Coronavirus has no exemption Black Lives Matter


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The death of a serious felony George Floyd globalized by Democrats, domestic thugs, and China stands behind the protests with riots. In US history, the death of George Floyd cost billions of US dollars, the society complicated. The label of racist turns nasty, the protestors looted businesses, killed police officers, destroyed and defaced the historic statues. In the US, a statue of Abraham Lincoln and in the United Kingdom, a statue of Winston Churchill vandalized. The Black Lives Matter in Australia requires to remove all statues around the country.


The Black Lives Matter is Black Supremacy, it created by the first Muslim and Communist Barrack Obama who is the perpetrator of the rebellious movement hiding under the racial shield. The Black Lives Matter is s small group in Western, they exploit the democracy to demand and pressure the government responding to the requirements. On the other hand, Black Lives Matter is not different from the communists, likely. In Vietnam, after Vietcong claimed the unpredictable victory on April 30, 1975, the so-called revolutionary government knocked down the statues, monuments, even the cemeteries are the targets of the winner. Vietcong destroyed and dug up the graves of South Vietnam’s soldiers at Biên Hòa’s cemetery and nationwide. Nowadays, the communist method appears in Western countries. Possibly, the Black Lives Matter is the communism uprising outside China, Vietnam, North Korea.


The Black Lives Matter spread quicker than Coronavirus, it started in the US on May 25, 2020, and a few days, the Black Lives Matter’s epidemic develops to Europe, Canada, and Australia. The left media helped the Black Lives Matter’s pandemic spread by propaganda and misleading the public.


Despite the Coronavirus still threatens, the vaccine has not found yet, therefore, the Black Lives Mater’s activists ignore the health officials and the government in the US, Australia, the United Kingdom and somewhere else warn, the Black Lives Matter’s organizers rallied, they breached the social distance’s rule (it is the law) and ignore the public health.


In Australia, the Black Lives Matter’s supporters and activists rallied in most capital cities like Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra. The asylum seekers follow Black Lives Matter, they pressure the government to allow the illegal migrants’ approval as the refugees by the protest.


Certainly, the Australian Labor Party (Australian Leninist Party), Greens Party (Garbage Party) strongly supports Black Lives Matter. In Western Australia, Health Minister Roger Cook calls the people who do not rally, but his wife attended the protest with Black Lives Matter. As the law, wife of Health Minister Roger Cook is Carly Lane must quarantine 14 days if Mr. Roger Cook contacted his wife, he must quarantine. Therefore, the law exempted the high profiles of Labor, is it?. Nevertheless, during the Coronavirus pandemic outbreak, form April 6, 2020, the Western Australia government shut the border, including the regions. Labor Premier Mark McGowan, Health Minister Roger Cook, Police Commissioner Chris Dawson, Chief Heath Officer is Dr. Andrew Roberton currently appeared on the television to warn about the deadly virus and issued the quarantine’s policy strictly 14 days to everyone. However, Billionaire Kerry Stokes (owner of the prominent left media Channel Seven) and his wife excepted, they didn’t stay in a hotel for 14 days quarantine. It is the saga of the Labor government in Western Australia. Do not listen to what Labor talk, let’s watch what Labor did.


According to the, the aftermath of rallies on weekend, there are four federal Labor’s Member of Parliament struck by Coronavirus. They are Anika Wells, Graham Perrett, Warren Snowdon, and Malarndrirri MacCarthy. They tested positive COVID-19 and no return to Parliament until the all-clear. Possibly, the family members of four Labor politicians must test the Covid-19 and quarantine 14 days. The government and health department don’t know how many protestors infected Coronavirus, the numerous protestors are up to 60,000 people in Australia. The quarantine does need to apply all protestors.


The rallies cause the second wave of Coronavirus, but the Black Lives Matter’s activists ignore it. After the protests plus riot, the deadly virus punishes the irresponsible people, the health officials in New York, Melbourne, Sydney, and somewhere else worry the virus can spread and transmit from the protestor to protestors. After more than 3 months of applied quarantine, isolation, and treatment, the Black Lives Matter wipes out the effort of the government to prevent the pandemic, China appreciates the Coronavirus spread in Western, the Black Lives Matter responds to China’s conspiracy.


The Coronavirus has no eye and ear, it doesn’t discriminate whoever including the Black Lives Matter’s activists. The democratic countries respect the demonstration, but the riot breaches the law. Moreover, during the pandemic outbreak, the protestors risk their lives and the pandemic can spread in the second wave./.








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