Vietnam is the hidden place of Coronavirus


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The world expects Wuhan is the center of the Novel Coronavirus outbreak from December 31, 2019, indeed, the deadly virus could infect before, the world didn’t know, so the Chinese tourists could bring Coronavirus to the other countries. Moreover, Dr. whistleblower Li Wengliang reported the virus and he was arrested by police because Dr.Li breached the government’s policy until the Coronavirus developed without control. China’s Communist regime concealed to deal with the failure of biological warfare. However, the Coronavirus activities are immeasurable, the death toll increased and the infected population skyrocket. Eventually, China couldn’t hide and the World Health Organization involved but W.H.O contradicts the global declaration but W.H.O officials also told the Coronavirus is not pandemic. Therefore, the outbreak spread worldwide, the death toll and infected people rose outside China like Iran, South Korea, actually, Italy highlighted the death toll and infected patients, the news update reports on March 5, 2020, the death toll is up to 107 and 3,098 infected cases, Italian government closes school and university until March 15, 2020, Italian army come door to door helping Italian people to fight the Coronavirus. In 2019, the Italian government signed” one belt and one road” with China despite the country is a member of the European Union, NATO, and the trade deal was worth 2.6 billion euros, so China deeply involved the economy and strategy with China. Its reason explains the Coronavirus develops widely in Italy.


The world raises alarm the deadly pandemic, obviously, the human to the human transmission that worries the health department and the scientists, nevertheless, the reinfection that raises the grave concern of medical scientists. Moreover, W.H.O predicts the vaccine will take at least 18 months. The best prevention of viruses is the avoidance of contact, the travel ban extending China and added Italy, Iran…the medical officials warn the handshake can transmit the virus, so the disinfected product becomes the best seller. On March 5, 2020, there are 78 countries affected by Coronavirus.


Vietnam is the close vassal of China, during the neighbor borders with China shut, but Vietnam opens, Chinese people, including Wuhan’s residents overwhelmed Vietnam, actually, the corruption helped more Chinese arrived in Vietnam, certainly, Coronavirus follows Chinese tourists entering Vietnam. The Vietnamese people fear China’s Communist regime uses the Coronavirus to kill the people and Chinese citizens will migrate, it is the malicious invasion of the Red empire China, actually, the incumbent government is the henchman of China since Hồ Chí Minh’s era. Moreover, Vietnam’s vassal takes care of infected Chinese in Vietnam, it is the duty of vassal.


Vietcong’s regime is famous for the super liar as a saying:” when a communist is born, obviously, a midwife sees the mouth”. In the Indochina War, Vietcong launched the propaganda’s campaign telling about hero Lê Văn Tám who used the body torching to help its troops took over a petrol station at Thị Nghè (Saigon), and hero Lê Văn Tám becomes a heroic symbol teaching in Vietcong’s school. Therefore, Vietcong’s academic Phan Huy Lê confirmed hero Lê Văn Tám was not real, it was the psychological warfare of Mr. Trần Huy Liệu who held the communication minister of Vietcong. In the Vietnam War, there were many lying stories occurred:


-At Cà Mau province, the illiterate peasants bought the metal wires to make the net at the top of trees to catch the US airplane as the fishing net.


-A guerrilla Nguyễn Việt Khái at Cà Mau who just shot one Carbine bullet and downed two US airplanes (this Vietcong hero killed in a battle)


– North Vietnam pilots were talented, they flew Russia’s airplane Mig- 21 to land at the cloud (as an airport) to ambush and waiting for the US airplane coming.


-Recently, retired Lieutenant General Phạm Tuân who became the first Vietcong’s astronaut accorded on Russia’s spaceship in 1980 (its time, he was Lieutenant Colonel, graduated year 8th of high school). Vietcong’s Airforce Lieutenant General Phạm Tuân brags the fighting record against the US’s warplane, he told B-52 length is 600 meters, indeed, the B-52 length is 49 meters. It is very hard to believe a Vietcong’s retired airforce Lieutenant General is illiterate, now the 21st century, but Lieutenant General Phạm Tuân still lives in the era of the Vietnam War.


Even a senior Lieutenant Colonel Tám Hà (Trần Văn Đắc) was commissar of infantry division Nine of North Vietnam, he told” do not trust what the communist talks, let’s see what the communist did”, he defected from the People’s Liberation Army of Vietnam after the Tet’s offensive battle in 1968. Vietcong is like North Korea boasted the special spaceship landed the sun without cremation, so Vietcong’s government concealed the death toll and infected people when Chinese people come from the mainland traveled freely everywhere. It is incredible when the deadly Coronavirus fears Vietcong has the machete, AK-47, the ruthless Police force and Public’s Security guard plus Hồ Chí Minh’s mausoleum, so the virus doesn’t infect Vietnamese, the miracle is it?. Moreover, Vietcong’s propaganda machine defuses the deadly virus, Deputy Minister of Health Nguyễn Trường Sơn announced Vietnam contained the Coronavirus and can treat the patients properly. Nevertheless, the Vietnam government bans whoever releases the news about 6 members of a family at Tà Lài village Tân Phú district, Đồng Nai province, all died and hospital secretly buried with insecticide’s spay. The death toll and infected people to be concealed behind the bamboo’s curtain in Vietnam. The foreign tourists watch out Vietnam to prevent the danger. Nevertheless, social media released the news about Vietnam’s government strictly bans whoever spread the news the deaths, the fine is up to $Dong 12 million (12 million Vietnam’s piasters). On February 24, 2020, the death of Canadian tourist names Joseph Turry, 39-year-old at Hàng Bạc town, on the street, Hoàn Kiếm district, capital Hanoi that concealed, the people believe Canadian man struck by Coronavirus (Vietcong’s government didn’t explain)


Recently, Deputy Vice Prime Minister of Vietcong is Vũ Đức Đam implicates at least 30,000 infected people in Vietnam, but, he warns the people to do not spread the news including the media (radio, television, newspaper, media online). Vietcong’s government is like its great master China to conceal. While Iran is the close ally with China, but the death toll and infected people rise daily. Moreover, Iranian Deputy Health Minister, vice President, and seven politicians struck by Coronavirus, the pandemic is serious, Iran’s government temporarily released 54,000 prisoners, Italy is a  member of one belt and one road, so the death toll and infected cases rise. However, Vietnam is a close vassal of China, Chinese people have arrived in Vietnam since Wuhan’s Coronavirus outbreak, but Vietnam is Coronavirus free. The world and Western must watch out Vietnam, this place will be another Coronavirus’s center in Asia. This article alerts the Western countries and the world about Vietnam is the hidden place of Coronavirus./.







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