China applies the economic terror to Australia


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The world community needs to know the source of Coronavirus after the deadly virus appeared at Wuhan in early December 2019, therefore, China’s communist government concealed the outbreak. The world questions China about Doctor Li Wengliang who raised the alert of the virus in December 2019, but China’s police arrested and he was killed by the virus. Nevertheless, the World Health Organization is led by Dogtor Tedros Adhanom Ghebreysus (the communist), moreover, he is the first director-general elected without a medical doctoral degree. China’s communist regime and W.H.O colluded, so the pandemic spread worldwide, on May 20, 2020, the death toll is more than 323,000, the infected cases reached 5 million, the global economy recessed. The genocide opposes humanity can not waive, initially, the world community needs to know the original Coronavirus, so the investigation must carry out. There are many countries officially require the inquiry, not Australia alone.


However, the Australian government just proposed the independent inquiry of Coronavirus, but China angers and threatens to cut the meat, wine, barley imports, and stop Chinese tourists (mostly, the world and Australian people fear Chinese tourists including Chinese students are the Chinese Virus’s stations to spread the pandemic). The brazen attitude of China’s communist government represents China’s Ambassador Jingye Cheng or diplomatic terrorist exposing the diplomatic bandit, he intimidates and humiliates Australia and snubs the sovereignty. Following, China’s communist government applies the chauvinism of the master country in the medieval by intimidating to punish the economy, the barley taxes 80%. It is not the trade war, but China bullies and terrorizes  Australia on the economy.


From 28 years in trade ties, the innocent politicians plus the profit lover’s businesses deserved many facilities for China. So the country fell into the trade trap, debt trap, and government trap. China controls Darwin port in 99 years with the lease is $AU 506 million, China owned Merriden Airport in Western Australia with one dollar lease in 100 years. China-owned the water of Murray river and more than 9 million hectares, when Labor Prime Minister Bob Hawke ruled the government, he was the prominent Australian leader to sell Australian land to China and he was a closed relationship with China’s comrade. Moreover, the wealthy Chinese occupied the mansions and luxurious houses in the best locations in Australia.


The traitors are always stood alongside China after China menaced and snubbed Australia sovereignty, the domestic thugs appeared the face, they attack and criticize the government. Almost, the high profiles of the Australian Labor Party attack the government to raise the independent inquiry on Coronavirus. Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk develops the loss of farmers to slam federal government, Western Australia Premier Mark McGowan advises the government to calm while the state needs Chinese tourists and trade. Victoria Premier Daniel Andrews always exposes the actual henchmen of China. Particularly, Senator Penny Wong who climbed higher and dived deeper in government, she held finance minister in a long time of Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard, now she is Labor leader in Senate and holds Shadow Foreign Affairs Minister, she slams the government while China terrorizes the economy of Australia and snubs the sovereignty. Shadow Health Minister Chris Bowan and Labor frontbencher Andrew Leigh attack the government as billionaire comrade Andrew Forrest and Kerry Stokes (owner of left media Channel Seven). It is very hard to recognize a patriotic politician in the Australian Labor Party (someone calls the AUSTRALIA LENINIST PARTY).

China’s communist regime threatens the sovereignty and terrorizes the economy, the Australian Labor Party and henchmen want the Australian government to cringe China as the vassal. After a few days, the world community shows solidarity with 122 nations support Australia. Certainly, the domestic thugs are the shame, but their faces can not hide the public. Nevertheless, the enormous Australia people stand with the government.


The Australian government strongly react against the rogue government in Beijing. Minister for Home Affairs Peter Dutton, member Parliament Andrew Hastie who holds the chair of the Parliamentary Joint Committee on Intelligence and Security exposing the patriotic heart of the concerned politicians while the country being threatened by China. Particularly, the statement of the Federal Trade Minister (*) that exposes the national concern to protect Australia sovereignty. The Australian people and its government can not accept the uppish attitude of China’s communist regime including the bandit Ambassador Jingye Cheng, so the Australian government is preparing to take legal action against China and the World Trade Organization (China breaches the rules)


China’s communist government applies the trade and diplomatic policy as the bandit. Indeed, trade based on fairness and equality between the two countries. The world community can not accept the brazen attitude of China applying the economic terror to Australia, so 122 nations line up to support Australia. On May 21st, 2020, including the US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has blasted China’s communist regime to terrorize economic Australia, the US government fully endorses Scott Morrison’s government into an investigation of Coronavirus. The domestic thugs in Australia are the shame, certainly, the Australian people know they are the traitors live in Australia but adore evil China’s Communist Party./.



