Andrew forrest sticks Chinese bush law


Posted on April 30, 2020 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



Chinese Virus pandemic outbreak worldwide, the death toll rises more than 200,000 and 3,000,000 infected. Almost, the nations on the planet are the victims of China’s Communist Party. Moreover, the global economy recessed, the world isolated to deal with the deadly virus spreading. The US, Europe, Australia, Japan, and others stimulate the money to help its people facing the pandemic. Certainly, every country welcomes the donations from wealthy people, therefore, the donation of US billionaire Bill Gates with $US100 million pledged from the Bill & Melinda Foundation called” a once-in-a-century pathogen” that doubts, China’s Communist Party leader Xi Jinping praises philanthropist Bill Gates, but the people suspect the Novel Coronavirus is the biological warfare of China, the deadly virus should originate from the biological level 4 laboratory in Wuhan. Bill Gates-funded its laboratory and in 2015, President Barrack Obama used $US 3.7 million of the taxpayers to fund Wuhan’s biological laboratory.


Initially, Australian billionaire Andrew Forrest donated $AU160 million, and recently, he ordered more China’s medical supplies, but his donation being controversial. Moreover, the left media in Australia like Channel Seven praises Western Australia magnate Andrew Forrest, therefore, the left media concealed the donations of billionaire Clive Palmer purchased 32,900,000 doses of Hydroxychloroquine giving the National Medical Stockpile, female Billionaire Gina Rinehart donated $AU 6 million for ventilators, intravenous pumps, cardiac monitors and other lifesaving equipment.


Everyone knows China’s products meet the poor quality, poison, contamination, and short life, possibly, China’s medical supplies are dangerous. The US, Europe, and many nations boycott China’s medical supplies after Chinese Virus attacks. China’s Communist Party used the Coronavirus to attack and Beijing also sells, aids the medical supplies to the victimized countries. The hypocritical morality of China debunked because of China’s test kits giving 80% the wrong results and the face-masks attaching contamination, virus. China’s Communist Party carries out the heartless business by releasing the Coronavirus and also selling the medical supplies and comrade billionaire Bill Gates calls the world leaders to find the vaccine. It is the pandemic business of China and also performing global hegemonic ambition. The dirty biological warfare of China aiming for multiple purposes like a stone kills many birds. China’s medical supplies may create more deaths, infections, and China also earns a profit. The United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, Hollands, Hungary, and other nations knew the danger of China’s medical supplies.


However, Western Australia’s mining magnate Andrew Forrest ordered China’s medical supplies and donated it to the Australian government. China’s medical supplies should risk the life of Australian people and medical officials in hospitals. Certainly, billionaire Andrew Forrest has a long term business with China’s communist government. The Australian people can not trust any China made, moreover, China’s medical supplies are very dangerous. Why didn’t billionaire Andrew Forrest order medical supplies made in Australia, the US, and democratic countries?. The donation of billionaire Andrew Forrest is led by socialism.


Whenever billionaire Andrew Forrest donated, beside the philanthropist, there was an official of China’s embassy (Consulate-General) who spoke as the patron. Therefore, Australian citizen donation needs not China’s Communist representative. The donations of billionaire Andrew Forrest become China’s propaganda on the prominent left television networks of Channel Seven (owner is Kerry Stokes who didn’t quarantine as the law after returning from the US, but Western Australia government avoided to apply the law). The presence of China’s embassy officials in the donations of billionaire Andrew Forrest proved Australia loses the sovereign. Nevertheless, the Australian government requires an investigation of the Coronavirus and China outrages. China’s Ambassador Jingye Cheng raises the brazen attitude as a bandit, he intimidates to stop Australia import, Chinese tourists.


Billionaire Andrew Forrest donated the medical supplies made in China, he ignores the life of Australian people being risked. Possibly, China can retaliate against the Australian government by sending the poorly medical supplies to create a new wave of the pandemic. On the other hand, billionaire Andrew Forrest has done the business with China’s communist regime for a long time, he sold iron to China, and now, he ordered China’s medical supplies to help China’s job. The donations of billionaire Andrew Forrest is just a business carrying out between mining magnate and China’s Communist Party./.







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