Xi Jinping prepares to repeat the culture revolution


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The leadership spill in the communist country exposes on the power struggle occurring between the rivals while the incumbent leader losing the control or failed the major policies. The unstable communist government should conduct a domestic purge, the beloved comrades turning the hostility each other.


After the key campaigns of Chairman Mao Tse Tung failed badly, the economic method of socialism collapsed. The Great Leap Forward, Hundred Flowers, the Landlord Reform proved the theory of Karl Marx and Maoist couldn’t promote China to communist paradise, instead, the communism has led Chinese people to hell with the genocide and famine that killed more than 65 million people in the mainland under Mao’s era.


When Chairman Mao Tse Tung lost control in its communist party, the leadership challenge occurred between the rivals, therefore, the prominent wing was General Lin Biao who currently threatened Mao’s leadership. Chairman Mao Tse Tung must do something to save his throne and retain the power by exploiting the ebullient character of Chinese young people to launch the Culture Revolution from 1996 until Mao Tse Tung returned to the communist paradise and reunited with Karl Marx, Lenin, Stalin, Ho Chi Minh, and the other genocide comrades. The Culture Revolution terrorized the members of the communist party, actually, the high profiles as Deng Xiaoping, Xi Zhongxun (Xi Jinping’s father) and the people. The shadow covered the mainland during a decade of Culture Revolution.


The Culture Revolution was the longest campaign in China communist, its campaign prepared by the killing sparrow’s sub-campaign and continuing, Mao chairman gathered the young people, he swam across Yangtze river with the divers supported underneath, the cheat of Mao caused thousand Chinese young people drowned when they followed Mao Chairman. The high tide of Culture Revolution was the Red Guard, the actual tool of Mao Tse Tung into the power challenge to eliminate the enemy.


Nowadays, the Red Emperor Xi Jinping has prepared to repeat the Culture Revolution, certainly, China communist party has fallen into a hard time. Moreover, the China Communist Party tests the capacity of its leader. Unfortunately, Xi Jinping has flinched the economic war with the US, after Red Emperor Xi Jinping, and his staffs failed to deceive the US by the basic tactics are talking during the fighting, taking one step back and preparing three steps forward, buying time. The author of the art of the deal knew well the cunning tactics, actually, the death vulnerability of China communist is money, so the weapon’s tariff created the potential damages of the den of thieves. Nevertheless, Red Emperor Xi Jinping underestimated the democratic level of Hong Kong people, moreover, Xi Jinping does want to rob the assets of people with the extradition’s bill that introduced by henchman Carrie Lam, so Xi Jinping perplexed after multiple million people in Hong Kong protested from June 2019. Red Emperor Xi Jinping made a critical mistake, actually, the intimidation carried out by the People’s Liberation Army gathering and showing off the muscle of the killing machine that didn’t frighten Hong Kong people. Eventually, Carrie Lam must withdraw the extradition bill.


However, the rivals in China communist snoop every fallen policy of Xi Jinping and processing to remove the leadership. Red Emperor Xi Jinping and his rival understand the situation, so Xi Jinping has tried to do something as Mao did in the Culture Revolution. Obviously, Xi Jinping called the Long March, but his sub-campaign didn’t affect while the urgent situation requires.


September 2019, Red Emperor Xi Jinping silently conceded the failures in Hong Kong standoff after Carrie Lam announced to withdrew the extradition bill and China wants to make a deal with the US on October 2019.  The weakness of Xi Jinping’s dynasty appeared on his speech to China communist party with the alert about “ the country is facing a period of concentrated risks”. Xi Jinping activates the struggle to achieve the national rejuvenation, therefore, China communist regime aged after more than 70 years ruled Chinese people by violence, pauperization, and obscurantism. The key character of communist is a betrayal when the communist is due to face the difficulties, it calls the low tide of revolution, the communist reduces the aggression, even begs the enemy. Therefore, when the high tide of revolution coming up, the communist advances and destroy the enemy without a pity.


China communist quelled, killed, robbed and enslaved Chinese people from 1949, now China communist confronts the adversity, they call the victims to unite for fighting. The anti-communist experts alert” do no listen to the communist talk, let’s watch what the communist did”. Red Emperor Xi Jinping is facing the leadership challenge as Mao’s era, so he calls the people, actually the young component carries out the so-called Chinese dream. However, Chinese people abhore the Ape super gang, certainly, Red Emperor Xi Jinping can not deceive the young people as Mao succeeded into the Culture Revolution. The urgent situation conducts Xi Jinping and his rival must do anything for survival and retain the power.


The young people lived under Mao’s era didn’t know about the internet, but nowadays,  Chinese young people contacted the high technological communication, accessing the multiple information’s sources and the social media, so the verbal propaganda couldn’t interest, actually, Chinese young people believe the US dollar is stable and safer than Yuan, the US food is high quality and safer than China’s agricultural products. Moreover, the demagogic slogans can not replace the living condition, actually the inflation without control that defeats the propaganda in the mainland.


Red Emperor Xi Jinping can conspire a Culture Revolution, but the situation is quite different from the period of 1966-1976. However, the divisive signal appears in China that tells the largest communist country on the planet failed the global hegemonic strategy from domestic to offshore battles. The hollow language of the communist leader is obsolete, Chinese people need a better life than the propaganda./.







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