The left media lies while social medial tells the truth


Posted on January 16, 2019 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



The left media has been suffered the creditable crisis ever since the Cold War. The trust being bankrupted by the fake news after the people recognized the thug hid into the mainstream media labeled the journalists, reporters, columnists, radio operators, T.V hosts, actually, the left media companies lost the public trust and become the hub of media terrorist, the enemy attack the people mind and leaving the damage long term into the mind of victims. The misled public or poisonous mind that causes the social disorder, the people hate each other, so the left media is the culprit of the human complication on the planet. The media’s disaster built up from the long record of a lie, cheat and misled the public.


The media is just as a career or a job, therefore, the left media’s workers are arrogant because the job linking to the public, its reason conducts the left media ignored everyone opposes the cheat and snubbed the people, so they must pay the high prices. The left media went too far, they believe themselves the media is the most powerful in the country or on the planet, so the left journalists disrespect the national leaders as President, Prime Minister. The CNN reporter Abilio James Acosta or Jim Acosta abused President Donald Trump in White House’s press conference and after the incident, the major population abhore Jim Acosta, certainly, CNN receives more damage if they still remain Jim Acosta. Nevertheless, the media companies lived on the audience and reader as the fish needs water, the people need the food. Therefore, the left media companies and the workers distanced the people, it affects advertising and the profit reduced.


The left media lies the public by the fake news, fabricated stories and the false polls cheat the people, a form of the rigged election is no longer conduct the voter following the left media conducts. The common formula of left media is a 3F=3Frauds=False poll+Fake news+Fabricated story. The worst cheat couldn’t convince the public in the government’s shutdown after Democrats locked $USD 5.7 billion to build the wall for the border protection does need, but Democrats storm the taxpayers as a gang occupied a property, they consider the taxpayers are their possession, so Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer increased $USD 12 billion for the foreign aid, mostly the Muslim countries (Palestine, Syria, Pakistan). Everyone recognized the government’s shutdown comes from the hostile attitude and the revenge of Democrats, even CBS is a left media has to confirm 30 % blame Democrats while there is just 6 %  blame Republicans. Therefore, some left media lie” the Poll show most blame Trump for shutdown, but support for border wall is going up”. The cheat poll contradicts itself, the people want the wall but Democrats stop the wall. This garbage poll subs the public and insults the mainstream media, it is like Barrack Obama cheated the people by the slogan” yes we can” in the election campaign 2008. Nevertheless, the left parties are the comrades of the left media with the formula is 3D=Deception +Demagogy+Destruction. Both left media and left parties are the enemies of the people, the evil allies with Satan. Nowadays, the era of left media and the left parties have been faced the distrust from the people. The lie cheat is the suicide while the social media take the place of the left media.


Once again, the left media has made the critical mistake, the left media newspaper, online, radio, actually, the television network have the wrong to promote the disgraced icons, the deposed politicians, so every time, when the hated faces appear on the media, it creates more upset and anger, the public believe the eyes and ears to be raped by the unlike persons. The outrage increases and worsens the credit, it causes the people to stay away from the left media companies and abhore the left journalists, reporters, TV hosts.


Mostly, the media lives on the audience and reader, but they lost the credit that causes the trust being disabled and the prestige crippled. The high technologic communication exposes on the internet and social media, those are the crucial foes of the old fashion’s left media. Before the television is the sharp communication but nowadays, it seems losing the interest, actually, the people could find credible news or information come from the social media or any sources. The internet running 24 hours a day and around the year, it is easy to access and finding any trusted news, therefore, the Television limited on the programs and the time. Nevertheless, the left media released the fake news that killed the credit after the people discovered the lie and cheat. In the US presidential election 2016, candidate Hillary Clinton made the critical mistake, she advertised the campaign on the old fashion communication, mostly the television swallowed a lot of financial campaign, even the biased left media distorted candidate Donald Trump, but the social media was the most important fact in the election.


The left media seems asleep and the still remains the arrogant attitude, they ignore the people is allergy on the fake news, fabricated stories after the left media companies have released. The deception unmasked by the public reflects on the comments of the Facebook, Youtube or the other social networks. Nevertheless, the left media loses the sole career and professionals, nowadays, everyone could join the media by creating the bloggers or the forum, the cost is not much. The people voices are the creditable media, the unknown and amateur journalists, reporters volunteer to provide the exact news occurs everywhere, they are the people media.


The left media ignored the people voices and the common opinion have appeared on the social media. The people comment against the fake news, false polls and the lie of left media that reflects the golden time of the left media is no longer exist. On the social media, the ugly faces of the most hated persons are such as Bill-Hillary Clinton, Barrack-Michelle Obama, Joe Biden, Jane Fonda (Hanoi Jane), John Kerry, James Comey, Robert Mueller, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer,…in Australia are Bill Shorten, Malcolm Turnbull, Julia Gillard, Penny Wong, Kevin Rudd, Julie Bishop, Sarah Hanson Young, Richard Di Natale, Daniel Andrews…mostly the global prominent leftists above have become the mockery of the public by the language and pictures when they just appeared on the left media. The opinion reflects on social media conflicts the left media.


From the US presidential election in 2016, the left media officially face the peril, President Donald Trump declares the war against the left media terrorist, they have attacked the mind of people from the Vietnam War. The misled public is the crime against the humanity after the people mind poisoned, the victims became the human robots, they acted mindlessly from the command of the left media companies are CNN, the New York Times, the Washington Post, CBS, NBC, MSNBC… in Australia has ABC, channel Seven, channel Ten…


President Donald Trump granted the Death Certificate for the left media, the cancerous fake news, fabricated stories, and the false poll killed the left media companies and the workers. The mainstream media needs to eliminate the left media’s cancer as soon as possible if not, the mainstream will harm and losing more credibility. The concerned media workers need to establish the Committee to Protect Journalists Prestige (CPJP) that responds to the urgent situation while the left media’s thug hide inside the mainstream as the terrorists hide inside the Muslim community and the mosques.


The left media to be eradicated from the public, they are dead, but the media ghost still abuses the people, actually, every attack President Donald Trump that increases more people angry. Moreover, the left media has the wrong concern and business, there are some online media as The New York Times requires the reader pays few dollars a week if they want to read. Therefore, the left media contains the fake news, fabricated stories, nothing to read, even the low-level journalists aggravate the worst situation. The fake news killed the truth but the thug of people to be boycotted by the public, the left media is dead ./.







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