China can not conceal and escape the truth


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China’s communist regime snubs the world as Beijing has applied the obscurantism in the mainland since 1949. The propaganda plus terror couldn’t apply in the US, Europe, Australia, and democratic countries, so the French proverb” le mouton de Panurge” absolutely rejected by the major population on the planet, except the communist paradise in China’s mainland, Vietnam, Cuba, Laos, and North Korea.


The high technological communication, social media, and multiple information sources defeat the propaganda of China and other communist countries. As the circumstance in North Korea, the people didn’t react and criticize about the super spaceship landed successfully on the Sun, and a 17-year-old astronaut Hung Il Gong became the national hero, he flew while the sun was asleep and escaped the extreme heats approximates 15,000,000 Celcius degrees. Therefore, the world laughed the kid’s news released from North Korea’s state television. In the Western and somewhere else, whoever believes North Korea’s spaceship landed safely to the Sun without cremation, so they can trust China can contain the Coronavirus, even a time, China claimed zero infection in Wuhan, but do not trust what the communist talk, let’s watch what the communist did.


China’s concealments are like using a bowl to cover the elephant’s head. The phony propaganda of China and hired media in western all fail to persuade the public, despite the Europe media sold the free speech to the rogue regime by accepting China censor the Coronavirus reports, it is the shame of free speech.

It is very hard to believe the Coronavirus stopped in Wuhan, a time, China claimed zero infection, but there were more than 40 cremation sites operate 24/24, 7 days a week, daily, each cremation site burns at least 200 tonnes of dead bodies after China reported.  Moreover, China can not explain 21 million mobile phone users disappeared without a trace, where are they?


On May 18, 2020, China must lock down Jilin city that is due to the spread of Coronavirus in a new wave. Jilin city is the second-largest city and former capital of Jilin province in Northeast China. The left media can not conceal the bad news that conflict the propaganda of China and themselves. The incident of Jilin province can tell China is a super liar while the people can not know the happenings have hidden behind the curtain bamboo. Almost, the left media serves as China’s propaganda machine in Western, the fake news based on cheat news that comes from the false reports of Beijing to mislead the public. Unfortunately, the people have no trust in the left media after many times cheating by false polls, fake news, and fabricated stories. Everyone knows Wuhan is the first place of Coronavirus’s outbreak, but Shanghai is a safe place. Therefore, until May 18, 2010, the students retain online learning while many countries like Australia, the students returned the class a week ago. The circumstance in Shanghai proves the Coronavirus spread throughout the mainland. So China becomes the dead land or the paradise of pandemics.


Coronavirus is the uncontrolled biological warfare of China, certainly, the virus has no ear to hear China’s order and propaganda of China’s propaganda machine, so Coronavirus hits back China as a saying” a sword made by China to stab Chinese”. Its reason explains the commander in viruses Xi Jinping often wears the US face mask when he visited Wuhan and somewhere else in Beijing. However, China sells the face masks made in China to many countries, but Xi Jinping fears China’s mask. Whatever every Chinese people can be a station of Coronavirus, and Chinese tourists, Chinese students including Chinese diplomats can bring the deadly virus elsewhere. On May 18, 2020, the Chinese Ambassador to Israel is Du Wei who is founded dead in his apartment in Tel Aviv. Ambassador Du Wei arrived in Israel on February 15, 2020, during the pandemic spreading. The death of Ambassador Du Wei probes about Coronavirus that should come from the contact of Ambassador with his comrades in an embassy. China phobia increases worldwide when the people fear the virus contains inside the body of every Chinese people.


In the Vietnam War, the left media just developed the casualties of the US soldiers instead, North Vietnam communists paid the high prices with more than 1,500,000 lives of the People’s Army of Vietnam plus 300,000 missings. The Tet offensive 1968, Vietcong lost more than 100,000 troops but the left media concealed, instead, they propagated the US soldier’s casualties at the US embassy and the US people protested against the government. Nowadays, the left media recycles the old tactic by releasing the death toll and infection in the US, particularly, New York, California but, the deaths and infections in China concealed. The Democratic governors exploit the lives of people in New York, California to take down President Donald Trump and paving the way for Joe Biden journeys to the White House. The heartless politicians of Democrats failed its conspiracy, the US people knew China is the culprit of biological warfare and the economic recession, not a fault of President Donald Trump. Moreover, Democrats expose China’s comrade, the domestic thugs appeared to the public.


China lies and fears the inquiry of the original Coronavirus, Beijing shows the panic state after Australia proposed the investigation. China angers and intimidates to cut the imports on meat, wine, taxes 80% on barley and threatens to stop Chinese tourists. The brazen attitude of China sparkles Australian’s patriotism and the world lines up to support Australia. There were just a few days after China’s threat, on May 18, 2020, there were 62 nations endorsed Australia and on May 19, 2020, the numerous nations increase to 122 countries (*). China exposes the crazy attitude to menace the punishment to 122 countries. However, China can not confront the world community when 122 nations are the major number among 193 nations of the United Nations. Possibly, the General Assembly can vote a resolution to investigate the source of Coronavirus and further, taking China to the International Court. Moreover, the lawmakers of every country can mandate the local courts to make the orders that help the victims claiming the cause of the damages from the Chinese Virus and China’s assets will be targeted for the compensation. China’s communist regime sowed the wind then reap the whirlwind, certainly, China can not conceal the truth and escape the crime opposing humanity. Nevertheless, the world community isolates and sieges the culprit of biologic warfare, it is the death vulnerability of China, the rogue regime becomes the global enemy including Chinese people live in the mainland./.



