The immeasurable activities of Coronavirus


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The Novel Coronavirus made in China and spread worldwide, the people and scientists believe China’s communist regime created biological warfare to destroy the democratic countries or the capitalist enemies of Communism (it called Maoist in China). Moreover, Canadian Scientific Director Dr. Frank Plummer of Canada’s National Microbiology Laboratory in Winnipeg confirmed the Novel Coronavirus researched from its laboratory on May 4, 2013, and the high-level scientific espionage agents of China stole (the Western must watch out Chinese academics). Nevertheless, the global hegemonic ambition conducts China conspires to control the world and the Ape super gang has ruled in China from 1949 has never refused any barbarously killing methods, even China’s communist regime massacred 65,000,000 Chinese people under the era of Mao Tse Tung from 1949 to 1976 and now, a hundred million of Chinese people killed, plus 1.4 billion people enslaved in the largest prison camp in the mainland.


The biological weapon should be on the table of the central Communist Party, Red Emperor Xi Jinping who plays the dangerous game after the global economic terror’s war failed. Its reason proved China concealed the Coronavirus has appeared at Wuhan (near China’s Laboratory in Hubei province), so whistleblower Dr. Li Wengliang arrested because he acted against the government’s policy. Unfortunately, the concealment broke after the Coronavirus outbreak speeded up in China’s mainland, the death toll rose and the infected population skyrocket, mostly, there is no safe place in China. Now, Coronavirus spread worldwide, eventually, on February 29, 2020, the World Health Organization must declare the Coronavirus is a global risk after many times W.H.O denied the Coronavirus is not a pandemic.


The Coronavirus hits Chinese people and China’s communist regime after the accident, the socialism manner is the negligent work by the best report that causes China’s products match the poor quality, poison, contamination and short life. Possibly, the deadly virus leaked that comes from China’s scientists, it is like the nuclear ballistic missile exploded at the launching site. The Novel Coronavirus attacks China’s mainland as a saying” the word made by China that stabs Chinese”.  On February 28, 2020, there are 49 nations affected Coronavirus and on February 29, 2020 (it is just a day) adding more 12 nations on the list of Coronavirus’s influence. The world appalls, the stock market plunged, the global economy shakes, the deadly pandemic’s fear covers the people on the planet. Obviously, the travel ban applies to prevent the Novel Coronavirus spreads from the people come from China’s mainland and also quarantine the people returned from China. China-phobia is not racist, but people fear the virus.


The treatment and quarantine strictly apply in the Western countries plus Japan, South Korea. However, the Novel Coronavirus varies the harmful activities, so the doctors, scientists can not measure the viral monstrosity made in China while the vaccine takes a long way, W.H.O predicts at least more than 18 months, but the death toll and infected people escalate daily.


The quarantine strictly applies 14 days that doubts and the virus can activate longer, it could be 27 days or more. Nevertheless, the reinfection raises the grave concern of scientists and the world. Japan’s Health Minister is Katsunobu Kato who advises the government about the reinfection that appeared after a Japanese woman recovered and discharged from the hospital. Professor Philip Tierno of Microbiology and pathology at the New York University of Medicine told to media:” I’m not certain that this is not bi-phasic, like anthrax. Once you have the infection, it could remain dormant and with minimal symptoms, and then you can get an exacerbation if it finds its way into the lungs.”. China’s communist regime is able to answer the question about biological warfare despite Beijing has never confirmed but the world knew who is the perpetrator of the deadly pandemic.


There are 25 confirmed cases of Coronavirus in Australia, but the federal government warns the people about the harmful activities of the deadly pandemic is immeasurable. A case of a 78-year-old man in  Western Australia who was a passenger of Diamond Princess Cruise Ship, Australian government rescued and treated at Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital and his wife tested negative but she spent 14 days to quarantine. Therefore, on Friday, February 28, 2020, his wife has tested positive Coronavirus. The quarantine doesn’t work, actually, the woman came home and contacted family members, friends, and the others. Western Australia’s state government panics and medical officials worry about the pandemic should affect a quarter population of the state, the Coronavirus can outbreak anytime, despite Premier Mark McCowan who calls to calm but the people are nervous.


The Novel Coronavirus threatens worldwide, mostly the major events like International Motor show in Geneva,  Switzerland canceled, Tokyo’s Olympic will decide next week. China perplexes the solution, actually, China’s communist regime lacks finance plus the concealment, and the socialism manner hamper viral prevention. The Western countries can do anything to contain the pandemic. President Donald Trump points Vice President Mike Pence who commands the battle against Coronavirus and White House also urges Congress the fund is worth $US 2.5 billion to fight the Coronavirus.


During the world panics and the vaccine has not found yet, but the communist paradise in Vietnam (the vassal paradise of China) opens the door for Chinese tourists and workers to enter Vietnam. Moreover, Vietnam declared to treat properly the Coronavirus, therefore, the Vietcong regime concealed the death toll an infected people. The foreign tourists watch out Vietnam, it is China’s colony that should be the second place of Coronavirus outbreak after Wuhan. The White House’s budget is worth $US 2.5 billion for Coronavirus conducts Vietnam reported the infected cases from 31 to 92./.






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