The fake news to praise China economy


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Nowadays, the left media workers appeared the evil reporters, Satanic journalists come from the den of fake news companies around the world. The prominent fake news companies in the US represent CNN, The New York Times, The Washington Post, NBC, MSNBC, ABC CBS…in the United Kingdom has The Guardian, Australia has ABC that is not Australian Broadcasting Corporation as its label indeed it is Australian Broadcasting Communism, Channel Seven, Channel Nine, Channel Ten, SBS.


The record of fake news, fabricated stories, and false polls cause the people’s distrust, the left media becomes the thug of people, the foe of public and the garbage of mainstream. Mostly, the audience has nothing to watch, instead, the fake news, but it killed the prestigious media companies and the communication business lost the advertising.


The golden time of fake news was gone after the Vietnam War, moreover, President Donald Trump granted the death certificate” fake news” to the animal media or the left media. The people can recognize the wrong and right, bad and good, food and excrement, hell and heaven, god and evil…therefore, the left media doesn’t recognize those, so the human mind disappeared in left media line, they have carried the media as animal like a dog can waves its tail when it gets a bone of pet food giving from somebody. Whoever pays, the animal media serves as the order, so China understands the animal character of the dishonest media workers and Beijing could pay money, privileges, and the left media become China’s propaganda machine in Western. Unfortunately, the high technological communication, social media, and multiple information sources stripped the exclusive tight of left media. Nevertheless, the readers and audiences declined that follows the profit loss, so the left media workers face the hungry money’s situation. Certainly, China develops a negative vulnerability to hire the left media to propagate. The main themes to stray the culprit of Coronavirus, misleading the world about China’s economy disabled and represents China into the military intimidation of the neighboring nations plus the US. It is the disgraced psychological warfare, the world knew China is the global thug, particularly, the enormous evidence proved China Virus originated from Wuhan’s laboratory.


The garbage fake news has reprised as the boring sitcom, the left media has no shame, they snub the people are stupid like the staff of Channel Nine published an article on July 15, 2010:” China avoids recession as virus smashes other economies around the world”. The bullshit article wrote:


“ The world’s major economies have been rocked by the coronavirus but China will not fall into recession, a new report has found.

According to a just-released report by The Economist Intelligence Unit, most G7 countries will lose four years of economic growth because of the pandemic.

Despite its spiralling coronavirus death toll, the US economic story looked broadly positive.

US President Donald Trump chats with Chinese President Xi Jinping during a welcome ceremony at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing, in 2017. (AP / Andy Wong)

“The country’s third-quarter output will be similar to that registered in the same period of 2017,” the report said.

“Its economy should be back to pre-coronavirus GDP levels by 2022.”

In Asia, India’s economy appears best-placed to recover the fastest but the report highlighted the country is emerging as a coronavirus hotspot, which could derail growth.

Meanwhile, Japan’s Q3 GDP will slip back to 2012 levels.


China is broadly ahead of the pandemic curve, and the Chinese economy started to recover in the second quarter of this year, while output in other developed markets was sinking,” the report found.

The coronavirus pandemic has wiped out about four years of economic growth for Canada, France, Germany and the UK.

In the third quarter of this year, Italy’s output will be at levels last registered in 1997, the report stated.

“The situation in most BRICS countries is worrying,” Agathe Demarais, The Economist Intelligence Unit’s global forecasting director, said.


 Brazil, Russia and South Africa have all lost nearly ten years of growth, and they will be in recovery mode until 2024.”

The emergence of a second wave would “derail” the global recovery, Ms Demarais said.

“If the pandemic re-emerges later this year, as looks likely, recovery may take even longer than we currently expect.”


Nowadays, people doubt organizations including the United Nations, the World Health Organization turns the WORLD HELL ORGANIZATION. Moreover, a group of 370 top economists with 8 Novel Winners used their prestige and doctoral degree for political purposes, they activated Republicans and the US people do not vote Donald Trump because of the economic risk. After the election 2016, once again, 27 dogtors of Havard and Yale distorted the medical career by using the degree to release the false medical assessment for presidential impeachment. Certainly, the staff of Channel Nine based the garbage article on the report of the Economist Intelligence Unit, the people have no trust when this article conflicts the truth, it is the disgraced lie. On the other hand, the Economists Intelligence Unit steals the job of psychics, but it is a biased study, China should pay for them.


    It is very hard to believe China’s economy avoids the recession except China’s Communist Party acquires the mighty magic of Monkey in the Buddha fable” Journey to the West” of Wu Cheng’en. Unfortunately, Ape king Xi Jinping and its Ape gang have no magic, instead, the Intercontinental Ballistic Tariff Missiles of the potential commander in chief Donald Trump to cripple China’s global market, and the giant telecommunication Huawei and others like TZE received the death certificate. Nevertheless, China’s communist regime lost the major offshore market, China’s currency devalued many times, and inflation conducts Chinese people in the mainland facing more difficulties in living conditions.


The Coronavirus wiped out China’s economy in the mainland, the major productions are industry, plus businesses fight to survive. China also appalls the massive compensation of Coronavirus that estimates a hundred trillion US dollars. In the mainland, 231 airline companies nearly disabled, more than 61 million tourists have no interest to visit China including the Great Wall and the other historic relics, the communist paradise is also the paradise of pandemics. The numerous billionaires of China filed the bankruptcy, the stock exchange of China is uncertain, moreover, the bush law of national security threatens the Hang Seng Index and Shanghai stock market. Many problems have circled China’s economy. The flood threatens hundreds of million Chinese people, the Three Gorges Dam being endangered, it causes the investors are nervous, the world’s biggest dam can collapse any time while China’s government perplexes and conceals the risk by propaganda. Since China’s communist country joined the free market, the rogue regime couldn’t develop without Western, the export sector is the vital economy of China, the boom time, China employed more than 120 million people. Therefore, when the export declined, China must fight very hard for survival. The trade war, pandemic, and flood aggravated China in the economy and the massive jobless that risks the totalitarian regime.


The bullshit article of staff’s Channel Nine exposes the animal media, the excellent writers have no mind, without knowledge, so they published the garbage article to applaud China, indeed, China’s economy is a brink of collapse, nevertheless, the mountain debt creates more problem while the export ruined by the trade war and the world community isolates China that deals with Coronavirus, China threatens to detain the citizens of Western like the US, Australia, the United Kingdom. The article of staff of Channel Nine is suitable for China state media, North Korea state media, Vietcong media, not Western media, the staff of Channel Nine applies the propaganda into a wrong place and wrong people







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