Notes: (*)



“Australia’s good fortune is built on many attributes. We stand on the shoulders of our resilient and creative people. We make the most of our abundance of natural assets. And we enjoy lifestyles made possible by values of freedom and respect that are protected by our sovereign democratic institutions.

Our lives have been made better through our delivery of open, rules-based trading arrangements with many countries. One in five Australian jobs is now trade related and, as a country, we’ve got even better at seizing opportunities to export.

We’ve now recorded 27 consecutive months of trade surpluses, meaning we’re routinely exporting more than we’re importing. There were 8,000 more Australian businesses, mostly small and medium sized businesses, involved in exporting immediately prior to COVID-19 than there were six years ago.

Trade doesn’t just support jobs and wages, but also helps to generate the taxes that pay for things like our health, education, defence force and social safety net. Western Australia is a powerhouse of Australian export activity, driven by the world’s most productive farmers and most efficient resources companies.

Australians have come to appreciate the value our trading relationships bring. It is therefore understandable that some worry when they appear to be threatened. Threats can take many forms and we should always be careful not to misinterpret the natural unpredictability of doing business in other countries as something more. But nor should we be naïve to any attempts at economic coercion. 

Whether things are going perfectly or times are challenging, we should always remember the core attributes of our success that we need to protect – our people, our land, our values and institutions. While trade may be of enormous benefit to us we don’t, as Scott Morrison has said, trade away our values. 

In recent decades, as China has recorded remarkable economic growth thanks to the program of opening and reform commenced by Deng Xiaoping in 1978, it has commensurately grown as an economic partner. Today, China is by far the largest economy in our Indo-Pacific region. Unsurprisingly, that has made it Australia’s largest trading partner and the largest trading partner for many other nations too.

Beyond economics, China is a valued regional and strategic partner of Australia as well as a major global power. However, our values and systems of government differ. That we don’t always agree shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. But we should both respect the sovereignty of each other and engage with respect, knowing that we will forever share a place in the same dynamic region of the world. 

Over the last week the actions of Chinese regulators have threatened to disrupt exports by Australia’s barley and beef sectors. Following recent comments by China’s ambassador to Australia, some people here, in China and around the world have understandably sought to ascribe motives to these regulatory actions. Chinese officials, meanwhile, have responded that they “will make a just and objective final ruling on its anti-dumping and anti-subsidy cases against barley” and have described their actions in relation to beef processors as “highly technical” regulatory matters.

Last year, with drought hitting the east coast, around 95 per cent of our barley exports to China originated from Western Australia. WA farmers and traders have worked hard for over a century to establish themselves as competitive and reliable suppliers of high-quality grains. The ties between Australia’s barley exporters and China’s brewing industry going back to the 1960s. The duties that China suggests it may apply to WA’s barley would threaten the viability of this trade.

Our standing as a world-class and competitive supplier of barley has been built off the back of hard work and innovation, not trade distorting subsidies. Our exporters price their product in an entirely commercial way.

I want to assure all Australians we are doing everything we can to protect the $600 million barley market and the jobs it supports, without compromising our values or policies. We are working around the clock with the grains industry to mount the strongest possible case in the time remaining to uphold the integrity of our world leading barley producers.

We are also continuing our strategy of opening up more market options for them. That’s why we already have trade deals with countries like Japan, Korea and Vietnam as well a new deal with Indonesia entering into force on 5 July. We will continue to back the ability of our exporters to grow the best crops in the world and seize export opportunities without trade distorting subsidies into as many nations as possible.

Simon Birmingham is the Federal Trade Minister







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