Trump has no racist but Democrats are bullshit


Posted on July 27, 2020 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



Democrats and its comrade China panic the potential loss of the US presidential election will be held on November 8, 2020, while the rotten candidate Joe Biden is facing the hub of scandals showing the public, therefore, the stupid components still support a politician who engages the corruption, money laundering, treason, and sexual harassment, all siege presidential candidate Joe Biden in the election campaign. Certainly, the loss of Joe Biden in the election has obsessed China’s communist regime and its comrade Democrats:


-Democrats appall the Congress loss, possibly, Republicans will control both law maker houses. Nevertheless, the White House’s swamp will drain out, but Democrats will not exploit the Congress to help their high profiles escape the serious crimes.


-China fears the second term of President Donald Trump who has strong policies to confront the global hegemonic strategy of the most world’s rogue regime. When Republicans hold the Senate and Congress, the law will apply to sue China at International Court or mandate the local courts to set the massive compensation of Coronavirus victims and the US government. When the US files the lawsuit against China, it follows a hundred nations seeking compensation from the Chinese virus. China obsesses about the inevitable bankruptcy, nevertheless, China’s companies listed and publicized.


Both China and Democrats rush the tactics to save Joe Biden and also prevent the second term of President Donald Trump. Their panic has exposed to the disorder’s actions, unfortunately, Democrats failed to use the death of a serious felony George Floyd to pave the way for Joe Biden who dreams to make the historic journey to White House. Even candidate Joe Biden, Congressional terrorist, and commander in thug Nancy Pelosi plus the high profiles of Democrats knelt to pay the respect of an iconic criminal, therefore, their grotesque behaviors hit back when the US people recognize Democrats commit suicide by the greatest funeral of George Floyd, they challenge the morality and social valuation, certainly, a felon is not a hero, but Democrats promote as an angel.


The death of George Floyd cost the businesses and taxpayers billions of US dollars when the Black Lives Matter and Antifa protested with riots, loots, killed police officers, abuse the people, burned down the businesses. The label of racist turns the social hatred, the Black Lives Matter transforms into the Black Supremacy. Former President Barrack Obama who considered as the founder of Black Lives Matter, therefore, the violent actions of Black Lives Matter is not different from the Culture Revolution of Mao Tse Tung in China. The bloodshed campaign of Mao caused the deaths of 20 to 30 million Chinese people from 1966 to 1976. Nowadays, the Black Culture Revolution of Barrack Obama, Democrats, and the left media propagates devastate the Western, the statues, monuments including Jesus, Maria labeled the White people. The Black Guards are just a minority of the Black people in the US, Europe, Australia, but they go too far, they vandalized and torn down the statues of Winston Churchill, Abraham Lincoln, Captain Cook, and others, instead, the statue of Barrack Obama and his daughter Sasha was unveiled at the corner of Fourth and St. Joseph Street. Instead, the statue of Barrack Obama is suitable at the entrance of the transgender restroom or the toilet deserves for Allah’s adherents in the US or somewhere else.


The Black Culture Revolution creates a hateful society, the brands of Colonial beer and cheese Coon that is racist. Certainly, Black Lives Matter is Barrack Obama succeeds to divide the nation, but the people don’t like the violence. The minor Black Lives Matter destroys people’s sympathy, society faces mayhem. On the other hand, Democrats, the left parties have exploited the innocent and aggressive Black component for political purpose. The ill-concerned Black elements damaged social unity, they ignore the law and pandemic, the rallies of Black Lives Matter are among the cause of the second wave’s Coronavirus outbreak in Victoria’s state. On July 26, 2020, once again, there are about 500  Black Lives Matter gathered at Sydney’s Town Hall, New South Wales despite the Supreme Court bans. Possible, the Black Lives Matter becomes the Black Supreme, they sit above the law and snub the pandemic.


On June 25, 2020, the leftist billionaire Bill Gates and his wife Melinda Gates attended an interview on Forbes Magazine to discuss the Coronavirus vaccine, they attacked President Donald Trump who cut the fund of the World Health Organization after this organization turned to the World Hell Organization. Both hypocritical philanthropists want the vaccine based on racial groups, possibly, the Black is first. So Bill and Melinda Gates activate the racial discrimination against the White, Asian. It is the Black Supremacy has promoted by Barrack Obama and Bill Gates with his wife honored the Medal of Freedom by President Barrack Obama.


Democrats, China, and Joe Biden fail to label the racist to the US patriotic President Donald Trump. The protests with riots ruined by the great efforts of Donald Trump who created 404,000 jobs for Black Americans were added in June 2020, instead, the Black unemployment dropped 1.4%. Moreover, President Donald Trump made funding permanent for Historically Black Colleges and universities. The great outcome proves President Donald Trump who takes care of the Black people more than the Black President Barrack Obama who pushed the Black people to food stamps recipients, but China gained the US jobs. Certainly, the Black people don’t want to live in the SATAN’s era of President Barrack Obama, and Joe Biden who will bring the jobless as Obama did in 8 years. Nowadays, the US Black people and everyone are living in the era of SANTA Donald Trump who protects the US job and makes America great again./.






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