Ape king Xi Jinping acquired the magic of monkey


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Chinese author in Ming Dynasty Wu Cheng’en wrote the great book” Journey to the West”, its book considered one of four great classical novels of Chinese literature. Journey to the West represents Buddhism fable, its story based on historic events in the early Tang dynasty, a monk named Xuanzang (606-664) of Jingtu Temple who took a very long journey to look for the bible. This monk recruited three extraordinary pupils, they have the magic, so the monk Xuanzang took over the obstacles, eventually, he accomplished the impossible journey. Despite, monk Xuanzang is the main person, but the stooge’s role is Magic Monkey is a prominent role in the story.


The Magic Monkey is fiction, it has an extraordinary life before joining the journey with monk Xuanzang, but Magic Monkey gained the magics from a mysterious teacher. Certainly, the Magic Monkey has to learn hard, self-respect and became the Buddha. Nowadays, in China’s mainland, the Ape herd has ruled China from 1949 by the Ape kings are Mao Tse Tung, Deng Xiaoping, Jiang Zemin, Hu Jintao, and now, Ape King Xi Jinping who acquired the black magic monkey by the malicious methods. Mostly, the black magic of Ape king Xi Jinping and previous Ape Kings comes from the stolen technologies. Nevertheless, the Ape students have journeyed to the West, the favorite places are the US, Europe, Australia, Canada. The Ape students have carried out the technological burglary’s mission, but not to bring the freedom, democracy’s bible to the mainland. The Ape students have never changed the Ape’s ethos despite they lived a long time in the West. Moreover, Ape students are arrogant as the super Ape’s class, or the Ape Supremacy in China, they bring the Ape’s culture and propagate the Communism in Western universities. The Ape’s students harm Western education and intoxicate the native students from many decades ago. The greedy profit of university in Western, particularly, the ill-concerned Vice-Chancellors who have transformed the education to business, so the Ape students infiltrated the famous universities in Western. Nevertheless, Ape students and Ape’s empire influence Western universities like the University of Queensland, the philosophy student names Drew Pavlou who was expelled because he criticized the human rights record of Ape regime, the free speech killed, so he files the lawsuit against the University of Queensland at Brisbane Supreme Court to seek $AU 3.5 million of compensation. It is incredible, in Queensland (Australia), the University of Queensland applies the Ape’s rules and bush law as China’s mainland. The Australian government may overhaul Chinese students and universities when democracy and free speech violated by the Vice-Chancellors.


However, Ape King Xi Jinping needs not to spend the money to research, but the Ape students stole the technologies, inventions, and bring back home, they are the technological burglars in high-level. The stolen intellectual properties have helped China’s growth and made the products to sell back to the invention’s land. So the Ape herd transformed the mainland to be the den of counterfeit, the hub of a cheat. Ape king Xi Jinping has used the stolen magics into an arms race, space race and the Ape’s dream labeled the Chinese dream.


The Magic Monkey of Wu Cheng’en could fly to heaven and met the heaven’s king, therefore, the Jade Rabbit of Ape’s king Xi Jinping just reached the Moon and died after touching down the surface. The strength of the Ape dynasty exposes on military technology, therefore, the aircraft carriers copied from Ukraine, the Cold War’s model is obsolete. Moreover, the so-called modern aircraft carriers run by diesel while the US, Europe use nuclear power, so China’s Navy just wanders around the region. The stolen magics can recognize the warplane J-15 and J-20 labeled stealth, but the people don’t know the fighting capacity. The Ape army called the People’s Liberation Army is just a human-robot army, in the Korea War, the human wave tactic of Ape King Mao Tse Tung wasted a million lives, even the conflict occurred between two Ape herd in 1979 at China-Vietnam’s border, China’s Ape army lost tens of thousand lives.


Despite Ape King Xi Jinping acquired the technological magics from the burglary’s skills, therefore, the left media empowers China’s strength by the propaganda. It is the mouthful strength of Ape’s herd, mostly the products made in the paradise of Ape or the communist paradise match the poor quality, poison, contamination, and short life, except biological warfare that has affected the world from the early December 2019. The Chinese virus attacks the world and created a massive killing and infection. It is the effective magic of Ape King Xi Jinping, the biological magic originated from Wuhan’s laboratory and its Ape magic can kill the opponents in China to solve the massive jobless and straying Chinese people standing up, instead, fighting the pandemic. The Biological black magic of Ape’s King Xi Jinping has applied to multiple purposes.


The magic of monkey in the fable of Wu Cheng’en that helps the Buddhist learning the moral lesson, but Ape’s magic of Xi Jinping causes the massive deaths and the world complicated by Coronavirus black magic. Certainly, the world community lines up to file the lawsuit against the Ape dynasty. The compensation estimates a hundred trillion US dollars, so Ape king Xi Jinping appalls the bankruptcy hits back by its black magic.


Certainly, the Ape herd acquired black magic, they can make fake products labeled the famous brands of Western companies to make a profit. The beef in China labeled Australia’s beef to sell the high price in the mainland, the pork transformed to beef and selling to Muslims, the melamine made the fake milk to kill six babies and more than 300,000 babies hospitalized, the human hair made soy sauce, the unborn bay’s carcass to make the virile male’s medicine./.







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