Xi Jinping becomes the ebbing emperor of Red dynasty


Posted on June 23, 2019 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



In Chinese history, the emperor was arrogant and proclaimed the son of God. The monarchic era, the emperor behaved as Godís representative plus Confucianism endorsed the sovereign, so everyone must obey the emperorís decree absolutely, even the emperor decided the life of people including the Kingís servants. In the days of yore, the Chinese emperor rarely left the Palace, instead, the vassals must come, bring the tribute to the king and received the decrees. When the emperor arrived somewhere else, the situation worsened or the king commanded the crucial battle.


The chairman of China communistís dynasty is a form of the emperor without the throne and having a different title, but the communist party leader is like the emperor. Nowadays, Emperor Xi Jinping controls the people and the mainland, he is the Red Emperor of Ape dynasty.


After Mao Tse Tung occupied the mainland, in 1950, he came to Russia, therefore, Stalin snubbed, he didnít welcome Mao chairman as a national leader, so Mao angered and leaving Russia after a week stayed at the guest house. Its reason conducted China and the Soviet Union disliked each other and two great masters of Vietcong often conflicted, actually the leadership challenge in the Global Communist Bloc. In 1979, Vietcong followed Soviet-Union to fight against China and Khmer Rouge (the actual hand of China), Vietcong used the blood of the People Army to serve for great master was the Soviet Union, the war cost tens of thousand lives of Vietcong troop.


Ho Chi Minh faced the same circumstance, in 1924, Ho came to the Soviet Union for attending a training course of terrorism and propaganda plus the theoretical communism. Obviously, Ho Chi Minh wrote the letter to the Russia communist party, he wanted to see Lenin. Therefore, Lenine was due to serious illness and the power held in hand Stalin who disliked and snubbed Ho Chi Minh, so Ho didnít meet Stalin. Moreover, when Stalin died, Soviet-Union didnít allow Ho Chi Minh came to Russia to attend the funeral, but his untrue poet Tố Hữu wrote a poem to praise Stalin.


The arrogance of Ape dynasty in China exposed in 2016 when the US president Barrack Obama visited Beijing, the Red Emperor snubbed, Xi Jinping didnít apply the diplomatic courtesy with the red carpet, instead, the US president Barrack Obama must access the stairway in the airport. Therefore, President Barrack Obama was happy because he drove the US into the vassal of China.

However, since President Donald Trump getting the office, the red Emperor Xi Jinping loses the arrogance, he came to a private property Mar-A-Largo to meet President Donald Trump, not the White House.


The war fights against the global economic terror came from the den of thieves, the hub of counterfeit and the center of cheat highlights. The adjust tariffs of President Donald Trump causes the potential damaged of China.


The Ape Emperor Xi Jinping has fallen into the panic station, he fears the throne and also the fate of the inhumane communist regime being held on the hand of Chinese people. Nevertheless, China communist created the bloodshed into the mainland after Mao Tse Tung occupied in 1949, the victims and families of more than 65 million people killed and Tiananmen Square massacre have never forgotten in Chinese history. Red Emperor Xi Jinping shows the weakness and panic, he visited Russia and met President Vladimir Putin and recently, the Ape Emperor Xi Jinping came down to vassal North Korea. Possibly, a day, Red Emperor Xi Jinping will visit vassal Vietnam.


Hong Kong people stand up to resist the extradition bill introduced by henchman Carrie Lam. The massive protest occurred with more than two million people that aggravate the worst situation of the Ape dynasty being perplexed, actually, Red Emperor Xi Jinping seems not to have a solution and Hong Kong people can declare the independence. Moreover, G20 Osaka summit will be held from June 28 and 29, 2019 that is not good for Red Emperor Xi Jinping. He will attend G20 summit with the domestic problem, Hong Kong crisis and the global market lost, actually, the giant telecommunication Huawei to be granted the death certificate by President Donald Trump. The Red Emperor Xi Jinping faces the worst time, China communist regime being sieged by Chinese people and the world boycott, Moreover, the second Tiananmen Square should repeat anytime, China communist created the bloodshed to its people and they will pay the bloody debt./.







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