China communist party causes China phobia


Posted on April 30, 2020 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



The Coronavirus pandemic originated in Wuhan, the world suspects China’s Communist Party is the culprit of the global biological warfare terror to destroy the US and the democratic countries. China has conspired to transform the world into the re-education camp’s planet as its party has carried out the so-called communist paradise from 1949 in the mainland, the global hegemonic ambition reflects a speech of Mao Tse Tung in 1965” we must control the earth”.


However, China’s Communist Party is malicious, despite the biological warfare launches as a form of the Third World War, but China always denies the culprit of Novel Coronavirus, instead, the hypothesis released about the Coronavirus comes from the wet market in Wuhan, the bat, and wild animal meat have no evidence. Moreover, Chinese people, Thailand, Vietnam, East Timor, and other Asian countries have eaten bat and the meat of wild animals, but there was no Coronavirus. Possibly, people believe Coronavirus originated from the biological level 4 laboratory at Wuhan.


China’s communist regime appalls massive compensation while many countries prepare to file the lawsuit against China at the International Court or local court, the compensation estimates a hundred trillion US dollars. China’s Communist Party has tried to shift the original virus to the US or somewhere else and intimidating whoever requires the investigation like Australian government, China’s Ambassador Jingye Cheng raises the brazen attitude as bandit or Mafia’s member, he threatens China can stop the imported goods. Liberal Senator James Paterson says China’s threat to impose “economic sanctions” on Australia if it conducts an independent inquiry into the source of the coronavirus shows the Chinese communist party is “extremely anxious” to prevent it. (Sky News Australia).


The massive compensation’s pressure China’s communist regime to face the bankruptcy, so Beijing has attempted to stray the Coronavirus’s investigation to military tension into the disputed waters at Indochina Pacific (not China Sea, because of China’s communist government has no ownership). Certainly, China knows the economy disabled, and the military conflict worsens the situation, but the tension reflects a stratagem of Sun Tzu quoted” make a sound in the east, then strike in the west”. In the Cold War, even Soviet-Union avoided the nuclear war with the US, so Premier Nikita Khrushchev withdrew the missiles in Cuba. Nowadays, China’s military strength can not compare with the Soviet Union and the US. Nevertheless, the Three Gorges Dam is like a water atomic bomb deployed by China’s communist regime. Taiwan or the US can use the missiles to break the dam and China will be defeated.


However, the global biological warfare terror deeply affected Chinese people, China-phobia is inevitable and globalizes, it is not racist as China’s communist regime and China’s undercover activists in the Western claim, instead, the people fear every Chinese comes from the mainland, they should bring the Coronavirus. Indeed, China’s phobia caused by China’s Communist Party, so Chinese people become the victims of the Chinese virus. Possibly, the world fears Chinese tourists, workers including the diplomats, Chinese students should bring the Coronavirus by the reasons are:


- China’s medical supplies are poor quality, the test kits made in China giving 80% the wrong result, so Chinese people live in the mainland, particularly, Wuhan’s residents can test negative, indeed, they have been truck Coronavirus. The face masks have the contamination of the virus.  


- The concealments and false reports of China’s communist government, so the world distrusts Chinese people when they travel overseas. Certainly, the health authorities in Western and other countries can not trust the medical assessment granted by China’s health officials.


The foreign tourists, businesses, factories know China’s mainland is the den of the deadly viruses, nevertheless, the biological warfare of China can use anytime to reduce China’s population and the massive jobless. It reason explain the foreign factories left China, moved to other countries like India, or repatriated the homeland.


Chinese Virus attack worldwide and Chinese people also the victims of China’s communist biological warfare. Moreover, whoever does the business or links with China like the US billionaire Bill Gates, Australian billionaire Andrew Forrest who ordered China’s medical supplies made in China to donate the government, the China phobia extends to them./.






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