Bill Gates praises China but attacks America


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Communists always hate the intellectuals, wealthy components, and the bourgeoisie as the main enemies of the so-called proletarian class.  Therefore, when the communist is weak or facing the low tide of revolution, the Karl Marx’s pupils open the arm for everyone including the enemies and the counter-revolutionary components. However, after the communists occupied or robbed the government, initially, the communist eliminates the intellectuals, wealthy people including whoever just has a small asset to be targeted the social purge.


The circumstance of a wealthy woman named Nguyễn Thị Năm who donated 20,000 Indochina piasters or 1,000 lạng vàng (1 lạng vàng equals 37,5 grams of pure gold) for Hồ Chí Minh and she also took care of the food, accommodation for many high profiles of Vietnam’s communist members during the Indochina War. She also encouraged two sons to join Viet Minh troop.


After the Geneva Conference signed on July 20, 1954, North Vietnam ruled by Vietnam’s Communist party covered under the label called Vietnam Workers’ Party. Initially, the Landlord Reform campaign launched into the Democratic Republic of Vietnam, wealthy woman Nguyễn Thị Năm, 47-year-old was executed for the sample and Hồ Chí Minh’s regime confiscated all assets. There were many wealthy families and intellectuals in China, Vietnam and other communist countries contributed the money, food for communists, but they became the social purge by killing or jailed after the communist party succeeded.


The US billionaire Bill Gates has never lived with the communist, particularly, in China. Therefore, Mr. Bill Gates and his wife Melinda Gates knew:


- 1.4 billion Chinese people have ruled by the cruel regime called China’s Communist Party from 1949.


- There was Mao Tse Tung ruled from 1940 to 1975 with the bloodshed campaigns were Great Leap Forward, Hundred Flowers, Landlord Reform, Culture Revolution that killed more than 65,000,000 people. On the other hand, China’s Communist Party massacred about 100,000,000 people.


- The Tiananmen Square massacre in 1989 has never forgotten, the world condemns, certainly, Bill Gates plus the left media knew.


- China is the culprit of Coronvirus attacks the world including tens of thousand people in the US who died by the biological warfare of China. Japanese Nobel Prize-winning Professor, Dr.Tasuku Honjo confirmed Coronavirus is abnormal.


The Coronavirus or Chinese Virus pandemic spread worldwide, despite China always denies the culprit of global biological warfare terror, but Beijing can not protect the arrest of Whistleblower Doctor Li Wengliang who raised the alert about the deadly virus and the World Health Organization misled the medical information to delay the COVID 19 outbreak and the world’s economy recessed. The people believe Coronavirus came from the Biological level 4 Laboratory in Wuhan. Moreover, billionaire Bill Gates-funded it, in 2015, President Barrack Obama used $US 3.7 million of the US taxpayers to fund the biological warfare at Wuhan’s laboratory.


The Coronavirus links to Bill Gates, Obama, so when President Donald Trump cut the fund to the World Health Organization, Bill Gates, Obama react. Recently, the hypocritic philanthropist Bill Gates attacks the US and praises China in an interview on CNN, Bill Gates said:” China did a lot thing right at the beginning. Like any country where a virus first shows up, they can look back and see where they missed some things”.


What did China do a lot of things at the beginning?. Before the first visit of US President Richard Nixon in 1972, the global economy developed without China. Therefore, after the largest communist country joined the free market and later W.T.O, China has applied the cunning methods in business, stolen technology, and arrayed the trade trap, debt trap, government trap everywhere including the US, Europe, Australia. The den of thieves, the hub of counterfeit, the center of a cheat, and now the lair of pandemic become the global disaster.


The global hegemonic ambition has carried out by the soft army, espionage network, nevertheless, China secretly cornered the United Nations, the World Health Organization, even Vatican, Pope Francis signed an agreement to approve the bishops of China’s Communist Party pointed. Despite China didn’t contribute much finance to international organizations, but Beijing controls the United Nations, the World Organization by corruption. According to the record in 2019, China contributed $US 44 million to WHO, but the US-funded $US 400 million. China paid $US 16 million to UNICEF, but the US paid $US 700 million. The World Food Program, the US paid $US 8 billion but China contributed $US 30 million. Moreover, the US contributed about $US 1.7 billion to UNHCR but China just paid $US1.9 million. The US spent $US 274 million to aid the world caused by Chinese Virus attacks, while China sold and provided the poor test kits and the face masks attached contamination.


Bill Gates speaks like his beloved comrade Xi Jinping during the Chinese Virus attacking worldwide. The hypocritical philanthropist Bill Gates and Melinda Gates don’t know about the communist, they have not seen coffin and not cry yet. Certainly, Bill Gates and Melinda Gates knew China’s Communist Party is the genocide, but they stand alongside China, the culprit of biological warfare terror. Bill Gates and Melinda Gates betray the US people and the international community, Bill Gates praises China and attacks the US. The Novel Coronavirus outbreak and also appearing the domestic thugs laid in Western countries, the hypocritical philanthropist Bill Gates lives in a democratic country but adore evil China’s communist. Certainly, billionaire Bill Gates is the enemy of communism but China’s Communist Party has used the intellectuals and wealthy components as the henchmen in a stage and communists will annihilate the enemies without pity as saying” when a hunter recognizes the dog can not do a job properly, a hunter knows how to eat the dog’s meat”./.






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