Chinese virus should link Barack Obama


Posted on April 21, 2020 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



The first Communist and Muslin Barrack Obama ruled White House in 8 years, the consequences are immeasurable and perpetuating after President Barrack Obama expired the second term on January 20, 2017. The US people lived under SATAN’s era of Obama who made the worst America ever with the high unemployment rate, the debt increased, the enemies snubbed, the allies doubted and the domestic thugs in the US developed to corruption. The treasonous president served nothing for the United States of America, indeed, President Barrack Obama destroyed the country from the grassroots but China boosted the economy and strength from the US loss.


The mouthful President Barrack Obama succeeded in the demagogic speech to cheat the innocent people in the US and somewhere else around the world. The slogan” yes we can” is a farce of Karl Marx’s pupil and his wife Michelle Obama was the first black lady to show the funny speech” we go high, they go low” in the presidential campaign of Hillary Clinton in 2016. The appearance of Barrack Obama in the White House was the world disaster, he was the global thug but the Nobel Peace Prize in 2009 awarded a winner who didn’t have any peace record. The people believe the corruption has occurred inside the Nobel Peace Prize panel, and the leftist members downgraded the most valuable prize on the planet.  President Barrack Obama did in two terms:


-The racial war revived the Civil War, moreover, Barrack Obama used the race in presidential campaigns and he gagged the Republican candidates in the campaigns and debates


-The gender war excited between the major natural couple and a minor homosexual couple, now, the same-sex-marriage legislation spread worldwide, the human history and religious faith wiped out, the society complicated. President Barrack Obama is the culprit of the world crisis.


-The terror war: within 8 years, President Barrack Obama played the double-cross war game. Formally, President Obama condemned terrorism and called the world to fight the terrorist, therefore, in the shadow, Obama withdrew the US troop in Iraq to create an opportunity for Islamic State founded. Moreover, Obama secretly provided weapons, training, and finance for the Islamic State.


After leaving the White House, former President Barrack Obama collected the plunder from elsewhere and he becomes multiple millionaires, he bought Martha’s Vineyard is worth $US 12 million, he helps Chinese factory opens in Ohio. The people doubt about the money laundry’s rings of Obama to link the high profiles of Democrats like Joe Biden. President Barrack Obama did nothing but he got anything, even, his betrayal harmed the US people and the world, on the other hand, Barrack Obama is the global thug.


The US and the world avoided the peril if Hillary Clinton elected in 2016, China will control the world in 2025. Therefore, the patriotic President Donald Trump makes America great again, the enemies fear, the allies trust and the domestic thugs appall the swamp of White House draining out and the felons, treason will be found. Its reasons urge Democrats to launch the unconstitutional impeachment since 2017 and China panics the second term of President Donald Trump.


The global biological warfare terror has conspired for more than two decades ago and now, China’s Communist Party attacks the US, the world from early December 2019, the biological warfare is affecting worldwide. The World Health Organization appears the actual tool of China, so the Coronavirus spread by medical information cheat. The Coronavirus pandemic appears the real faces of hypocritical philanthropist Bill Gates-funded Wuhan’s laboratory. The US intelligence reported President Barrack Obama sponsored and financed $US 3.7 million from the US taxpayers in 2015 to Wuhan’s laboratory where the people believe the deadly virus Coronavirus created and released. Billionaire Bill Gates and President Barrack Obama funded Wuhan’s laboratory. Before leaving the office, President Barrack Obama awarded the Medal of Freedom for  Bill Gates and his wife Melinda Gates.


President Barrack Obama destroyed the US economy, society and created the pincer to siege the US by China in Asia and Islamic State in Middle-East. However, President Donald Trump cracked down the plan and eventually, China launches the biological weapon as the last choice. Possibly, the biological warfare terror debunks the theoretical conspiracy of China and Barrack Obama to create the Coronavirus plus the hypocritical philanthropist Bill Gates’s purposes to control the vaccine worldwide and aiming to be the first trillionaire on the planet, therefore, the world recognized his real face.


The World Health Organization colluded with China into the global biological warfare attack, so President Donald Trump cut the fund, but Bill Gates, China, and the W.H.O, Nancy Pelosi react. The Coronavirus pandemic exposes the comrades of China in Western, particularly, the left viral media currently released the fake news and propagates for China. The shadow hides behind of Novel Coronavirus will unmask, the US intelligence may find out the treason in the US government.


China can not escape the responsibility of the deadly virus, President Donald Trump calls CHINESE VIRUS. The victim nations can line up to file the lawsuit against China, the massive compensation estimates a hundred trillion US dollars. The US, India, Australia, G7, the United Kingdom and recently, German joins the victim line, so recently, Germany sends China 130 billion Euro’s invoice for the Coronavirus damages. The list of plaintiffs adds up to file the lawsuit against China and the compensation is possible when the world community affected by a biological weapon. China and its henchmen sowed the wind and reap the whirlwind./.






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