Xi Jinping represents the truly barbarous communist


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It is rare to occur from China’s communist leader using the language as a mobster, but Red Emperor Xi Jinping exposes the truly barbarous character of a model communist. The unrest’s situation in Hong Kong and the potential loss of the economic battle becomes the disaster of China’s communists. The Ape Super gang received the damages plus the pressure of the rivals in China Communist Party that threatens the leadership and now, the woe can not suffer by a speech of Xi Jinping, during visiting Nepal, he intimidates whoever divides China, Xi vowes to smash the bodies and grind the bones to powder. The communist couldn’t conceal the cruelty although the propaganda machine always deceives the people and poising the Western people about the outstanding of communism and Maoist by the demagogic languages as socialism, revolution, communist paradise, and the other nice titles. Indeed, those are the pies on the sky as Boris Yeltsin quotes. Unfortunately, the innocent component, the monetary lover’s academics, the left media, and the left parties stand alongside with the barbarous communist. Vietcong is the same kind, the anthem’s lyric quotes” vow to quarter the enemy’s body and sucking the blood” (thề phanh thây, uống máu quân thù). The bloodshed campaigns launched by Mao Tse Tung from 1949 to 1976, actually the landlord reform, the peasants ate landlord’s meat to prove the loyalty with Mao Chairman. So the people could recognize Xi Jinping represents the truly barbarous character of a communist. The red flag of communist countries means the bloodshed, the communist’s symbols explain the cruelty with the sickle cutting the people’s throat and the hammer breaking the skull of victims. The military museum at Mỏ Cày’s district, Bến Tre province displayed a sledgehammer with phrase (original writing)” Comrade Nguyen Van Thang, deputy chief of Mo Cay military district. Ben Tre province, killed to deaths a total 10 local tyrants”. The former anti-war movement’s activists in the Vietnam War, actually, the supporters are such as Jane Fonda, John Kerry, Bill-Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, and the others plus the left media have never visited and told about this museum. China communist is the great master of Vietcong, Khmer Rouge and the other communist regimes, therefore, Australian Labor Party and their big boss Senator Penny Wong always want to be comrade with China.


Concomitantly, after Xi Jinping’s speech, Executive Carrie Lam proposes Hong Kong’s solution by destroying Hong Kong to end the protests, the solution dyes the blood of seven million Hong Kong people love freedom and democracy. Despite Executive Carrie Lam born and grew up in Hong Kong but she loses dignity and morality, she becomes an actual henchman of the Ape Super gang, her human mind replaced the animal instinct. The fate of communist henchman reflects the rule is throwing the lemon’s skin after the juice emptied. Even, the communist comrades turn enemy into the domestic purge, they killed each other for the power struggle and interest competition, so the fate of Carrie Lam and Hong Kong Police meet a quote” when a hunter recognizes the dog can not do a job properly, a hunter must know how to eat the dog’s meat”. It is a strong message sending to Executive Carrie Lam and Hong Kong Police. Certainly, China communist has never trusted Hong Kong people although they served for China.


Red Emperor Xi Jinping and his actual henchman Carrie Lam launching the psychological warfare after the propaganda menaces using the killing machine is the People’s Liberation Army to crack down the democratic movement as they did at Tiananmen Square massacre in 1989. China communist perplexes to solve the crisis, instead, Beijing just intimidates by the army’s exercise while Hong Kong people continue to protest. The failure of China could recognize when Beijing used and hired the bandit attack the protestors, indeed, China communist does want to quell Hong Kong people by the killing machine named PLA.


Hong Kong’s situation is not like the mainland, actually British armed Hong Kong people the monetary and democratic weapon. China knows when Hong Kong crashed, China will collapse and Hong Kong people know the death vulnerability of the Ape super gang, so they bravely have protested from early June 2019.


Do not fear what the communist does

Let’s do what the communist fears.


Hong Kong is among the central finance in the world, Hang Seng Index pledged the financial strength, nevertheless, the Hang Seng Bank is privacy and it operated in the mainland, actually, HSBC (Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation) established in Hong Kong from 1865. In 2018, HSBC is the 7th largest bank in the world and largest in Europe,  total assets are worth $USD 2.558 trillion. HSBC operates 3,900 offices in 67 countries.


Certainly, Hong Kong people develop the monetary weapon to confront the giant with the foot of clay. Moreover, the Ape super gang’s power comes from the stolen technology and Beijing does need the global market to carry out the global hegemonic strategy. Unfortunately, China loses the market in the US, the giant telecommunication company Huawei is dead, the solar power’s business being uncertain the future while the US develops the Solar Space Technologies (SST), actually, China also faces the mountain debt.


Red Emperor Xi Jinping has been pressured by the rivals, the massive jobless plus the loss of economic battle and Hong Kong unrest. The unsolved problems cause Xi Jinping can not give up the temper of a communist. The Red Emperor Xi Jinping and his actual henchman Carrie Lam launch the phony propaganda while Hong Kong people know what to do and what happens if Beijing destroys Hong Kong, it is the suicidal mission when the financial center eradicated by the People’s Liberation Army and China will face the bankruptcy, actually, the world sanctions plus China’s assets frozen, and the Ape super gang will end./..






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