Xi Jinping revives the era of Mao to survive the regime


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Despite the deadly era of Mao Chairman passed over after the most genocide on the planet returned to communist paradise on September 9, 1976, Mao Tse Tung reunited with comrade Lenin, Stalin, Ho Chi Minh, and the other massive killers at the communist paradise. Therefore Chinese people in the mainland still obsess the shadow covered up China from 1949 to 1976, Mao pauperized the country and killed more than 65,000,000 people into the crazy campaigns were Great Leap Forward, Hundred Flowers and Culture Revolution. The woe of genocide has never healed and forgotten in Chinese history, so every time, China communist celebrates the anniversary of the communist events, the sorrow digs up into the memories of Chinese people. The propaganda machine has never concealed the history and the crime against the humanity of the China Communist Party. Nevertheless, the massacre of Tiananmen Square in 1989 added more to the serious crime of China communist’s regime.


      China faces the potential loss of economic battle since President Donald Trump launched the campaign to fight against the global economic terror, the culprit is China has terrorized the world more than a half-century by the debt trap, trade trap, and government trap. The dismal economy in China causes Red Emperor Xi Jinping has been pressured from its communist party, the powerful comrades, the massive jobless, the global market lost, the telecommunication battle reaches in the hottest stage when Huawei is sieged and isolated by the major communication companies of Western after the executive order of President Donald Trump released. Nevertheless, the left media lost the people trust, so the propaganda trashed. China wasted the money for useless propaganda in Western.


Do not fear what communist does

Let’s do what communist fears


The situation of China worsens for every tariff of the US that conducts Red Emperor Xi Jinping applies the demagogic tactic for survival. Chinese people experienced the communist when the communist being engaged a hard time, it is the low tide of revolution, communist promises anything to woo the people’s support. Therefore, when the communist seizes the power, the high tide of revolution comes, the communist kills the supporters without pity and enslaves the people. The real face of communist is traitor and robbery, on the other hand, the communist party is the super gang, the dregs of society.


The propaganda and demagogy are the main policies of China communist, the psychological warfare helped Mao Ste Tung cheated hundreds of million peasants in the war occurred between nationalist and communist.


However, after Mao succeeded and imposed the communism into the mainland, China turned disaster, the economy crashed. The slogans praise socialism, class struggle, communist paradise reflects the speech of Boris Yeltsin:” Communism was just an idea, just pie in the sky”. The verbal propaganda conflicts the reality in society after Mao Tse Tung occupied the mainland.


The slogans support the inhumane regime are the implements to brainwash the people plus the terrorization’s policy. Mostly, the slogans often stick with” SOCIALISM” as the noodle of Chinese food calls the different dishes are a chicken noodle, prawn noodle, fried noodle, seafood noodle…China, Vietnam and the other communist regime plus the left parties in Western do love the title” socialism”. China and Vietnam stole the capitalist’s economic pattern but they called” the free market is led by socialism”. In Vietnam, the people spread the saying” socialism is toilet must enclose” because the burglar could steal the excrement from the family’s toilet. The communist forces the patriotism marry with socialism while communism conflicts the nationalism and patriotism.


When the communist rules the government, they kill, rob and enslave the people, but when the communist faces the adversity, they call the victims to help. Do not trust what communist talk, let’s watch what they did. China communist lost the people trust, its reason, the Red dynasty must exploit Confucianism and master Confucius to keep the regime, therefore, in the Culture Revolution, Confucianism listed the counter-revolutionary religion, the relics smashed.


Nowadays, China communist has engaged into the peril, so Red Emperor Xi Jinping revives the era of Mao Tse Tung when the communist party wiped out from the major territory in the mainland by Chiang Kai Shek. The Long March carried out in 1934 was the worst time of China communist, it started from October 1934 to October 1935, the long road to run taken 9,000 kilometers from Jiangxi to Shaanxi, it cost more than tens of thousand troops of the People’s Liberation Army. The Long March becomes the historic event of China communist.


Red Emperor Xi Jinping calls a new Long March after Beijing suffered the potential damages the economic war with the US and allies. A new Long March exposes a hard time of China communist party, the economic battle deeply affects the mainland and Red dynasty. The patriotism sticks with socialism is a farce when Chinese people knew communist deceived them from 1949. The Long March occurred under Mao Tse Tung’s era was over the people’s trust, so a new Long March calling by Red Emperor Xi Jinping has been abandoned into the people mind. Xi Jinping revives the history and woos the people line up behind the inhumane regime is confronting the economic disaster. However, hundreds of million jobless are the real threat of China communist. A new Long March doesn’t rescue the Red dynasty while the leaders are the wealthy families but the major population is poverty./.







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