Xi Jinping reflects the hypocritical thug


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It is no doubt about the biological warfare created by China’s communist regime. The global hegemonic ambition exposes the inhumane character of the Ape super herd ruled in the mainland from 1949. China’s Communist Party has never given up any killing, the genocide in the mainland with a hundred million Chinese people killed that proved the animal covered human body of China’s Communist Party acts as the instinct, not human minds.


After the broken biological warfare exploded in Wuhan, instead, the biological weapon dropping in the US that is China’s plan. China varies the global biological terror to delay the Coronavirus outbreak. The World Health Organization appeared the actual tool of China, particularly, Dogtor Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyus helped China spread the deadly virus worldwide (China’s communist regime has prepared to control the world, so Mr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyus is the first director-general without a medical doctoral degree of W.H.O)


The heartless left media, Democrats, the left parties enjoy the biological offense of China like an Upper House member of Australian Labor Party in New South Wales is Shaoquett Moselmane praises China needed a” new world order” and he also praises the Ape Emperor Xi Jinping is the unswerving leadership in the handling of Coronavirus. Nevertheless, the pro-Beijing Chinese people in Australia have collected the face mask, sanitizer, and medical equipment sending to China by the air cargo while Australian people are needing. The medical supplies to China carried out by Mr. Kuang Yuanping, the former officer of the People’s Liberation Army who is the commander of the Chinses Communist Party covered under Chinese communities in Melbourne, Sydney and the soft army of China are the businesses, Chinese tycoons support. When a house fire, the mouse appears, so the Australian people recognize China’s Communist Party network infiltrated a long time after the Coronavirus outbreak.


The circumstance of Australia alert about the Red Empire has invaded the world. After 28 years to establish the trade ties, free trade agreements, and the diplomatic relationship between two countries that turns nasty. The innocent leaders of the Australian government, particularly, when the Australian Labor Party ruled the government, China gained the facilities and made the profit from Australian’s interest. Labor Prime Minister Bob Hawke, Paul Keating, Kevin Rudd, Julia Gillard, Senator Penny Wong, and the other Labor’s politicians led the country to be China’s colony. Nowadays, there are more than half of Australia’s assets owned by Chinese companies and pro- Chinese businesses in Australia. China’s communist government expects Australia like China’s territory, so China’s Ambassador to Australia is Cheng Jingye shows the brazen attitude, he says Australia should remember it depends on China for its economic success. China’s communist ambassador Cheng Jingye told to The Australian:” China’s growth and the co-operation between China and Australia in trade, economic and other areas, is a major factor in that growth”. The innocent traitors placed for sale Australian interest in nearly three decades. The Australian people wake up before too late.


The Coronavirus outbreak also helps the people identify the domestic thugs in the country. The Western Journalist unmasked CBS released the fake COVID 19 of New York, indeed, it is the scene of Italy’s hospital after New York’s governor Andrew Mark Cuomo failed to hide the ventilators in a store but he slams President Donald Trump doesn’t care about the people’s life. The inhumane political game of Democratic Governor of New York can not conceal the public, the people live in New York have no tolerance for the heartless governor.


The left viral media in Western maximally launches the psychological warfare, they conceal the death toll and infected population in the mainland of China. The Coronavirus turns economic pandemic, the left media often propagates the reprise is the US surpass China the death toll and infected cases, so the phony propaganda can not cheat the world. Despite Wuhan re-opens but the city is like the lockdown’s stage, the train just has a few passengers, the strain’s station emptied the people, even in Tianmen Square, it reflects a ghost town.


The Ape Emperor Xi Jinping exposes the hypocritical thug, he pretends China contains the virus and the left media chimes. Moreover, the global thug Xi Jinping offers to help the world contains Coronavirus while the pandemic is still spreading in the mainland, but the death toll and infected cases concealed. No one knows about the truth hides behind the bamboo curtain, certainly, all reports released from China that match the fake news, fabricated stories. Any Western media releases information based on China’s communist government, they are the left media. Once against, the people can recognize the thug media appeared in the Coronavirus pandemic.


Xi Jinping applies the empties citadel tactic of Zhuge Liang to cheat the enemy in the three kingdoms period. China’s economy disabled, the financial system is underway to collapse, the mountain debt threatens the regime plus the massive jobless. Therefore, China sends medical supplies to Italy, Pakistan, the Czech Republic, the Philippines, and other countries. But the left media concealed the information about the US government spent $US 100 million to China and the other countries fight Coronavirus.


However, China supplied the fake face masks and the poor quality test kit giving 80% false results. The deep conspiracy of China covered under the humanitarian aid debunked. The cheat medical supplies of China to deceive the world that spread more death and infected cases when the people have a false test and unsafe face mask. Whatever, do not use anything made in China, particularly, the medical supplies come from the den of thieves, the hub of counterfeit and the center of a cheat. China’s communist regime is like the dead body lying in the coffin, the funeral artist decorates the beautiful face and wearing the nice dress before going to the cremation site, the hypocritical thug Xi Jinping pretends China contains the pandemic and China sending the aid to some nations cheating the world, it is a farce. Do not listen to what the communist talk, let’s watch what the communist did./.





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