Witch Meghan Markle creates Harry zombie


Posted on March 12, 2020 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



The high-level witch Meghan Markle succeeded to convince the young prince of the United Kingdom, the art of love’s magic destroyed the futuristic life of Prince Harry. Despite the left movie star married and divorced, moreover, Meghan Markle is elder than Harry, but the love’s magic won over the heart of Prince Harry. Eventually, witch Meghan Markle entered the royal family easily, the wedding celebrated in England and the world watching.


Witch Meghan Markle developed the magic, she lavished the taxpayers and also has a little Prince Archie Harrison Mountbatten Windsor who can ties the witch Meghan Markle with the most famous royal family in the world. Therefore, witch Meghan went too far, she related to 19 well-known terrorists, possible, witch Meghan fears the Scotland Yard and Intelligence’s magic, so she drove zombie Harry to make the Megxit and living in Canada. The royal divorce that hurts the Royal family, eventually, the Queen Elizabeth II applies the Royal magic to eliminate the witch’s magic of Meghan Markle. The Royal magic of her Majesty nullified the black magic of Witch Meghan Markle, so zombie Prince Harry lost his royal title of the Duke of Sussex, witch Meghan lost Duchess plus the royal titles, the royal functions. The black magic of Meghan Markle completely failed, but she still controls zombie Harry after the last farewell has occurred in London.


The passage of time, the Witch Meghan Markle follows the black magic master Hillary Clinton, in the presidential election 2016, witch Meghan with the leftists in Hollywood believed witch master Hillary Clinton would take the historic journey to White House, so they declared to leave the US if billionaire Donald Trump elected. Unfortunately, the black magic of Hillary Clinton to be crashed by the people’s power and the evil left media shattered the fake news, fabricated stories, and false polls. Witch Meghan entered the United Kingdom’s royal family and she succeeded to create zombie Harry.


The fallen witch Meghan has tried to control zombie Harry, it is the last black magic remains. Prince Harry listens to witch Meghan, her leftist’s stance is the backbone of the evil magic. Nevertheless, the hoax climate change created by the cheating master Bill Clinton and Al Gore, therefore, the United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres created the Swedish teenage zombie Greta Thunberg and she becomes the global teenage thug of the hoax climate change. Certainly, witch Meghan interests the hoax climate change, but her voice loses the public, so zombie Prince Harry can make the public’s effort.


There are two Russian prankers Alex Stoyarov and Vladimir Kuznetsov pretended the voices of zombie Greta Thunberg and her father Svante, the interview recorded and broadcast worldwide by youtube. Zombie Harry reflects the stance of witch Meghan, he slams President Donald Trump” has blood on his hand”. Certainly, Zombie Harry’s speech as the first Muslim London Mayor Sadiq Khan, Democrats, UK Labor Party and the terrorists. One again, the royal zombie Harry damages the Royal family, the Queen Elizebeth warmly welcomed President Donald Trump but witch Meghan avoided.


The people don’t know how long Prince Harry escapes the black magic of the witch Meghan Markle. Therefore, Prince Harry has not wakened up yet, the black magic of the witch Meghan will make more damages for the Royal family./.






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