Behind coronavirus is the hidden business


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Chinese Virus launched by China’s Communist Party from December 1st, 2019. The global biologic warfare attack conspired for a long time.  China has prepared the biological warfare at least two decades ago, the brilliant idea of the famous General Chi Haotian who held the Defense Minister of Deng Xiaoping, and now,  Red Emperor Xi Jinping applies to destroy the US and democratic countries. So, whistleblower, Dr. Li Wengliang arrested after he raised the early alert about the deadly virus and the World Health Organization appeared the actual tool of China. It is so sad when the World Health Organization elected the first director-general without a medical doctoral degree is Dogtor Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyus who misled the medical information by delaying the pandemic outbreak, so the world faces more than 200,000 deaths and more than 3,000,000 infected cases and the global economy recessed, Dogtor Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyus becomes the medical genocide, he destroyed the prestige of the World Health Organization. The Novel Coronavirus is the biological warfare of China transmitted to economic pandemic and propaganda pandemic. Therefore, behind the Coronavirus is the hidden business. The Novel Coronavirus aims into multiple purposes:


- To destroy the US, Europe, and the economy of democratic countries


- To frighten the world by the deadly virus. It is a high-level form of terror, normally, a terrorist threatens the people by bloodshed or the barbarous killing. China uses its Chinese Virus to appall the world through massive deaths and infection. China’s Communist Party has never cared about the life of Chinese people, from 1949, China’s Communist Party massacred a hundred million people, so the Coronavirus pandemic created the massive death toll in China, but it doesn’t matter with the Ape super herd, therefore, China and left media (hired media) propagate the fear of the people by the death toll in the US, Europe.


- To prepare the way for China’s actual henchman Joe Biden to win the election in 2020.


However, China does the Coronavirus business after attacking the world by Coronavirus and China’s communist regime also exposes the hypocritical morality by sending the medical supplies to aid or sell to the victimized nations. The fake pity of China is like a nursing home’s nurse named Roger Dean who lit N.S.W Quakers Hill nursing home fire in November 2011, his motive comes from the theft of prescription drugs from the elderly people. During the fire was occurring, nurse Roger Dean pretended to rescue the seniors, someone thought he is a hero. Therefore, the aftermath, the Police found the culprit, so Mr. Roger Dean was charged by 11 murder counts.


China’s communist regime bought 2.2 billion masks between January 24, 2020, to the end of February 2020. White House’s adviser Peter Navarro warned China to corner the world market in personal protection equipment (PPE). The world faces a lack of PPE when the pandemic outbreak and China sells, aids attach the blackmail (China pressured France to accept Huawei 5G to exchange the masks).


However, China’s medical supplies match the poor quality, the test kits giving 80% wrong results and face masks attaching the virus, contamination. Possibly China’s medical supplies may create more deaths and infections. It is better, do not buy or use any China made. The United Kingdom recognized China’s medical supplies are dangerous, the senior British Doctors alerted about 250 ventilators purchased from China that cause significant patient harm including death if those use in hospitals. Therefore, Democratic Governor of New York Andrew Cuomo received 1,000 ventilators aid from China and encourages the people to use the personal protection equipment that comes from the base of biological warfare terror. The dirty game of Democratic Governor of New York conspires to down President Donald Trump by ten thousand lives of New York residents, Governor Andrew Cuomo is heartless.


China is the culprit of biological warfare and China also provides medical supplies. The US billionaire Bill Gates financed Wuhan’s biological laboratory where the people believe Coronavirus created. Bill Gates also calls the world leaders to find the vaccine, he conspires to invest in the vaccine, he inspires to be the first trillionaire on the planet and becomes the global vaccine mogul. China’s communist regime praises Bill Gates who funded $US 100 million to respond to the global COVID-19, but the secret business of Coronavirus can not hide the public. When President Donald Trump cuts the funding of the World Health Organization, China, Bill Gates, Nancy Pelosi, and others react as all kinds of insects struck by pesticides. China’s comrades in Western appeared the faces after  President Donald Trump cut the fund.


Western Australia billionaire Andrew Forrest has collaborated the business with China for a long time. Indeed, his hypocritical charity hides the business to carry out between his mining industry and China’s Communist Party. Mr. Andrew Forrest donated $AU 320 million to the Australian government, but he ordered China’s medical supplies, the life of Australian people including the health workers are risky. Moreover, Billionaire Andrew Forrest exploits the donations to propaganda for China, he helps China breaching the Australian sovereign. Every time he announced the donation, besides, there was China’s consulate-general to speak, recently, Billionaire Andrew Forrest arrayed China’s Consulate-General for Victoria Long Zhou to ambush Australian Health Minister Greg Hunt. On the other hand, billionaire Andrew Forrest conducts China to abuse the Australian government and breaching the sovereign.


