The coronavirus infects China economy


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The deadly pandemic of Coronavirus has struck the largest communist paradise on the planet. The name of Wuhan quickly echoes worldwide, during the virus attack, almost all of the media and governments including the United Nations, actually W.H.O highlight the death toll and the infected patients rise every day. The scientists have not found yet the vaccine, except Vietnam communist regime raises the mouthful treatment, certainly, when a communist is born, obviously, a midwife sees the mouth. The Coronavirus outbreak has started from the master country of Vietnam’s vassal, even China can find the vaccine and calling the world to help, instead, China doesn’t report truly about the numerous death and infected people, therefore, the world knows China faces the dire disaster about the people and the economy has infected by Coronavirus. China’s communist regime has tried to conceal the truth, actually, the Coronavirus deeply infected more than 50 million people and more, the Coronavirus also infected the economy. So the fake news companies like The New York Times misleading the public about the deadly pandemic by phrase of an article written by Denis Grady on January 23, 2020: “Coronavirus Is Spreading, but W.H.O. Says It’s Not a Global Emergency:


The World Health Organization on Thursday decided not to declare the Wuhan coronavirus outbreak a global emergency, despite the spread of the dangerous respiratory infection from China to at least five other countries”.  Therefore, W.H.O declared the global emergency on January 31, 2020, but on February 5, 2020, some Australia media expect Coronavirus is not pandemic. Possibly, the left media tries to downgrade the deadly pandemic because the Coronavirus really hit hard China’s economy and financial system. The fake news kills the truth by the thug of people, the foe of public and the garbage of mainstream media.


The Vietnamese people live in Vietnam panic the Coronavirus because Vietcong’s government still opens the border and welcomes Chinese tourists including the people come from Wuhan.  In Vietnam, Vietcong’s regime treats Chinese people like the noble class in the society of Vietnam. The, online media of Hanoi propaganda machine released the news on February 20, 2020, about a 49-year-old man at Wuhan, he struck by Coronavirus, the doctors gave him drinks 25 liters of water a day in 6 days, the deadly virus is gone. It is incredible, but Vietnam propagates in media. Therefore, the health department of Vietnam reported 6 cases at Khánh Hòa hotel, a taxi driver at Hanoi is a positive Coronavirus. Certainly, Vietcong conceals the numerous cases of Coronavirus because they fear to lose the tourists. Recently, on February 4, 2020, Vietnam’s communist regime got 950 Vietnamese people to repatriate from China. Nevertheless, according to 13 divulges in Chợ Rẩy hospital at Saigon, there are 33 people died by Coronavirus by the government concealed (the doctors and nurses fear and someone deserted the job). The foreign tourists watch out the Coronavirus in Vietnam, its place should be another Coronavirus outbreak.


The rogue country joined the free market and later WTO after the US president Richard Nixon visited Beijing in 1972. The scam policy has applied” the free market is led by socialism” that deceived the innocent businesses and naïve national leaders of the Western, plus the hoax climate change of President Bill Clinton-Vice President Al Gore to repay China illegally provided the finance in the presidential election 1992 and 1996, the Western industry has been curbed but China freely releases the Dioxide. The global hegemony calls China’s dream has carried out by multiple forms, actually, the global economic terror silently swallows the counterparts, the sovereign, and independence. The trade trap, debt trap, and government trap have activated outside China. Nowadays, China spread the hand everywhere, actually, the world’s economy and financial system. Moreover, China’s government companies and businesses overseas cornered the Western economy, so when China tumbled, the companies affected, the stock market shaking.


The Coronavirus outbreak that ruined China’s economy and financial system. The tourism industry and transport nearly disabled, actually, the infected cities locked down and the people must stay their homes, there are more than 50 million Chinese people affected, but the pandemic spreads without control from human transmits to humans, on the other hand, the pandemic Coronavirus has no border to invade. The domestic and international flights suspended, more than 22.5 million workers in the tourism industry become jobless and the hotel industry, restaurant chain, banking system, market deeply affected. Certainly, the stock market loses, obviously, China’s Shanghai Composite Index lost 9% within a week of the early days in February, China’s shares have the biggest loss in four years. China doesn’t contain the Coronavirus and also losing control the economy plunged by a deadly pandemic, the economic loss escalates for every death toll rises.


China’s government must rescue the financial system is on the brink of collapse, so the government injects 1.2 trillion Yuan, but the rescue mission just temporarily solves as using a common cold tablet to treat cancer. The economic chain of China perils, the factories, materials, actually the consumer goods companies including the supermarket have hit strongly by Coronavirus, actually, the health system of the communist paradise perplexes while the massively infected patients mounted daily. The hospitals overwhelmed the patients, there is no waiting list, but the members of communist and family prioritize the treatment. The People’s Bank of China (PBOC) raises the low interest to deal with the economic downturn and the government-owned bank (PBOC) pumped extra 150 billion Yuan ($US 22 billion) into the financial sector. The Coronavirus outbreak destroys the economic growth of China that will not apply for the economic status in 2019. Therefore, the world doubts the report of China’s communist regime, the concealment hampers the truth, but the people can measure the loss of China in the countries deeply involved in the economy and finance with China.


Australia fell into the trade trap, debt trap and government trap from many decades ago, actually, when the Australian Labor Party rules the country, China gained the facilities to control the economy, corner the financial system. The Labor Prime Minister Bob Hawke, Paul Keating, Kevin Rudd, Julia Gillard, actually, the most powerful politician of Labor Party is Senator Penny Wong (Labor leader in Senate), she held the Finance Minister of Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard nearly in 6 years, the Australian Labor Party’s politicians made China gained the profit from Australian’s taxpayers. The National Broadband Networks cost $AU 65 billion and Insulation’s scheme cost $AU 2.7 billion. Moreover, under the portfolio of Finance Minister Penny Wong, in 2012, the Currency Swamp’s Agreement signed between the People’s Bank of China and Reserve Bank of Australia with AU 40 billion or 200 billion Yuan. Its reason, Mr. Philip Lowe, Governor of Reserve Bank of Australia often criticizes President Donald Trump who imposed the tariffs on China’s products.


China’s loss conducts Australia tumbled, so in the first week of Coronavirus outbreak, the stock market of Australia wiped out $AU 40 billion and the Australia dollar struggles under 70cent of one US dollar on February 3, 2020. The economic and financial declination are waiting for Australia, almost, the major businesses of Australia facing the losses. Qantas share dropped 14cents or 2.18%, the Flight Centre’s share downed 66 cents or 1.68%, the share of Gas and oil produce dropped at least 7%, the share of Fortescue Metals Group loses 36cents or 3.16%.


The Coronavirus outbreak perpetuates in the mainland of China and the world panic by the urgent alert. The world’s economy, finance, and stock market are nervous while China’s economy being uncertain. Certainly, the tourism industry of China disabled, it takes a long time to recover the people’s credit. The communist paradise is also the virus paradise and Chinese people to be ruled by the Ape super gang, the social dregs taking anything from Chinese people including their excrement to use as the socialism fertilizer in agricultural products.


The Coronavirus infected Chinese people and its economy, the world isolates the people come from China and its citizens returning from the communist paradise. Australia evacuated the citizens and quarantine at Christmas island in 14 days. The world complies with an undeclared decree of Coronavirus to sanction strictly China on the economy and the other facilities linking the mainland. The deadly Coronavirus should perpetuate because the vaccine has not discovered yet, the scientists predict at least a year to have the vaccine, so China’s economy being endangered, actually, the massive jobless threatens the ruthless regime and the collapse is possible by Chinese people standing up./.






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