control the world”. The famous Chinese communist General, Defense Minister of Ape Emperor Deng Xiaoping was strategist Chi Haotian expected the first Chinese people discovered Americas, it was Chinese Admiral Zheng He who sailed to this new continent in 1492, the same time of  Christopher Columbus. General Chi Haotian hinted the United States of America must return a half land to China. In 2005, General Chi Haotian spoke at the Chinese Communist Party’s convention, he proposed China using the army to defeat and colonize the United States. This invasion was planned since 1992 that concerned:” Russia would get Alaska and parts of Canada. China would get the lower 48 states, with other countries invited in for LOOTING RIGHTS”.( Nowadays, Antifa and Black Lives Matter apply the looting rights in the US). General Chi Haotian advised China to use biological warfare to defeat the US and nowadays, Ape Emperor Xi Jinping launches Coronavirus to attack the world.


The global hegemony carries out the project of one belt and one road, China arrayed the trade trap, debt trap, and government trap to control the road crossing multiple nations. So One Belt and one road’s brace are controlled by China. On the other hand, one belt and one road linking the continents as Mongolian invaded Asia, Europe in the 13th century. When one belt and one road completed, China’s communist regime will expand the military stations setting along with the strategic road, China will argue the security reason to patrol the road as Chinese police officers joined the patrol with Italian Police in Italy. In 2018, the  Australia Labor Premier Daniel Andrews illegally signed agreement of one belt and one road with China, now Victoria’s state locked down 310,000 residents to deal with the Coronavirus outbreak the second wave while all states and territory eased the restriction.


Despite China traced behind the US the technology and space discovery, but Beijing claims the ownership on the moon, the Ape super gang based on the fairy tales of Chinese people, the fairy tales depict Emperor Yau who came to Kunlun Mountain and met the Queen Mother of Jasper Sea then she gave him the herb of immortality. Therefore, his wife was Tschang O who used, and she flew to the moon, she became the Lady of the Moon. The other fairy tales describe the Emperor of the Tang dynasty who used the bamboo ladder climbing to heaven and he reached the moon. It is so funny as a kid’s dreams but China communist uses the fairy tales to claim the ownership on the moon.


The failure of Lunar Rover Jade Rabbit becomes the disaster of China communist competes for the space race with the US and Western,  India succeeded in the mission to Mars while China didn’t.


However, China communist owned the excrement of Chinese people living in the mainland while the Western staying away from the excrement field and has no excrement race with Beijing, so China could claim the excrement’s ownership without challenge. Vietnam has launched the excrement race with China since Ho Chi Minh’s era. The economy is led by socialism maximally develops the human in agricultural products. Certainly, China is a pioneer to use the excrement on the planet, so Chinese people fear the products come from the farmland and they favor the US although Xi Jinping imposed the retaliatory tariffs. China could claim the ownership of fake products and stolen technology, but the Western oppose the thieves. China communist is a first country owned the formula of medicine used the unborn baby’s carcass cooked with the herbs for virile male. The US and Western have not challenged with China into the medical field.


China can claim the ownership in Hell and the central earth, the US has never wanted to come to those places. Therefore, North Korea is the first state to land successfully the sun, China can learn and launch a spaceship landing the sun without cremation.


However, China’s communist regime has never confirmed the Coronavirus comes from Wuhan’s Biosafety Level 4 Laboratory despite the enormous evidence proved China is the owner of the Chinese virus. Therefore, everyone knows Coronavirus is the biological warfare of China./.







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