During the Australian government requires the investigation on Coronavirus and China’s Ambassador Jingye Cheng intimidate the punitive economy by stop import and tourist (*). Billionaire Andrew Forrest and billionaire Kerry Stokes back China plus Labor Premier of Western Australia Mark McGowan to support those billionaires. The Australian people have no surprise about Labor Premier Mark McGowan who recruited China’s communist Pierre Yang into the state’s Legislative Council. Moreover, Premier Mark McGowan granted the contract was worth $AU 136 million for Huawei to operate 4G into the state’s train system despite, state’s opposition party warned about the national security risk. Premier Mark McGowan endorses the intimidation of China’s Ambassador Jingye Cheng, Mr. Mark McGown said:” We keep the economy alive”. The partial and irresponsible concern of Premier Mark McGowan raises the question about the national interest, patriotic heart and national security, he exchanges the sovereign to state’s business linking to China’s companies and Chinese tourists. The traitors open the door for foreign enters. Almost, Labor leaders favor the comradeship with China than the national interest and sovereign. (Victoria Premier Daniel Andrew is the same).


China’s communist regime threatens the national interest, Ambassador Jingye Cheng intimidates, therefore, billionaire Andrew Forrest, Kerry Stokes, and Premier Mark McGowan back China, who are they? What do they do for the country?. Moreover, Coronavirus appeared at Wuhan, when Alan Jones on 2GB asked, billionaire Andrew Forrest lied, he told the virus could have started in another country. Possibly, the Chinese Virus comes from the desk of the commander in viruses Xi Jinping throughout Wuhan’s biological laboratory. The absurd argument of billionaire Andrew Forrest that hits out by Prime Minister Scott Morrison said:” that’s obviously not true” and Prime Minister told billionaire Andrew Forrest to stay away from foreign affairs. The billionaires try to use the monetary label to impose the stance plus the business to government. Certainly, they speak and act for individual pocket, not national interest.


The Forrest’s philanthropic organization calls Minderoo Foundation has carried out the charitable business, he donated $US320 million to make money for China but Mr. Forrest can claim the tax deduction of the Australia Taxation Office. So Mr. Andrew Forrest uses Australian taxpayers to donate China’s communist regime and later, he will sell the iron to China. Therefore, Mr. Forrest should know after the pandemic, the international community will boycott China that ruins the orders, so China will not buy the iron, moreover, Mr. Andrew Forrest lives in Australia, but the people dislike him. Whoever stands with the enemy to attack the national interest, they are treason. Billionaire Andrew Forrest sells Australian natural sources to China and he uses the Australian taxpayers to help China under the charitable label. He does the Coronavirus business with China by Australian money./.



There is an Australian citizen who reacts after the blackmail of China’s ambassador Jingye Cheng. Billionaire Andrew Forrest and Kerry Stokes, Premier Mark McGowan are shameless. Moreover, the patriotic heart of Andrew Forrest and Kerry Stokes travel to the communist paradise or the pandemic paradise. The opening latter published on Facebook, April 29, 2020.


Dear Ambassador Jingye,

I am one of the millions of Australians disgusted at your threats to “punish” Australia for wanting an international investigation into the Coronavirus which started in Wuhan, China.

Threatening us with economic and other sanctions won’t work. Australians will never let China or any other country blackmail us.

Your country has lied to the world. The more we learn, the more concerned everyone outside of China is about the cause of this health emergency killing hundreds of thousands of people and devastating the world economy.

Why is China refusing to allow independent investigators to visit Wuhan and look at your facilities including the laboratory testing bats?

Why don’t you want outsiders to look at your dirty practices to understand how this catastrophe was made in China?

Whether you hate free and democratic countries like Australia is irrelevant. This is about “doing the right thing” and fessing up to your crimes.

Ambassador, you made a HUGE MISTAKE going on tv and threatening Australia with boycotts of tourists and students (and spies) from China.

Many Australians don’t want the Chinese to return after the Coronavirus. Many Australians don’t want China to buy our farms and Australian businesses. And your threats just made me and millions of other Australians more determined to pursue an “anti-China” policy.

You may think that you are an emerging superpower. And you may think you can threaten your neighbours, but China should look at history to realise having a big population doesn’t mean that you will win now or in the future.

Until the Chinese people get rid of the Chinese Communist Party and the dictatorship, your country will be seen by the rest of the world as evil.

As you hate Australia, why don’t you practice what you preach and book a one-way ticket back to China?

Yours sincerely,

Steve Mav







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