The misconducts expose on the family of Nancy Pelosi


Posted on January 17, 2019 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



Almost, the high profiles of Democrats covered the private life by the mysterious misconducts. In the formality, the Democratic politicians always show the hypocritical face to the public as Sun Tzu quoted in Thirty Six Stratagems” hide a knife behind a smile”. Indeed, Democrats favor the individual and faction interest, they could sell the national interest to foreigners. President Bill Clinton and Vice President Al Gore exchanged the US  national interest to China after the espionage agent John Huang and Charlie Trie illegally financed the presidential campaign in 1992 and 1996. The smiles of Hillary Clinton exposed to the public, on television that hides the Clinton Foundation, the hoax charity organization pinched the pocket from the wealthy to poor countries, she also sold 20% Uranium to Russia to exchange the donation for Clinton Foundation. Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi is the same model of the Donkey’s Head Party, actually, the wall’s standoff unmasked the treasonous face.


Democratic Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi leads Democrats to the terrorist party, mostly, from President Donald Trump getting the office, Nancy Pelosi and her close comrade Chuck Schumer served nothing for the country, instead, they dedicated most of the time to impeach President Donald Trump. The electorates wrongly voted for the lawmaker’s thugs and the taxpayers wasted, nevertheless, Nancy Pelosi is heartless, she is a culprit of the government’s shutdown, while nearly a million government workers have no money, but she and her comrades in Congress and Senate still paid. The annual salary of  Nancy Pelosi is $USD 223,500. On January 15, 2019, President Donald Trump reminded nearly a million government workers to have no money by the dirty game of Nancy Pelosi:” Why is Nancy Pelosi getting paid when working people are not”. Moreover, there is more than 70% members of Congress refused to donate the wage during the government’s shutdown.


The French saying” tel pere tel fils” reflects Pelosi’s children, her daughter Alexandra Pelosi is a filmer, she is well educated but the speech conflicts the dignity of a famous family in the US, actually, Pelosi’s family is the symbol of Democrats.  Alexandra Pelosi threatened that her mum will cut the head of President Donald Trump, its language deserved for the hitman of a gang or a bandit, not a well-known family of Democrats.


Once again, another Pelosi’s family member shows the world the misconduct record, Pelosi’s son is Paul Pelosi Jr to be charged by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), he is the co-founder, president and chief operating of Natural Blue Resources Inc, the company labeled” environmentally Friendly Ventures”. The company being activated on green business, waste materials, steel, and plastic recycling.


The Natural Blue Resources Inc has engaged the unclear business, indeed, the company secretly controlled by Jame E. Cohen and Joseph Corazzi, both of them had the previous fraud convictions, actually, Corazzi violated the federal securities laws and banned the directorial position, Jame E. Cohen incarnated by the financial fraud. Therefore, both were running the company.


The shadow covered up the company by the umbrella of powerful persons. Moreover, in the record, Natural Blue Resources Inc had 4 persons charged by the fraud, among of them, there was the former New Mexico Governor Toney Anaya and the company suspended trading in the stock, therefore, Pelosi owned over $USD 10 million shares in 2009.


It is just an iceberg floating on the surface of Pelosi’s family, the Securities and Exchange Commission is investigating who was behind the company? However, after the incident, the assistant secretary of Securities and Exchange Commission Jill M. Peterson announced to suspend the trade of the company.


During Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi and Senator Chuck Schumer are leading the Democrats to revenge President Donald Trump who transformed the wonderful dream of Hillary Clinton to the nightmare. The revenge carries out as the lawmaker terrorists storm the US taxpayers, the wall becomes the vital hostage plus nearly a million government workers to be used as the blackmail for the dirty revenge. The government’s shutdown considers as the longest history of the budget’s standoff. Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer lead Democrats into the terrorist party, the target is the national interest, border protection. The people anger, they protested at Pelosi’s mansion and her office, she stopped the police searching her property while the illegal migrants hiding. The government’s shutdown lingers that creates more damages for Democrats while the major population want the wall builds because of the criminals, terrorists infiltrated, the robberies, sexual attacks increased, the US people appall the unknown people enter.


Pelosi’s family and herself covered the shadow, the new charge her son could rise the futuristic investigation. The IRS should ask the tax return of Pelosi, actually the business that her son Paul Pelosi Jr is the co-founder./.







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