You can cure coronavirus by yourself


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FOREWORD: Chinese Virus spread worldwide, China’s Communist Party attacks the world by biological warfare, the dirty war creates world outrage. Despite the death toll, and the infected population lessens than the Flu in 2009. Therefore, the left media in Western, particularly, Democrats in the US propagate the deaths and infected cases supporting Joe Biden in the presidential election 2020. Indeed, the Coronavirus is just a flu pandemic, although the vaccine has not released yet, therefore, an antibiotic medicine, Malaria’s medicine like Hydroxychloroquine can kill the virus.


I would like to tell about my survival experiences and hope everyone can deal, cure the Coronavirus by yourself. After the Vietnam War ended on April 30, 1975, Vietcong claimed the unpredictable victory. Initially, the inhumane regime concentrated more than 800,000 soldiers and public servants of South Vietnam into the hell of prison that labeled re-education camp. The dried bloodbath revenge killed about 165,000 prisoners by starvation, forced laborer, the worst accommodation, currently spiritual intimidation, torture, execution, illness without medicine and treatment. I was a survivor after 6 years lived in hell, I was dealt with Malaria, Beriberi, asthma, starvation, my body weighed about 45 kilograms with a height of 175 centimeters. I had to find the survival by myself, the strong and stable spirit and the Vietnamese treatment helped me took over the illness and I also helped my friends with the Vietnamese traditional treatment. In the prison camp of Vietcong, my friends dubbed my nickname was Mr. Religious Ḥa (Ông  Đạo Ḥa). I learned the Vietnamese traditional treatment from family and the people in the countryside while I was serving in Black Panther battalion R.F in Ca Mau province. It was helpful in the hell prison camp of Vietcong and I have practiced.


I was born in 1949, I rarely use the common cold tablet except for toothache, almost, I cured myself and my wife was born in 1957. Moreover, I and my wife have never injected the flu vaccine and we have no flu, common cold for the last seven years despite, it is free. We have not a problem during Coronavirus. I would like to communicate my experiences and hope the people can cure themselves the Coronavirus.


Hoa Minh Truong

Vietnam veteran.

Author of 5 books, founder & editor of


The human body has a defensive system and the soldiers are Leucocyte or White Cell force. The enemies (viruses) can breach the defensive system when the body is weak by cancer and chronicle illnesses. Therefore, the human body reacts against the viral invasion, or any causes, it is the SELF DEFENSIVE REACTION BOBY (I wrote in the fourth book” Nick Morrow: after a half-century, a missing man returns” published 2015 in the US).


When falling or something concussed the body, initially, everyone feels sore, it is the physical reaction, therefore, aftermath, the pain reduces and gone, the bruise is fading and disappeared later. Chinese acupuncture, Japanese acupressure ( Shiatsu) and Vietnamese traditional treatment called” Cạo Gió” (It appeared in Vietnam from the 5th century, Chinese invaders stole and renamed Gua Sha). Everyone can cure some illnesses including viruses by enhancing the defensive soldiers to fight against strangers (viruses).


The acupuncture, acupressure, Cạo Gió of Vietnamese or cupping are not miracles. When a needle touches a point of the nervous system, it reacts by releasing a substance so a patient feels better ( an acupuncturist often excites the needles to create the reaction), an Acupressure and Cạo Gió have the same outcome, the human body releases a substance to react after the concussion.


Vietnamese traditional treatment uses a piece of fresh ginger, coin to rub at back or chest, after treatment, a patient feels better, the body temperature reduces, the defensive system reacts that enhances the defensive army (White Cell force) to fight and a patient can use some common cold tablets. Nevertheless, the Leucocyte cell cleans up the dead cells created by rubbing and also clean up the viruses. It is the self-body vaccine. Every human body already has the immunity system or the defensive system to protect the body when the strangers invade. Let’cure yourself while the Coronavirus vaccine has not released yet./.







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