China attacks the people and devastates nature


Posted on July 8, 2020 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



Chinese history has never ruled by an animal, but from 1949, the Ape super herd robbed Chinese authentic government and has dominated the mainland by bush law, wild rules. The Ape killed a hundred million Chinese people without pity and enslaved billion people. The Ape is not the human mind, so they have attempted to destroy the religions and enslave the people. Mostly, when the communist Ape is born, a midwife sees the mouth, so Ape members always lie. The deceitful language of Ape propagates to Chinese, Vietnamese, Korea people as the class struggle, socialism, communist paradise, revolution, counter-revolution, proletarian, capitalist. Do not listen to what the Ape talks, let’s watch what the Ape did.


The Ape dynasty in China dreams to control the world and transforming the planet to be a huge prison camp, the Ape labels communist paradise. The animal instinct covered human body has presented in the United Nations, The World Health Organization, and others. Moreover, the Ape has deceived the people with the diplomatic offices around the world and has arrayed the trade trap, debt trap, and government trap. The global hegemonic ambition of Ape debunked and the world community fights against the invasion of Ape.


The Ape of Karl Marx always exposes the aggressive and brazen attitude, it is the animal character that has never changed. The Ape professes the skill of steal, particularly, the Ape’s herd in China is keen to steal the technology to develop and carry out the arms race, the space race. Therefore, stolen technology couldn’t make good products including weapons. It causes the Ape’s Liberation Army traces behind the US, Europe. Despite the Ape favors the military parade, but they have declared the war to the people since the Ape dynasty joined the free market and later the World Trade Organization. Those are the global economic terror, the military intimidation at the disputed islands in Indochina Pacific, Senkaku islands with Japan. The Ape’s Liberation Army also creates tension with Indonesia, Malaysia, Australia, the US, Europe,  the Philippines in the disputed waters. Recently, the Ape regime clashed with India at the border and trying to occupy Hong Kong. Nevertheless, the Ape Emperor Xi Jinping uses biological warfare to attack the world. The Ape conspires to destroy the world and also creates a massive massacre of Chinese people in the mainland by Coronavirus. The Ape dynasty is heartless, the animal aims to kill hundreds of million people to keep the regime and also misleading the people to fight against the pandemic and forget the ruthless regime.


Certainly, the Ape regime in China is the global enemy, the war maker, so Ape super herd always threatens the peace into multiple forms applying from military intimidation to economic terror. Nevertheless, the Ape regime also provokes and devastated mother nature by building Three Gorges Dam, and many dams in the mainland built from 1949 that have threatened the environment and Chinese people. The Ape herd in Vietnam has the same animal character, commonly, they do love the human excrement, it becomes the strategic fertilizer and feeding fish for economic development that calls socialism. The Ape has no mind, but they are the illiterate planners, the so-called irrigation structure destroyed the environment, it conducts the floods currently occur in China, Vietnam. Particularly, the communist paradise in Vietnam, since Ape lord Hồ Chí Minh and Ape communist party ruled the North from 1945 to 1954 and whole Vietnam from 1975 by the unpredictable victory on April 30, the Ape regime has activated and promoted the” Uncle Hồ’s, Fish Pond”. Moreover, Vietcong Ape devastated the country by the digging channels (they forced Vietnamese people to do by a shovel that labeled” labor is glorious”), Vietcong Ape propagates the slogan:


Decline the farmland draining the water to the river

Squeeze the water from the soil, replace the God making the rain


(Nghiêng đồng đổ nước ra sông

Vắt đất ra nước, thay trời làm mưa).


     In mainland China, the Ape dynasty built 87,000 dams, therefore the Three Gorges Dam is greatest located at the Yangtze River including the town of Sandouping, in Yiling District, Yichang, Hubei province (the center of Chinese virus). The dam’s length is 2,335 meters, height 181 meters. The water that contains nearly 40 kilometers in the era with 1,045 km2. The Ape regime aims to produce electricity (hydroelectricity), but it threatens the nature and Chinese people. The Three Gorges Dam built from December 14, 1994, and operated in 2003. It is the greatest dam in the world, the rapacious project cost $US 31.765 billion. However, 87,000 dams, particularly the Three Gorges Dam provokes mother nature. Whatever, the products made by China match the poor quality, poison, contamination, and short life. Certainly, the dams can not guarantee safety, nevertheless,  the Three Gorges Dam faces the dangerous condition when it had 80 cracks, and bent, but the Ape regime lies to Chinese people. Therefore, the heavy rains continue to pour the massive quantity of water that threatens the flood and it conducts the Three Gorge Dam can collapse anytime and 400 million people being endangered. The Ape dynasty alerts the worst flood is coming since 1949 after the concealment failed in the high technological communication era. The mother nature anger that affects 24 province and municipalities in the South-West plus central China. Nevertheless, the recent earthquakes aggravate The Three Gorges Dam’s safety, so many cities flooded, the bridges wiped out,  Chinese people are nervous. The people live around the era watching the rat and Ape’s cadres running and they will evacuate.


Despite the danger of the Three Gorges Dam has occurred at least two weeks, therefore, the Ape regime and the left media in Western concealed. But, on July 7, 2020, some western media warns the disaster, it means the fate of the Three Gorges Dam being risked. Hundreds of millions of Chinese people appall the inland tsunami, the mother nature gets angry, the disaster is inevitable. When the greatest dam collapsed, China’s economy uprooted, the Ape regime will follow the fate of The Three Gorges Dam, certainly, Chinese people must receive the dire consequences. The worst news of the Three Gorges Dam aggravates China’s stock market, the offshore investment and the Western businesses can get out of China as soon as possible before the dam collapsed.






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