China becomes dead land of investment


Posted on May 9, 2020 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



Chinese Virus hits hard China’s Communist Party after the world community recognized China is the culprit of biological warfare. The den of thieves, the hub of counterfeit, the center of a cheat, and now the lair of pandemics has struggled the economic disaster. The Chinese Virus arouses the patriotism of the victimized countries, nevertheless, the foreign companies wake up and moving out from the mainland or repatriated to the homeland, the cheap laborer can not convince the investors to make a profit and doing the business when the life being endangered. The communist paradise is like a pie in the sky (Boris Yeltsin), so Maoist missed out on humanity that conducts a hundred million Chinese people killed by the bloodshed campaign labeled a revolution. Now, the Chinese Virus transforms the communist paradise the pandemics paradise.


There are many nations are preparing to file the lawsuit against China, the massive compensation estimates a hundred trillion US dollars while the enormous evidence proved the Coronavirus originated from Wuhan’s Biosafety level 4 Laboratory. Whatever, China’s Communist Party has tried to escape the crimes opposing humanity, and the left viral media’s companies straying the Coronavirus comes from elsewhere including the bat and wild animal meat of Wuhan’s fish market. Therefore, the arguments can not persuade the people including intelligence, and scientists who can tell the original Coronavirus if  China allows the investigation. However, since the Coronavirus outbreak, China’s communist government always denies the investigation as a felon fears the Police and justice. Moreover, China outrages when the Australian government requires an independent investigation of the source of Coronavirus. China’s Ambassador to Australia is Jingye Cheng who exposed the brazen reaction by intimidating to stop Australia’s import and Chinese tourist, it is very hard to believe China’s Ambassador Jingye Cheng acts like a kid losing the lolly, but it is the policy of China’s communist government or the Ape super herd has ruled the mainland from 1949. Nevertheless, China’s Communist Party destroyed the evidence by clamping down on Coronavirus research and deleted the articles. But, it is too late and useless because of intelligence and many people should download it. The mysterious missings of the workers at Wuhan’s laboratory that suspects China killed all to destroy the witnesses. Therefore, the head of Wuhan’s Laboratory is female biologist Shi Zhengli went missing, the rumor spreads about the top biological scientist, an editor of the Board of Virologica Sinica (Chinese Journal of Virology) and Journal of Fishery Sciences of China who defected and lives somewhere in a Western country for safety. She holds the top secrets of Coronavirus, it is the worst news for Red Emperor Xi Jinping. In the US, Chinese professor Bing Liu, 37-year-old related the research of COVID-19 at the University of Pittsburgh who has been killed in his home in Pennsylvania on Saturday, May 3, 2020. The killer names Hao Gu, 46-year-old committed suicide at his home. China’s Communist Party is fallen into a panic state, so Beijing rushes to destroy the evidence.


The companies owned by China’s communist government face a dilemma when the stock market plunged. Moreover, the offshore companies obsess the massive compensation while the factories in the mainland disabled since the Coronavirus pandemic outbreak. The signal of China’s economy perils when the counterparts have no interest to trade with the den of pandemic country. Despite, China can hire the left media companies to propagate about China’s economy restores after the lock down. Australia is the favored land of China, from 28 years, China has tried to colonize the Down Under by the trade ties, debt trap, and government trap. Since the trade war, Chinese investment in Australia dropped 36% ($Au 8.2 billion) in 2018 and from 2018 to 2019, Chinese investment in Australia declined $A 10 billion while the US is the largest direct investor, the two-ways investment between the US and Australia is worth more than $AU 1.47 trillion ($A 860 billion that the US invested in Australia). Most of the US’s investment develop the economy and trade between two democratic countries, but China’s communist regime is keen to take over the national assets like Darwin port, farmland, the important companies as powder milk, dairy milk, natural sources (water). On the other hand, China’s investment aims to colonize Australia that trade. Therefore, the Australia Labor Party’s high profiles like former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd (someone dubs KEVIN THUG), Paul Keating, former N.S.W, and former Foreign Minister Bob Carr, Senator Penny Wong, and the others want to drive Australia into China’s orbit. Australia has an opportunity to expel China from the investments and taking back the national assets as Darwin port, moreover, the Coronavirus arouses the patriotism, the people know China is the culprit of Chinese Virus.


     It is the shame of the European Union into free speech and democracy by accepting Chinese censorship about the Coronavirus plus the left media distort the career with the fake news. So the death toll of the mainland conceals but the death toll of the US propagates. Nowadays, the European Union downgraded badly after many decades, China’s Communist Party torn off the wealthy continent by the partial interest, so the British have the right decision by Brexit from the rotten organization.


The fake news media released China’s exports rise by 3.5% and imports shrink 14.2% in April 2020 despite the Coronavirus damaged the global economy. Almost, the world is locked, the international transport suspended, how can China get the orders? Moreover, China does need food, but imports declined by 14.2%. It is the terrible lies of the enemy of people, the foe of public, and the garbage of mainstream media. Australia Prime Minister Scott Morrison demands the investigation on Coronavirus, certainly, China’s Ambassador to Australia is Jingye Cheng intimidates to stop the imports, tourists, it is a farce when China’s investment declined and Australia can find the other countries to make the fair trade. Western Australia billionaire Andrew Forrest will not sell a lot of iron while China losing the orders and the industry being disabled. Even Chinese tycoons as Jack Ma lost at least $US 28 billion from the pandemic outbreak to April, so Mr. Andrew Forrest has the wrong choice, moreover, Australian people recognized the real face of Andrew Forrest and Kerry Stokes (owner of prominent left viral media company Seven Channel).


China’s Communist Party built the communist paradise from the blood of a hundred million Chinese people killed and now, China transforms the communist paradise to the pandemics paradise, so the mainland becomes the dead land of investment./.







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