NOTES (*). There is an article written by Steve Mav, a concerned Australia.



Read today’s Australian newspaper story –

China’s President Xi Jinping has pledged $US2bn ($3.1bn) to support the world’s COVID-19 response, committed to making a vaccine a “global public good” and — after weeks of opposition and threats of economic retaliation — embraced the independent inquiry into the virus that Australia had been championing.

Speaking over videolink at the beginning of the World Health Assembly meeting on Monday night, Mr Xi said China supported a “comprehensive evaluation” of the global response to the coronavirus pandemic after it had been brought under control, insisting that China had “always had an open, transparent and responsible attitude”.

The virus commitment — and China’s repositioning on the inquiry — came after more than 120 countries agreed to support an independent inquiry, the promotion of which by the Australian government has been sharply opposed by Beijing.

“After the research and development of China’s coronavirus vaccine is completed and it is put into use, it will be made a global public good,” Mr Xi said in a speech given after weeks of attacks by the Trump admin­istration against the credibility of the WHO.

Mr Xi’s backdown on an inquiry into the origin of the coronavirus came as China on Monday night slapped tariffs on Australian barley farmers, a move seen as retaliation for the Morrison government’s proposing of the inquiry, which Beijing had said was “politically” motivated.

Barley industry leaders say the tariffs will wipe out their $600m foothold in China.

Earlier on Monday, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said “all parties have reached consensus on the text” of the coronavirus inquiry after criticising Australia over the past month for proposing it.

Mr Zhao also revealed China’s support for an inquiry by a team of experts from the WHO into the origins of the virus.

“The purpose is to reduce the risk of similar incidents in the future,” he said.

It was important to “find out the animal source of the virus”, Mr Zhao added.

China has five potential vac­cines in clinical trials as countries race to find a way to stop the pathogen that has killed more than 315,000 people worldwide.

Over the past four weeks, Mr Xi’s administration tried to push back against an inquiry and seemed to endorse comments in China’s state media threatening economic retaliation against Australia for its championing of the inquiry.

At the same meeting, Australia will call for an investi­gation into the powers of the World Health Organisation and push for new pandemic inspection capabilities in its address to the World Health Assembly, which is set to pass a European resolution for a global inquiry into COVID-19.

Health Minister Greg Hunt is seeking protections against the global health threats from wet markets, with 121 of the 194 WHO member countries now lining up in support of a wide-reaching inquiry, prompted by Australia, into the body’s handling of the outbreak and the broader global response to the pandemic.

Last week, China resumed a threat to impose an 80 per cent tariff on Australian barley — which is used to brew China’s most famous beer Tsingtao — and the following day halted much of Australia’s beef imports, citing technical reasons. Australian Trade Minister Simon Birmingham has not spoken to his counterpart, Chinese Commerce Minister Zhong Shan, about the trade friction.

On Monday, China also conceded ground on animal wet markets, one of which is regarded as the likely source of the Wuhan outbreak, admitting that some were not tightly regulated. Mr Zhong admitted the standards were “not very high”. “Moving forward, we want to push for their standardisation with an improved environment, richer choice and improved quality,” he said.

In a two-minute video address to the World Health Assembly — the WHO’s key decision-making body — Mr Hunt said Australia recognised the suffering many countries were enduring.

“We stand in solidarity with our frontline health workers, and express our condolences to all the families of COVID-19 victims,” Mr Hunt said.

“Our steps towards suppressing COVID-19 were swift, and we acted decisively, containing our cases to approximately 7000.

“As a result, we are now therefore able to carefully ease some restrictions.

“But no single country or organisation can effectively respond to COVID-19 alone. We therefore thank the EU for its leadership, and are proud to co-sponsor the COVID-19 resolution.”

Mr Hunt was firm on the need for the WHO to be accountable for the slow response to the outbreak in Wuhan.

“We are pleased to have support for an impartial, independent and comprehensive evaluation of the global response. We need to learn the lessons from this pandemic and ensure we have the strongest possible global health architecture, with an enhanced ability to prevent and respond to future outbreaks,” Mr Hunt said.

“This could include an examination of whether the WHO’s mandate and powers, including around inspection, need to be strengthened to ensure WHO members have timely access to critical data.

“And we need to protect against the global health threat posed by wildlife wet markets.

“Global efforts also need to prioritise finding a vaccine, and Australian researchers are playing a vital role in this.”

The address also includes a condition that no country or population could be excluded from the inquiry process, in a subtle reference to Australia’s long-held diplomatic position to recognise Taiwan as an observer member.

“It is essential that no populations or potential partners are excluded.”

“Australia will continue working with the global community to end this pandemic, and strengthen health systems to protect against future pandemics,” Mr Hunt said.

Last month, the WHO had appeared to support the reopening of China’s wet markets, prompting Scott Morrison to demand greater “transparency” from the UN body on the causes of the COVID-19 outbreak.

Foreign Minister Marise Payne said the WHO’s independent oversight mechanisms could be used to review its own problems on COVID-19.

“I think in what is a comprehensive resolution, you will see the review is specifically referred to as impartial, independent and comprehensive.

“They are three factors which we particularly have sought,” she said on Monday.

Senator Payne said WHO’s independent oversight advisory body “has the capacity to do some of this work.”







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